6 Benefits of a Dedicated Server Hosting Over Shared Hosting

Your business needs a reliable and cheap web hosting service in order to publish your website online. A web hosting service provider is responsible for setting all the components of your website – such as documents, images, files, audio, video, and other contents– into the Internet so that every customer online can search and visit your website. 

A web hosting solution is a service provided by companies who rent out their servers based on a paid contract to host your website. Here are three ways that you can have your website hosted:

  • Shared server:
Your website runs on a server that also hosts other websites and shares its resources.

  • Cheap Dedicated servers :
Your website will have the server with its full features and resources all to itself.

  • Virtual private server:
Your website will run on a dedicated server with its own OS to run applications. VPS offers more flexibility and features than a shared physical server.

There are pros and cons to all three hosting types, but for simplicity, in this article, we're just comparing the advantages of a cheap dedicated server over shared ones:

A shared server, because of its cheaper cost, is currently the most popular hosting option, but it is not always the most optimal choice for every business. Before selecting a hosting server, you have to consider your website, mainly if it is being utilized as a platform for online selling and e-commerce. The hosting type you choose must be first and foremost responsive and optimized for your business requirements, and excellent hosting service can provide you all of it through its dedicated servers. Learn more about super-fast Azure Windows 10 Desktop from Dedicated Server providers.

Benefits of Using Dedicated Server Hosting:

1. No Sharing of Server Resources 

Your website gets the full resources of a single server only when it runs on a dedicated hosting solution. The use of a dedicated server takes away all your worries about other websites clogging up the server's RAM and CPU, which becomes a concern in a shared hosting environment. With a dedicated server, you can be sure that spikes in bandwidth usage and bad scripts running on another website won't slow down your website server.

2. Greater Control

By using dedicated hosting, you get more comprehensive control over your server to customize its functionalities and extend its features following the requirements of your website. It enables you to install your preferred programs, applications, and scripts and also allows you to enhance your own security measures. You'll indeed have control over your server resources, too though it could require some technical expertise and knowledge to run a variety of scripting languages and software. With the help of your hosting provider, you can customize your website environment and its server to match its specific needs.

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3. Improved Security

In a dedicated server, there is more security and less risk since it is built for utilization by a single user. Here, you can run any type of software and scripts and can also deploy security measures like anti-virus and firewalls to suit your website requirements. You get to fully customize and tailor your security configurations over the offerings of what cheap web hosting companies provide in their dedicated server plans. These configurations include security audits, 24/7 network monitoring, processing updates and backups, scanning systems, etc. Such security measures are rigid and implemented by hosting provider companies on their data centers and physical server facilities.

4. Flexibility

A dedicated server provides a client with the flexibility of customizing the server to fulfill the client's unique needs for resources such as disk space, CPU, software, and RAM. But in the case of shared hosting, a client is restricted for the resources along with the already loaded applications, software, and operating environment on the server. In shared hosting, they may provide software applications that are of no use to the client or lack the things in terms of requirements. A dedicated server empowers organizations by providing a customizable server environment that fits their needs. Clients can pick the applications and platforms they truly need, allowing more control over how their website server is configured.

5. Enhanced Performance

Whether your website receives thousands of visitors or just a few, by using a dedicated hosting server you can provide a great experience to all your potential customers at all times with quick loading and response time considering all the server's resources such as RAM, storage, bandwidth, and processing power, etc. – are built to manage everything only for your website.

6. Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth

Amongst the other usual offerings from hosting providers for their dedicated hosting plans includes unlimited or unmetered offering of bandwidth and unlimited database storage. Again, this can be done because there are no resources allocation limitations and sharing of disk space and bandwidth solely belong for your utilization. You can store as many files and data as you want and build as much traffic without being concerned about surpassing the limit of resources and paying extra.

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Though shared hosting services are one of the cheapest ways for businesses to run its website, dedicated hosting servers becomes a slightly expensive option in comparison. Hence the advantages mentioned above comes with a cost, but if budget is not a deciding factor, then opt for dedicated hosting servers to give your website a competitive edge. 

For the businesses and websites that deal with a lot of traffic, or have strict needs for security and customization, they may find a dedicated hosting provider to be their most suitable option. Keep in mind that it takes just a couple of seconds for a website visitor to convert from lost opportunities to a paying customer. Dedicated hosting guarantees for you to have all the resources for your website to attract, convert, and obtain profits for your online business.

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