5 Easy Tips to Boost Your Cell Signal

You may take your phone connection for credit now, but that day will come around when you’re waiting for an important call and your phone’s only giving you one or two bars.

Whether it’s for your home, business, or just personal use, phone connection is a very important part of our lives. Entire industries are built around the reliance on stable connections. But unfortunately, consistently stable phone signals aren’t always a reality. 

Far too often we find ourselves on an important call when the phone reception drops by a couple of bars and we can barely hear the call or it turns off altogether. This won’t likely be a problem if it happens once or twice, but if it happens too often, it can drain the patience of your boss or clients. 

You want a stable connection, one that you can rely on. So, here are a few tips and tricks you can try to boost your phone connection.

1. Change Your Room

Consider that every room in your home is built differently. One may get better reception than another. For example, you probably don’t want to be taking calls from your basement, as the phone wavelengths have to not only pierce through multiple layers of ceiling but also the walls and roof just to leave your house and find their way to a tower.

Go into a room with windows and easy access to the exterior. This will ensure that the wavelengths have an easier time leaving your home and reaching the phone signal towers.

2. Change Your Elevation

Phone signal travels up, so the higher you are, the better the connection will be. You will have most likely noticed that whenever you go deep underground, you pretty much have no connection whatsoever. This is because the phone connection can’t penetrate the thick layer of ground above.

If you’re having a bad connection, try to find some higher elevation, whether it’s a higher floor or a small hill if you’re outside.

3. Phone Accessories

Very common accessories for phones nowadays are covers and skins. While they do make your phone look nice and offer an extra layer of protection, some of then may disturb the internal antenna’s ability to send out or receive calls.

This varies from phone to phone, as they’re all built differently. It’s highly recommended to remove the cover and see for yourself if the connection improves. If it does, look into purchasing a different cover, one that doesn’t hamper your signal.

4. Check Your Hardware

Sometimes, the problem isn’t an external one, like low elevation or phone covers. Phones are very fragile, regardless of how shatterproof their manufacturers claim they are. It’s natural, as with pretty much any other piece of technology, for it to get damaged internally and malfunction.

And a malfunctioning phone doesn’t mean that it simply won’t turn on. It will show many different symptoms, one of which may be a consistently bad connection. In this case, you’ll need to take it to the manufacturer or another professional for repairs. While this kind of damage isn’t typical, it is still a possibility and worth looking into.

Additionally, you can also change your Sim card, as it also has a possibility of being damaged, either by you or through faulty production. Many people report problems with their Sim cards and getting a replacement is very easy.

5. Cell Signal Booster

If you’re calling from the top floor, near windows, with no phone covers, your phone is in perfect condition and the connection is still weak, then your best bet is that the area you live in simply doesn’t have good coverage. 

This means it’s time to invest in a signal booster, which amplifies your connection, allows you to make and receive calls with 5 full bars, providing a steady connection for all devices in its area.

You can find a wide array of cell signal boosters on BoosterPlanet USA, with specialized versions for your home, business, hotel, and even vehicles, like cars and boats. With these amplifiers, you can be absolutely certain that you won’t miss your next important call or lose connection during a heated discussion.

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