What is Adobe FreeHand? Uses & Features of Adobe FreeHand

Adobe FreeHand is a computer-based application that allows creating two-dimensional images for illustration and web content. The application is similar to Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and other designing apps. The software helps in the creation of illustrations for creative design and layout of print with an unmatched set of creative design tools.

FreeHand was originally created by Altsys Corporation in the year 1988 and was named as Aldus Freehand which then merged with Adobe systems in 1994. Later due to market competition and Adobe releasing Adobe Illustrations, the Federal trade commission assigned Freehand to Macromedia naming it Macromedia Freehand, Adobe purchased Macromedia in 2005, and Freehand again came under Adobe’s subsidiary.

With FreeHand get creative and realize your vision with an unparalleled set of designing tools and layouts. Design for Macromedia flashes, internet or print, seamlessly move through designing concepts within multiple mediums efficiently and quickly.

Why Use Adobe FreeHand?


Adobe FreeHand is easy to use and has a basic interface that allows effortless working scenarios. With Adobe FreeHand design and print flash projects. It enhances productivity and eliminates the requirement of shifting between tiles and panels by freely organizing the tools panel, which gives a streamlined workflow.

Also easily organize and check contents with connector tool and get maximum editability.


Get a powerful set of image editing vector tools for easy designing and printing. Map numerous complex images and appearances on a single vector object. Easily generate high-quality graphical components and transform effects without affecting the editability of the original shape.


Easily place FreehandMX layouts with existing SWF components and maintain ActionScript programming. Drop ActionScript navigation commands for printing or interaction with external SWF components. The built-in SWF controller easily optimizes movie settings.

Top Features of Adobe FreeHand:

     Graphic symbol

Define objects as symbols and streamline them across your document without repeatedly making new designs. These symbols later can be stored in the library panel and can be shared with multiple documents.

     Docking panel

The working panels which are frequently used can be docked outside the working area, making it easier for the workflow. The panels can be customized as per requirements, and this makes the workspace far more efficient.

     Extrude tool

Create your own 3D appearances by using the extrude tool and keep the original image in shape. Control attributes of the created image with ease. Use vanishing points for adding depth and realism to your created content.

     Eraser tool

Modify created content with ease by erasing pixels with the eraser tool.

     Freeform tool

Reshape and pull any point with the freeform tool and learn about bezier controls.

     Anti-aliasing view

Standard preview and keyline drawing models are equipped with anti-aliasing view.

     Vector transparency

Get dynamic transparency potential when editing. Manually set transparency attributes for the desired effect.

     Master pages

Define an unlimited number of master pages and revise edited elements across the project. Store layouts in symbol libraries and easily share within multiple documents.

     Brush and symbol strokes

Distribute graphic symbol by applying brush strokes for custom illustration effects.


The application runs on WindowsXP or higher versions and is fully optimized to run in MAC OS.

     Multiple attributes

Apply unlimited fills, effects and strokes in a single image or text.

     Connector tool lines

Easily map data flows, site maps, and information architecture.

     Action tool

Place complex flash actions in between pages, objects and symbols.

     Macromedia flash integration

Design the entire project in a single document, increase productivity by streamlining Macromedia flash development projects. Open freehand MX files.


Easily reshape and bend objects maintaining the structure of the original shapes.

     Firework integration

With enhanced firework integration, optimize your graphic development. Edit and launch bitmap images and make changes in Firework and integrate back again to FreeHand.

System requirements:


Designed for WindowsXP or higher
100MB internal hard disk space
128mb available RAM
Pentium III processor or higher, 600MHz+


Designed for Mac OS X
G3 processor 500+ MHz
128Mb available RAM
70mb internal hard disk space

Adobe FreeHand was discontinued in 2004, and there has been no firmware update since and has been replaced by Adobe Illustrator. Some professionals still use the software to this date, as it helps create and edit vector images for graphics printing. 

Adobe FreeHand gives the user a generalized surrounding of graphic environment for dedicated designing of artworks and storyboards. Adobe FreeHand enables to create and conceptualize designing ideas into projects easily and helps generate a rich visual or graphic.

It is used effectively by designers to control newer vector design programs such as Gravit designer and Affinity designer. Use the latest version that is named Adobe FreeHand MX 11.0.2

Adobe FreeHand is available in English, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French and German languages.

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