Top 5 Slideshow Maker Tools: Create an Attractive Slideshow Presentation

Slideshow presentations are a great approach to exhibit projects, ideas and speeches. However, the apparent simplicity of the instrument certainly does not make it easy to create memorable presentations. How many times have you ever seen confused, tedious, and tiring slides? To me, too many.

And how do you sell, convince, pass on your thoughts and ideas, if your slides can't keep your audience attentive and focused? But then, what software to use to succeed in creating an attractive slideshow presentation, and some tips for making a slideshow presentation? Answering these two questions is the purpose of this article.


Whether you have a Windows or any other operating system, you can use the LightMV software online. This program makes it easy to create slideshows with its easy-to-use interface, even for novices. With the editable templates built into it, you can create captions and add background music as you like. It is free online software, which, with the help of an internet connection, allows realizing quickly and thoroughly, beautiful slideshows.


With FlexClip, creating a slideshow presentation is very simple and the new user is offered a quick aid that has, in some points, the main functions accessible on the interface. After this short introduction, the new user starts with a blank page or a predefined slideshow templates. You will find on a side menu the buttons to insert all the elements of our test protocol. The elements benefit from many options that give you truly creative possibilities.

Free Slideshow Maker

The program for creating presentation slideshows is as simple to manipulate and has powerful, interesting functions. Its user-friendly interface allows beginners to become familiar with its use quickly. Also, it offers the possibility of integrating transitions and background music. You can save the files in different formats such as AVI, MP4, MP3, FLV, MKV, HTML5, 3GP and MPEG. You can play your slideshow on iPad, iPhone, iPad, PSP and other devices.

Windows Movie Maker

With this slide show creation software, you will be entitled in addition to transitions to legends effects. Also, it gives the possibility to insert a piece of background music and even a narration with your voice. It is as simple to make slideshows, and only beginners can take a little time to adapt to its operation.

Icecream Slideshow Maker

This software presents you in its interface, two main parts namely the preview panels and the media. The media directory lists your media files, the transition time, and the duration of each slide. Here, the possibility is also given to add to the slideshow, text and background music. Also, your presentation can be recorded on your local disc or broadcast on YouTube. Compatible only with the Windows OS system, this software is almost free.

5 Tips for Making an Attractive Slideshow Presentation-

1. Little text. In the slides, you only have to enter the keywords of what you say, which you will then expose verbally.

2. Plain language. Don't use big words and too technical terms unless you need to explain the meaning.

3. Be careful with the background and text color. The text must stand out well in the background so as not to tire the eye of the reader. So avoid colors that are too similar and too extravagant, the best and most relaxing contrast is blue on white.

4. Don't use too many effects. Maybe you could use one for the slide transition and that's it.

5. If you can also insert some videos, sometimes, to explain a concept, use film clips or other videos to help keep the attention alive.

In short, all of the software mentioned are great slideshow creators for making amazing videos. You don't need technical knowledge or video editor skills to create a presentation. With the programs and tips above, you can create business, travel, or any other special occasion presentations.

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