Five New Features Android 11 Borrows from iPhone OS

  • Android 11’s first public beta arrived on 10th June and unveiled a bunch of features for Google’s operating system that looks pretty similar to Apple’s recent OS’s functionality.
  • This somehow always works together as a tradition: Google cribs good ideas from Apple and some bits and pieces of Apple’s attractive functionalities end up residing in Android’s framework.

New Android 11 Features

It’s an endless cycle of copying and implementing features from one another and then lodging into the native frameworks. Here we have come up with 5 new features of Android 11 inspired from the iPhone. Let’s take a deeper look into each one of them. 

1. Operating System-level Smart Home Control

One of the most perceptible new changes in Android 11 operating system is the availability of smart home controls on an OS-level. The smart home control can be accessed through Google’s new long-press power button menu. Much like on iOS (which added HomeKit device control to Apple’s Control Center menu in iOS 10), you'll have the option to handily control your Google Home-connected smart devices from anywhere in Android.

2. One-time Permission

This functionality is borrowed from Apple last year’s iOS 13. Similar to Apple’s version, Android 11 restricts the permissions such as for location and camera access depending upon the situation. Instead of long-term permissions, Android 11 will let you offer access to the protected resource one time. Google borrowed it from iOS 13 but took it to another level: in Android 11, if you have granted permissions but have not used it for quite a while, then Android 11 will reset those granted permissions. Users would be able to access messages transfer apps in the new Google’s OS. 

3. Simple Media Switching Controls

Google is also making it simpler to switch between media hardware (like Google Home speakers or Bluetooth devices) by means of Android 11’s drop-down notification menu. Consider it like the AirPlay icon in iOS' Control Center but this for Google functionalities.

4. Screenshot Interface

Remember the screenshot UI in iOS 11? In a similar vein, Android 11 brings a modified screenshot interface as compared to Android 10. Once you take a screenshot, it will show up as a preview at the bottom of the screen. You would then be able to tap onto an editing tool to comment on and share your picture. 

5. Local Screen Recording (Maybe)

This feature is launched by a couple of other Android developers rather than just by Apple. But, Google’s Android OS took a really long time introducing the native screen recording feature. The present execution in Android 11’s beta is truly like iOS, the feature is accessed through the Quick Settings menu. This is perhaps doubtful, however, since Google has highlighted screen recording in betas previously too, but it did not see the light of the day yet. Will Android 11 be the home for this feature to be publicly released? Let’s wait and watch.

Bottom Line

Taking a sneak-peek of all the anticipated features in Android 11, we can say that Google has borrowed some good ideas from the iPhone. But, the tech giant has gone even further than that. We can sense pretty great improvements in Google’s latest framework. 

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