6 Best Freelancing Sites to Find Online Content Writers

finding freelance content writers sites

In the new age of growing businesses, content writing is being demanded by all the companies. It's the most important skill for the growing businesses, and hence finding the good content writers is an essential task. Creating good content is the best way that one business can outshine its competitors. And, there are many reasons for that.

Good content is what fetches you the audience, or customers. High-quality ensures your engagement with your potential customers, and also your presence over the web, which is extremely important these days.

Nevertheless, for a person who has never buy articles online before, this can be an overwhelming experience for him or her. But, things are really easy (thanks to the internet!). In just a few minutes with few clicks here and there, you'll have the best content writer hired.

These resources have made it very easy for you to make professional connections here, and there, in order to get the potential customers, or audience for your business, or blog. So, let us discuss these various freelancing sites that are going to help you big time in finding the best content writer, who fits in all your requirements, and criteria.


This one's not "content writer" specific, but It consists of every kind of job that a recruiter is looking for. Among so many wonderful and largely acclaimed websites that are aimed at providing freelancing jobs, Upwork tops them all. The different features that enable you to find the best content writers who fit your criteria are what make Upwork better than the others.

On UpWork, you can search for the writers based on their experience, and price. And, even if you want the writer who writes or speaks in a native language, or who have worked before in a specific location, Upwork really makes it easy. Though the size of Upwork can overwhelm you, and it can get difficult finding the right ones for your job, eventually after you get the hang of it, it is the best.


For someone who is serious about investing in content writing and marketing as well, this is the right place for you. Also, if you want a writer for multiple projects, this platform helps you find the right match from the pool of more than 55,000 writers. The only thing is that you might have to pay for this platform more than any other platform.

But, the functionality of this platform is worth every penny that you pay for this. It has many big names supporting it like Google, GE, American Express and also Walmart. It is not astonishing that it had been ranked as one of the best content marketing platforms in 2015. If you are modest about the budget, then this might not be the place for you.


If you need blog posts, landing pages or website copy, Scribbify is an option that you should definitely consider. Scribbify consists of more than thousands of specialized freelance writers - out of which only the top 2% are selected for being allowed to work.

Similar to Contently, many portions of the value of this platform are in the hands of their editors and managers who check your content before putting you off with any random writer.

ProBlogger Job Board

Since the beginning of this wonderful platform, more than 8k articles have been written to help the budding writers and bloggers so that they can not only build their skills but also find better clients. It has grown to be one of the best destinations for finding content writers and editors on short notice. It has an average of 100 active postings at one time.


It's also one of the premium content marketing platforms and has been curated very carefully. They provide you with an account management team who supports your process in the entire content development journey, and for the more experienced freelance writers, they give them the opportunity to be part of an exquisite talent pool. And, this is what makes Skyword different than other platforms. 

It aims at hiring freelancers (writers or video makers) who have already emerged to be great influencers in their industry respectively. Surprisingly, this tactic turns out pretty great for the clients as there's a big network that is already built into the content.


It can be a great place for you to find and then eventually hire experienced writers. Also, the special feature that Craigslist brings is that you can find filter out the freelance writers according to your geographic location.

In Craigslist, there are more than hundreds of listings in the writing or editing category from different segments like the publishers, small business owners, or even the newly established start-ups. Though the quality of writers may not be as high as the above mentioned above, it is still worth the try.

Wrap Up

So, this is all there about different freelancing sites that you are required to look that if you are in search of a good content writer. Adding a content writer in your team will massively impact on your team performances or the overall performance of your business. The audience or customers that your content drives to fetch for you should be there to stay permanently. And, this is what good content writing ensures, apart from the increasing engagement on social media.

Now it's becoming easier to find freelancers online as the number of freelancers is increasing day by day, as per some stats, 29% of freelancers worked full-time independently. Hiring a freelancer has many advantages and can aid your business or company to the "ladder of success" through the content with ‘WOW!' factor. Thus, try out different freelancing sites to ensure that you are moving ahead with the surroundings around you with unique and creative ideas through content.

Freelancers can take your business or company to another level through their content. This is why you should hire content writers. The above-mentioned websites are a few of the best sites that can give you the ability to find and hire good content writers. So, start your search on these platforms!

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