[APP REVIEW] Fabulous - From Changing Your Habits to Changing Your Life!

We are living in the era of technology and our every work is just being easy to do because of our gadgets. But did you notice that you are just following a day to day routine which do not have enthusiasm? Did you need a motivator and a personal coach who helps you to change your routine and old habits and made your life fabulous!
 Hello Guys!!!

Today I'm come up with a fabulous app and its name is also 'Fabulous'!!  
Fabulous - Motivate Me! is an Editor's Choice Android App. This apphelps in making / improving our day to day life. To make a productive task as a habit. This app has the capability to make us to become that productive person we all have dreamt of and it does it Perfectly.

Name of the App- Fabulous - Motivate Me!
Category- Health & Fitness
Icon of the App-
Price- FREE (Offers In-App Purchases)
Play Store Link-
App Compatibility- Android 4.0.3and up
Size- 24 MB
Developer- TheFabulous
Current Version- 3.15 (Updatedon July 2, 2016)
Rating- 4.6

As the developer said, here you get Science-based Coaching to increase your energy, feel vibrant health, lose weight and sleep better by instilling healthy habits and routines in your life. You can reach any of your Health & Productivity goals by following a step-by-step program. Just use Fabulous to coach yourself to reach your goals, lift yourself to Get Active, Eat Better, Sleep Better, Lose Weight and Stay Motivated by installing 5 healthy living habits that will make you forget about fatigue and low-energy.

Setup the App -

Download the app from play store and Install it in your phone. Open the app and setup it as shown in screenshots below. Here you have four options to start with and you can start your journey with any one of them.


Screenshot_2016-07-04-12-15-09.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-04-18-42-56.jpg
Screenshot_2016-07-04-18-43-14.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-04-18-52-45.jpg

Using the App -

Fabulous app has great UI and looks really cool. If you selected the first one journey then from starting, you will get the notification for start the Morning RitualOn the dashboard its shows the goals and your journey progress where you can track your performance. You can personalize it according to you.

Screenshot_2016-07-02-07-59-09.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-02-08-00-55.jpg
Screenshot_2016-07-02-08-01-14.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-04-18-53-32.jpg

Here you got a icon at the lower right, Tap on Make Me Fabulous icon whenever you have some free minutes and try these different activities. There are six ways to become fabulous- Exercise, Power Nap, Focused Work. Meditate, Yoga and Stretch. In every section you find some different things to do.

Screenshot_2016-07-02-08-00-14.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-02-08-00-23.jpg

In every part you have some time based tasks to do.

Screenshot_2016-07-02-08-04-41.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-02-08-04-46.jpg
Screenshot_2016-07-02-08-04-54.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-02-08-05-02.jpg
Screenshot_2016-07-02-08-05-17.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-02-08-05-24.jpg

For example, this is the 'One minute - Just get Moving' task & you have to follow it within the time.

Screenshot_2016-07-03-20-17-39.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-03-20-17-54.jpg
Screenshot_2016-07-03-20-18-09.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-03-20-18-24.jpg

There are some challenges or goals you have to succeed. From the first day, you have to create habit of Drinking Water / eating great breakfast / excercise after wakeup in the morning. The app setup the alarm and remind you every morning to drink water. You have to drink water for 3 days ina row to complete this task and unlock the next task.

Screenshot_2016-07-02-07-59-52.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-04-07-55-01.jpg

There are also One time action and Motivator for help you to complete your goal.

Screenshot_2016-07-03-07-33-26.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-02-08-00-36.jpg
Screenshot_2016-07-03-07-34-13.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-03-07-34-38.jpg

Here you get Your Letter No. 1 which is really interesting to read. Everytime after compltion of the task, you got a letter.

Screenshot_2016-07-04-07-54-05.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-05-14-41-53.jpg

As soon as you complete the challenges, new challenges will unlocked and you have to succeed in all of them. You also got your weekly report and weekly letter, every week!

Screenshot_2016-07-03-07-32-12.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-03-07-32-32.jpg

There are four journeys in total. Starting  from first journey - An Unexpected Journey, as soon as you progress in it, next journey will unlock to start and change your life. In every journey there are several chapters, you got a new chapter for all.

Screenshot_2016-07-02-08-02-53.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-05-14-41-04.jpg
Screenshot_2016-07-04-18-52-02.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-04-18-43-48.jpg

You can check your current and past status using timeline, sucess rate and month view. You can set your Morning as well Afternoon and evening Rituals according to you. This is really a great app, try this if you really want to make your life Fabulous!

Must see this video to have a look on How this app looks like & How it works.

Thank You!!!


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