7 Unique Ideas to Make Better Apps for User

The Internet has taken over most of the industries in the world and automation is an important part of the process. Internet is used for a wide variety of things, and with the evolution in science and technology, many businesses have started using the internet as the sole medium for marketing and advertising their products and services. Mobile apps are some of the convenient ways of showcasing your business online. Android App Development has emerged as one of the essential tech industries all over the globe.

According to a survey done by Statista, the year 2019 is expected to invest a total of 427 billion U.S. dollars in designing apps and making them available to the users. With the expansion in IT and various needs of the customer, the app market is going to expand to 1016 billion US dollars in the next two years.

It is the responsibility of the developer team to design apps in such a way to enhance greater customer experience and innovative marketing strategy for businesses.

Mobile app ideas are some trends created to build better mobile applications for various businesses like the food, retail, hospitality, and e-commerce industry. It is not a piece of the cake when it comes to design an application beneficial for both – the customer as well as the seller.

The year 2019 is the year of multi-functional electronic devices serving more than what you need. Some trends are as follows:

·        Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality or known as AR, is a cross-over of using technology in the digital dimension to the real world. It helps to enhance real-world objects by using computer-generated perceptual algorithm using different senses to give a practical environment experience. Augmented reality can help in the hotel and hospitality industry for food delivery apps or searching hotel rooms in your area. GPS is a prime factor in this technique. With AR, you can expand your business on wider horizons giving a real-time experience to your customers.

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·        Chatbots

Chatbots are another version of modern technology used in our day to day lives. This technology based on augmented reality helps you to interact with your device in the form of messaging, face-time or voice controls. Chatbots is the future of digital marketing due to its convenient functioning. 

Around 1.4 billion people are using Chatbots currently, and the number is likely to increase by the year 2020. 80% of businesses take aide of chatbots for promoting their services. Chatbots are responsive, help in recording stuff, analyzing and comparing choices and also give prompt answers. Applications like the Google forum or Windows operating system has its Chatbots to interact with the customers using these systems.

·        Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become a base for web applications or mobile apps. One of the best app ideas is to make the maximum use of artificial intelligence. The perfect use of AI will surely reap more significant results. Some of the existing apps of AI are.

·        Clara

Built especially for managing schedules and bookings.

·        Elsa

An app with an AI tool to improve your English pronunciations using audio software.

·        Fyle

Managing your business expenses and accounts. Similarly, you can develop an app using AI as per your need.

·        IoT

Internet of Things is another great idea for your start-ups. IoT may be used to develop healthcare facilities, smart housing systems, media players, etc. If you are looking for something modernized or unique, IoT is great from all angles that will help in creating the best apps.

Here are some great app ideas for beginners:

·        Event Tracker

One of the great innovative ideas for a software company, this app can prove very fruitful to its users. Based on augmented reality, this is the perfect stop for keeping track of real events happening in your neighborhood. Users can choose any event to crash on a great weekend.

·        Job Search

Not so fun, but another excellent app for people in search of jobs. Supportive for both Android and iOS systems, this can be a game changer in the field of education and recruitments. The plan is to use a single registration for multiple companies.  Once you upload a CV it will be channelized to all companies, so you don’t have to do the same process again.

·        Car Parking

Ever experienced the rut to find a good parking spot? This feature can help you with the help of GPS tracker. The app will function on the graphical representation of empty spaces to give you the right spot.

·        Virtual Cook

Want to make a great recipe? But, with available ingredients, you may get in a confusion. This app is suited for this task. You can upload a list or photos of the ingredients you have, and the app will suggest all possible recipes with only those ingredients, quite comfortable now!

·        Public Transportation

Commuting is not as easy as it was in the past in terms of so many transport routes. You go to a new area and try to locate a bus or train to go to work. You will be in a dilemma. The apps allow you to find the available buses for different routes using your location. Based on your schedule you will be able to find the perfect way of commuting without wasting any more time.

·        Online Coaching Services

Not a modern trend of 2019, but surely a revolution in the field of learning and teaching. Android App Development Companies can design an app if you are running a coaching class and also wish to educate people from far. Based on the concept ‘Learn from Home’, this is one of the best android app ideas for students who want to learn with time flexibility. Just pay online, and you have all courses and study materials available online. Exams can also be taken in this way.

·        Interior Designing

Just upload pictures of your house from inside, and the app will suggest you various options in terms of color, furniture, symmetry and many more. Pretty cool.


Apps are an important part of our daily lives, and as a developer or an entrepreneur, you can conduct a market survey and look upon various trends and possibilities in the use of technology. The more convenience your app provides; the more users will be attracted to it. The above mobile app ideas will surely fling you at the top of the ‘customers-preferred’ list.

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