Best WordPress and HTML5/CSS3 Blog Templates for a Great Blogging Experience

Who doesn’t like to share knowledge with the world?

The point is, we live in an era where everything depends upon the knowledge we’ve got.

Blogging is one of those things that help us a lot while putting our thoughts out in the world. In this digital era, personal branding has become somewhat of a trend which is being followed by industries and businesses of various ventures. The bottom-line is; businesses and agencies are using the internet to the best of its abilities to put their name out in the public.

In this era where online business is catching up grounds, it has become quite essential for you to stand out from this competitive market. You need to blog and that too in style. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the most flexible and powerful HTML5/CSS3 blog templates that are available to us.

1.     Gillion

If you want a premium quality WordPress theme that is dedicated to writing and publishing then Gillion is the way to go. It mainly focuses on blogs, news, and magazines. With this theme, you will find a Visual Composer built with Unyson framework.
This item works exceptionally well to make the whole process of setup look easy. It comes in with 7 demos and that’s just not it, there is no coding required which makes it quite fast.

2.     Divi

We all know that starting a blog nowadays nothing but a piece of cake even for beginners. No, we are not talking about those platforms that let you create blogs for any niche. Instead, we are talking about the real blog, which later on can be used as a money machine. To make the best out of such templates, we recommend you to hire WordPress programmers.
So, if you like this part; then make sure to create an online journal with Divi. This template has no bounds whatsoever when it comes to versatility. The best part is; Divi works with absolute accuracy on mobile devices as well as on all modern web browsers. This template is known for providing high loading speed and SEO optimization.

3.     Stein

Instead of spending endless hours in front of a screen setting up your blog, what could be better than taking help from a tool that can do all the hard work.

Stein is yet another solution specially made for crafting blogs and online magazines. Stein offers various features like; Gutenberg compatibility, dark and light modules, views counter, load more functions, and  sticky header. Moreover, you can translate Stein to any language as per your preference.

4.      Gridx

If you want to provide your visitors with the best experience possible, then do make sure to use Gridx. This is an ultimate package of all the necessary goods to create an intuitive looking web design. Gridx provides its users with a choice whether to choose a dark look or just a sample translated into Cyrillic.

Gridx is one such template that guarantees best outcomes that’ll surely bring in more and more attention. The best part about Gridx is that it can be personalized as per your liking; which is something to appreciate. Don’t you think so?

5.     Sault

Sault is hands down one of the best and versatile HTML portfolio templates available. It offers a clean blog which you can use a standalone page. Sault is highly recommended for startups and creative professionals.

Sault is one of those templates that are responsive, cross-browser compatible, retina ready, and simple to modify as well. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a pro; Sault can deploy the best-looking blog and that too with minimal efforts to put in.

6.     Pofo

Pofo is probably the best HTML/CSS website template available. It offers users with a vast amount of demo choices, which means, you can choose a demo that suits your requirements and can be customized in a minute or two.

If you are planning to improve the overall visibility of the page then Pofo is the way to go as it is high in resolution and compatible with all major browsers. Pofo is responsive, Retina ready, and Bootstrap-based. Efficiently coded, it is easy to navigate with its blog listing styles.

7.     LeadGen

LeadGen is an expressive and responsive HTML website template which is dedicated to marketing. It is hands down one of the most powerful frameworks for making an impressive website overnight.

With LeadGen’s HTML powerful Page Builder you can create intuitive web pages. This template also works exceptionally well with ad revenue frameworks. Do you know what that means? Well, with this framework you can monetize your blog with just a couple of clicks.

The Wrap Up

With these website templates, you are most likely to make a great looking blog site to offer your visitor the best possible experience. So, do make sure to check them out.

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