Why LinkedIn is the Best Platform to Grow your Professional Network?

What's Happening On LinkedIn?

Every time that you log-on to your LinkedIn account, you come across a unique piece of information. Professionals from over the world use this platform to share their achievements, new certification, any job appraisals, or any professional advancement. Businesses use this platform to post recruitment messages, industry-specific information, and other important knowledge. Students use this platform to look through multiple profiles and create an impressive profile for themselves, create connections and hold meaningful conversations, and more R&D. Every segment knows how to use this platform for their benefit and their communities. 

Now, LinkedIn works a little differently than other social media platforms. You don't make friends or followers on LinkedIn, but you make connections. And these connections are then divided in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. It then creates a nexus of your connections and their connections and so on. The nexus allows you to outreach the maximum number of people, which is not possible on other social media platforms. During sales processes such as lead generation, it is the perfect platform to prospect multiple leads at the same time. 

Over the years, LinkedIn has grown to become a business-oriented platform, it also introduced LinkedIn Premium with some advanced features. Here every profile is a resume in itself, and it is under scrutiny by recruiters, other professionals, and various others. So you must keep your LinkedIn profile in check and keep it updated at all times. 

Let's look at the reasons why LinkedIn is considered as the best platform for professional networking.

Why Should You Choose LinkedIn For Professional Networking? 

1) Helps You Hire Or Be Hired!

The vast nexus of LinkedIn professionals allows both recruiters and job seekers to meet their requirements. Given the dynamic nature of the business arena, new divisions come in as soon as an inflection point is identified. So, the question that troubled both the parties was; 

How do we cope with such a change? 

As they began venturing for new ways to meet their recruitment needs, they found great potential in LinkedIn. It is a recruiter's utopia where a candidate's profile speaks of their experience, interests, and accomplishments. So recruiters can say good-bye to gruesome screening hours and adopt LinkedIn.
From a job-seekers perspective, LinkedIn allows you to reach out to multiple recruiters in a day. 

Boy! Getting a job could not get easier! 

2) LinkedIn Lead Generation

Gone are the days when a sales team had to spend countless hours trying to meet their targets. It is the era of LinkedIn Lead Generation. All you have to do is begin prospecting on LinkedIn, and you have a rooster of leads that are interested in your product. So, as sales professionals, if you do not have an updated LinkedIn account, then you must hurry! 

In addition to generating great leads, you can also enhance your network. Just like the traditional set-up, selling is a personal and an on-going process. You must keep in touch with your customers to keep receiving renewed orders. LinkedIn enables this via effortless conversations on its platform. Now, you don't have to worry about losing out on a customer due to poor communication. As they say, some things never change!

We can see how LinkedIn is the most preferred platform when it comes to lead generation. Here is what we think why that is the case; 

  • It makes it easy for the sales associate to find and screen the leads.
  • It allows easy access to the leads, which is better than the brick-and-mortar set-up.
  • Linkedin allows exponential outreach in a given period. 

After lead generation comes conversion - LinkedIn has proven to be a great tool for sales conversions. As is evident from the image. 

3) B2B Social Traffic For Business

Digital marketing is the most popular thing among marketers nowadays. They carry out business promotions via multiple digital channels that can help you upgrade your social media traffic. From the image, we can infer that most marketers prefer blogs as a medium of increasing the traffic on their websites. Also, they found that LinkedIn is the most preferred medium to publish blogs. And this is because of the strong professional nexus of people on LinkedIn.

4) Be A Part Of Multiple Groups

From the moment we entered schools to the point when we graduated out of college, we've always had a group of friends. It is usually close-knit and involves the exchange of banters and ideas. LinkedIn has carried-forward this custom of information exchange via groups on its platform. It allows you to create a new group or be a part of multiple groups, as per your interest. Now, as a professional, you must be in sync with the current happening of your industry. These groups help you gain perspective about the happenings of your industry. They also let you hold conversations, live webinars, etc., to promote the flow of information. 

In the search section of your LinkedIn page, you'll find multiple search tabs. Once you click on the Group tab, you'll see a list of popular groups in front of you and pagination until the 100th page. So you have a plethora of groups that you can choose. 

5) An Online Portfolio 

When it comes to a professional persona, no other platform comes close to LinkedIn. If you look at your LinkedIn profile, you have multiple sections that act as a portfolio for your LinkedIn connections, or recruiters. Not only that, but it also allows you to build your skills by allowing you access to multiple online courses via LinkedIn. 

For example, Professional Networking was the first skill-suggestion in my profile. When you click on it, you have the course overview and all other information about the course. You don't have to go through any long processes, and you can begin just as you click on it. 

So, What Should You Do Next? 

It's pretty simple, isn't it? 

LinkedIn is a one-stop solution to all the modern-day professional networking problems. Be it recruiting, job-seeking, or updating your resume, or even lead generation, LinkedIn is here to be your pal and help you through all of it! 

Given the crests and troughs of the business arena, currently, we've seen a sudden rise in the LinkedIn Lead Generation activities. It could be because the world is trying to cope with the digital selling techniques amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A recent study by Mckinsey & Company suggests that digital selling has seen a 2x rise during this brief span. Sales professionals are confident that this rise will remain to be so and will change the face of selling. 

So without further ado, begin your professional nexus via LinkedIn and see your career advance!

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