7 Marketing Routes For Your Mobile App

The pile-up of Mobile applications is always on at retail vendors like Google Play and App store. Old ones keep getting buried under new ones. Wiping off the dust and retrieving your app from the pile could prove to be difficult, considering the number of apps lying in the pile. Almost 1.3 million android applications and counting exist on Google Play alone and another 1.2 million applications are awaiting download on Apple’s App Store. To be honest, these two application vending sites are turning into a virtual junkyard of scrapped apps.
Aggressive marketing strategies are required to elevate the status of your mobile app from a nobody to a somebody. After putting in so much effort and time into it, your app does deserve an audience and applause as well. Besides, you would not like your app to die a slow death of anonymity, without anyone ever knowing that it once existed. Let us examine 7 such routes or ways by which you can market your app successfully and encourage more downloads.

The Route of Originality

Don’t ever believe that phrase “Only God is original”. He might be in his own way but so can you be. Developing an app which is original in every sense of the word will help in distinguishing your app from the crowd. Presenting an old wine in a new bottle shouldn’t be a bad idea either, as coming up with a totally original idea would be difficult with so many apps already existing. Adding a unique and new feature to your app is also a step towards originality.

Social Networking Route

A route often visited by many mobile application developers. Adding advertisements of your app on social networking sites helps boost up popularity and encourages users to download and try the app. But, keep in mind that social networking is not limited to Facebook and Twitter alone, but there are others as well like Instagram, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Triberr, etc. which have a fair share of traffic and viewers. So try them out as well, as Facebook and Twitter are more common and also competitive.

Storytelling Route

This route is interesting. I am sure you must have loved listening to stories as kids. But do we ever really grow up? I guess not. We still love stories. Cook up an interesting story behind your app to engage the viewer and arouse his anxiety towards your app. Stories do perfectly well with game-based applications, but they work out to be good with other non-game applications as well.

The Website Route

This is a route which many application developers tend to overlook. Creating a website of your app creates a virtual online home for it. On a website, you get plenty of space to write about your app. The pages of a website like the FAQ & About us can address to many queries and doubts of users regarding your application. A website also offers a host of other marketing benefits like SEO, Banners & Links etc. which can give momentum to your advertisement campaign.

Media Hype Route

The media world is a fast world and it is not only confined to the internet, but spreads across various platforms like print media and television. Creating media hype with a strong sales pitch can help to get your product noticed. Organizing product-related contests with generous prizes for winners are a few options to look at. Creating and providing a nicely written press release containing screenshots of your app will generate media interest.

Try it, Only then Buy it Route

This makes perfect sense to a user and also the developer. Creating a trial version of your app and providing it as free for download is a great idea to let the users experience your application first hand. If your app is good enough and the people get addicted to it, they will be more than willing to pay any price for your app afterward. The mathematics are simple, the free downloads shall be compensated after the app is sold at a premium price.

The Route of Review Sites

On the internet you shall come across many websites whose basic reason for existence is to review and evaluate mobile phone applications and games. These sites review applications and put up a post on their site for users to read. These review providing sites should be your target. If you can rope in a few of these sites to give your app a good review, then traffic on your app is bound to come, as app hungry sharks lurk and hunt in these waters.
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