The 8 Best Tech Gifts for Non-Techies

Putting together a tech-themed gift for non-techies? No sweat. The great thing about non-techie recipients is that they do appreciate tech-related things that make their lives a little easier or a lot more fun. Keeping that in mind, it’s safe to say that there’s a bevy of tech gifts that anyone would absolutely appreciate receiving – whether it’s a gift for a holiday, a promotion, or to simply say you care about them.

Investing in gifts for your employees, contacts, and others is important – in fact, it’s common practice for established companies and up and comers because of the benefits. You get to spread the word about your company, have them remember you, and more (take a look at this article from Gemnote to see exactly why you should make this a regular practice). Here are some great suggestions that you can consider when deciding which techie gift items to possibly get.

1. Smart Native Union Charger 

This smartly-designed device allows the user to easily connect his USB device onto a socket, even if he has forgotten his charging block! Small and compact, it’s easy to tote around even in the slimmest of bags. 

2. Native Union Eclipse Charger 

There never was a chicer way to send a tech-related gift to a non-techie recipient, thanks to this beautifully designed charging hub. The minimalist style makes it a welcome addition to anyone’s desk – from a highly regarded fashion editor to an acclaimed musician, it’s a thing of beauty that earns additional brownie points for keeping your devices all juiced up. While you’re at it, here are some more amazing premium gifts that you can check out if you really need to impress your recipients.

3. Tile Bluetooth Tracker 

This is shaping up to be one of the best tech gifts, especially for the forgetful folks! Slip one on a key ring, inside a guitar case, or basically anything that you’d want to be able to locate with ease and precision. It’s easy to set up, and for sure folks who receive this will have a friend who can do it for them if they can’t.

4. Car Charger 

The perfect gift for those who are always on the go and are afraid of their devices running low on battery power. Car chargers are fast gaining high in prominence when it comes to being an in-demand gift. With so many new innovations for daily living being developed with the USB charger in mind, anyone will certainly appreciate finding this in a gift box.

5. Boxanne Speaker 

Who doesn’t like to receive a portable speaker? It’s a great tech gift that will surely see lots of use in one’s personal (or maybe even professional) time. Don’t be surprised to learn that your recipients constantly whip these out at staff gatherings, birthday parties, and other fun events.

6. A Set of Cord Organizers 

Nobody likes going through the unpleasant task of untangling assorted, jumbled up cords in their bag. Gifting them with a set of these frees them from that hassle! It’s a simple yet highly effective way to keep them more organized.

7. Custom Bluetooth Earbuds 

Here’s a techie gift that will surely tickle everyone’s fancy. Wireless earbuds certainly up the ante when it comes to sending techie gifts. Great for when you’re working out at the gym, going on a jog, or even negotiating with a client over the phone while being out and about.

8. USB Diffuser 

A techie spin on a gift of wellness, a USB diffuser is the perfect companion to the growing rage of homeopathy that’s sweeping the globe. It’s a nice way to say that you care about the recipient’s well-being and there’s nothing more you’d like than to see them happy and healthy.

As you can see, tech gifts work well in the lives of non-techie individuals. They may proclaim themselves as non-fans of tech, but if they look closer they’ll be surprised to find out that tech is closely woven into their daily lives. Here’s a way to remind them of just how easier, happier, and better their lives will be with it – and look back on you with gratitude!

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