10 Best Self Care Apps You Must Try

“Do something nice for yourself today. Find some quiet, sit in stillness, breathe. Put your problems on pause. You deserve a break.” ― Akiroq Brost

They say that one of the most important forms of love is self care and it is undoubtedly true. Today, being a part of the 21st-century race means more time spent taking care of progress rather than concentrating on the “YOU” factor. Now, different people can have different ideologies when it comes to self-care, however, the one crucial point is realizing that it is a process which requires that much needed time for oneself. 

It could be by taking time off to go for a vacation, or for that matter taking that much-needed break to pamper yourself. For some, it comes in the form of getting hours and hours of sleep, and for some, it means getting back the regime of hitting the gym regularly. Whatever the meaning of self care is for you, the important thing is to actually make sure that you set aside some time to disconnect from the rest of the world and concentrate on YOU. 

Since most millennials today need an extra push through the gadgets that they use so much, there is suddenly a spurt in the number of self care apps that have dominated the markets. Now, these apps are more or less invented to make sure that you actually get time off to do the more important things like taking care of yourself. In the case when you are searching for the best self care apps that you can use for your benefit, here we bring you a list of some of the top self-care apps. 

10 of the Best Self Care Apps

Headspace App

The one burning issue most of the times is the fact that our minds are constantly on the work mode. People mostly complain that even while they are trying to be calm their mind is constantly at work. It is times like this when you need an application that can help them be more positive and at the same time be more mindful. The Headspace app is one application that helps people be on track and this is also required most of the time to be at peace with yourself. With regular modules of meditation and other activities set aside, Headspace is an app almost all Hollywood personalities also rave about. So wait no more and get your dose of headspace with the Headspace app. 

Calm App

Sleepless nights, disturbing thoughts and constant anxiety and depression are issues that trouble millennials the most. The never-ending pressure of meeting deadlines and the constant trouble that they have in striking the work and personal life balance is something that annoys them the most. But, what if there was an app that could help you achieve that level of calm? Rated as the number one happiness app, the Calm app helps you remain motivated at all times and that too with a supply of calm music, soothing stories and regular meditation routines. 

The Grateful App

There are times when one is bound to feel that everything is going topsy-turvey and this is when you feel low and blue. The one way to get your spirits back on track is to remember and realize what it feels like to be happy. For starters think about things that you are grateful about, or think about those people who make your life worthwhile. The Grateful app is a platform that can help you do just that. The moment you like your thoughts with all things that you are grateful about, you will be able to stay happy and this has been proven by scientists at the Harvard research center for happiness. 

Shine bright with the Shine App

Your friends and family can not be with you at all times, and at times like this when you need a motivator, you have the Shine App. Imagine your very own app that gives you your daily dose of positivity with the help of meaningful thoughts and ideas, the Shine app is your personal pep talk app. 

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Happify App

A peaceful and happy mind has a big correlation with your cognitive abilities, and a person who is constantly disturbed will suffer the most in terms of their cognitive abilities. With the help of the Happify app, work on your self-confidence and internal happiness with the help of a number of small activities and tasks. Battle stress with the help of games and get scored for your performance. 

Strides Habit Tracker

Remember all those New Year's Resolutions where you planned on sleeping more, eating better and exercising more? We all know that most of those resolutions don’t see the light of the day. The Strides Habit tracker is your personal coach that will keep reminding you to stay on track when it comes to good habits that you want to include in your regime. 

The Nike+ Training App

They say that regular exercise is what makes a body healthy and fit and for this most people join gyms. But, what if there was an application that could give you the best of regimes and exercise modules at the very touch of a button? The Nike+ app is your personal gym app that gets you the best exercises as advised by some of the world's leading fitness trainers. 

Fooducate App

Eating healthy and eating right is slowly becoming a priority for most health freaks, and there is nothing wrong with that. All those people who go on diets in the attempt of eating healthy and right, often have difficulty tracking the wholesomeness of what they eat. The Fooducate app is a portal that can help you keep track of how healthy you are eating. 

The friendly Aloe Bud App

An application found for the iOS platform, the Aloe Bud is a platform that motivates you in small but meaningful ways. Throughout the day it will give you friendly nudges that will remind you to drink more water, eat on time and contact your family and friends so that you remain connected. 


Time and again we have heard that 8 to 9 hours of sleep is a must to have a healthy mind and body, but how many of us can actually get the gift of sleep on time? With the help of the Shleep app, you can now track your sleep regimes and based on your sleeping habits, this app can prompt you activities that can help you get better sleep patterns with ease. 

Final Words

With all these apps in place, it is totally possible for you to get your life on track. So, take advantage of all these self-care apps and be on the way to living a more happy, calm and stress-free life. Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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