AeroBand PocketDrum - The Most Portable Drum Set Ever!

For people who live in apartments, playing drums has become almost impossible. The huge volume and loud sound distressed many drummers. 

In response to these problems, AeroBand PocketDrum uses technology to solve the troubles of drummers, making playing drums anytime, anywhere come true.

This set of electronic drum sticks is almost as heavy as ordinary drum sticks, and the length is also reduced a lot, so it is easy to carry. It is charged by USB and can be used continuously for 10 hours when fully charged. In addition to the wristband included, the tip of the stick is made of a soft rubber material, so I am happy that it is safe.

By connecting the AeroBand app via Bluetooth, users can experience the drumming and sound effects. First, we need to download the dedicated app from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. Then it's time to turn on the smartphone's Bluetooth while following the instructions of the app and the last step is connecting it to the drum stick so that we can enjoy performing drums immediately.

Just like your acoustic drum, AeroBand app also have hi-hat, snare drum, high tom, floor tom, crash cymbal and ride cymbal inside. The location is slightly different from the real drum. The vibration with each hit motion simulates rebound of hitting a drum head. Also, the built-in lights are pretty cool, giving people a future-tech feeling.

Reproduce the foot pedal operation with PocketGuitar: 

Drums are not the only instruments played with sticks. The bass drum and hi-hat cymbal are operated with the foot pedal. You can attach the separately sold PocketGuitar to your foot and reproduce the operation of the foot pedal. This PocketGuitar is a device that reproduces the performance of a guitar, so you can also play it with an air guitar. Wear it on your foot when connecting PocketGuitar with AeroBand. The right is recognized as a bass drum, and the left is recognized as a hi-hat cymbal.

The app has three modes: 

A tutorial mode where you can learn the basics of playing, a game mode where you can enjoy playing like a sound game, and a free mode where you can freely play the drums. For game lovers, PocketDrum has created the possibility of playing games with drum sticks. After entering the song mode, more than 100 preset tracks can be played. Free mode also has a metronome and a recording/playback function, so it seems to be good for practicing while playing your favorite music.

All in all, Aeroband PocketDrum makes the impossible possible. Although it is different from a real drum kit, it is a good choice to use it as a portable tool or a device for getting started. Sometimes I may not be able to play the drums accurately, but after playing for a while I played better and better. I am also making progress while using the product. Maybe after using this product for a long time, I may have the idea to take a real drum lesson.

The price of AeroBand PocketDrum is only 40% of a normal drumset. It sells $269 each pack of 2 PocketGuitars which is foot sensor and PocketDrum. Visit their official site to know more:

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