5 Awesome STEM Subscription Boxes for Kids

One of the best feelings of a parent is seeing your child's genuine smile and happiness from a present you gift. As your child receives your gift, his heart flutters - creating a strong impression and connection of love and care.

In the perspective of a child, what's inside of your gift matters. From a practical viewpoint, your child needs a new set of materials that would allow him to understand things easier, transforming him to become a better person. Hence, gone are the days that your presents are toys without substance and smartphones that would make him feel isolated from the social world.

In the end, gifts are made to be memorable, life-changing, and transformative. Build a strong impression by winning your child's heart, as this article guides you to 5 Awesome STEM Boxes Subscription for Kids.

The Importance of Subscription Boxes for Effective Learning

Subscription boxes are a consumer retail concept that delivers physical materials on a specific subject matter. It entails a recurring subscription or membership - whether annual or monthly subscriptions.

The best and winning reasons for getting subscription boxes are the surprising factors, thought discovery, distinct curation, and convenience.

Surprising Factors

When your child receives a subscription box, he feels the element of unboxing or unveiling a matter which is hidden in an upcoming box. Instead of spoiling your child to old-fashioned gift-giving, teaser products such as subscription boxes add a pint of happiness towards your child.

Thought Discovery

Subscription boxes are the best when learning STEM, particularly in Coding for Kids. Your subscription boxes contain educational materials that help your child in faster learning and understanding of scientific and mathematical concepts.

Distinct Curation

Every subscription box has a distinct curation - goals and objectives that influences your child's learning. Hence, in subscribing to the STEM subscription box, various lessons and topics will be covered as selected by a team of experts in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.


Not all children can instantly digest concepts in one reading. Some can learn by experience, and some can learn by lectured pedagogy. Especially during these trying times, where online classes are conducted remotely, subscribing to STEM educational boxes will integrate and expand your child's learning.

5 Awesome STEM Boxes Subscription for Kids

As a parent, it is your essential obligation to get your kids connected with the crucial concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Remember that STEM is not just a strand course - but is the way of living through science and technology. Hence, here are five awesome STEM Boxes Subscription for Kids:

(1) Creation Crate

For teens and young adults ages 12 and up, learning how to build and program electronics will be so easy through Creation Crate. With your monthly subscription that costs $29.99, your child receives age-appropriate electronic components that are safe to use.

In the Creation Crate monthly subscription box, your child receives a Breadboard and UNO R3, a USB Cable, a Jumper Wire and Resistors, a Buzzer, and 10 Potentiometer, monthly themed stickers, and many surprises.

All you need is to guide your child in creating an account at creationcrate.com/classroom and let him sign in for a particular course.

(2) KiwiCo Crates

Kiwi Co is one of the STEM subscription boxes that every child awaits. For just $20 per month, your child has the opportunity to learn the basics of engineering and science topics.

Kiwi Crate focuses on interactive learning on kids ages 5 to 8. The best strategy on Kiwi Crate is offering subscription boxes that appropriate to a child's age, such as:

     Tadpole Crate (0-36 months)

     Koala Crate (3-4 years old)

     Kiwi Crate (5-8 years old)

     Atlas Crate (6-11 years old)

     Doodle Crate (9-16+ years old)

     Tinker Crate (9-16+ years old)

     Eureka Crate (14 and above years old)

KiwiCo offers 8 different subscriptions, each with a different age and activity focus - touching the surfaces of STEM, including arts. As your child learns science, Kiwi Crate's monthly subscription box inspires your child to become a future inventor.

(3) CodaKid

If you plan to let your child learn the basics of coding programs like how to make a Minecraft server, then CodaKid is best for your monthly subscription. CodaKid is unique as it combines both physical activities with computer use.

With a low monthly subscription, your child will discover new concepts about computer coding, such as the importance of conditions, variables, and functions. Not only that but new courses get added frequently.

By subscribing to CodaKid, your child will enjoy multiple app games, badges, progress charts, and projects. There will also be a guide for you to access their website, featuring coding concepts and commands.

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(4) Club SciKidz Lab

Is your child aiming to be the next Sir Isaac Newton or the legendary Albert Einstein? Then let him start to discover the basic concepts of science and engineering with the Club SciKidz subscription box.

Club SciKidz Lab is an age-appropriate subscription suitable for kids age 7 years old and above. The subscription box contains lab equipment, engineering build project, secret formulas, science quotes, and many more.

Your $29.95 monthly subscription is a big deal - Your child can build his laboratory and apply the basic concepts of geology, veterinary, astronomy, and microbiology. 

(5) Green Kids Craft

Similar to KiwiCo Crates, Green Kids Craft is your child's portal to combine science and arts in a subscription box. However, this subscription box extends its advocacy in environmental awareness and development using earth-friendly materials.

For a monthly subscription as low as $21.91, your child can get a Discovery Box, containing 4-6 projects designed for Science, Technology, Art, and Math (STEAM), a 12-page magazine with instructions and explanations, and a surprise!

Green Kids Craft is convenient to use anywhere - whether in the park, on the beachside, or even at your home - making your child's bonding a memorable one.

Key Takeaways

Subscription boxes are best for learning STEM. Since not all children have the capacity to digest concepts instantly, your child can learn by experience through interactive learning. That's why STEM subscription boxes are best since they offer:

(1) Surprising Factors;

(2) Thought Discovery;

(3) Distinct Curation; and

(4) Learning Convenience.

Thus, a way to a child's heart is giving him the best presents that would transform him into becoming productive in his early age. If you're looking for the best gifts that wins his heart, here are five awesome STEM Subscription suitable for kids:

(1) Creation Crate

(2) KiwiCo Crates

(3) CodaKid

(4) Club SciKidz Lab

(5) Green Kids Craft

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