Dream11 - Why it's the Best Fantasy Cricket Platform you should be Using?

With the cricket season going on, all the cricket fans are now busy watching and playing cricket most of the time. Yes, fans are not only watching, but they are also playing cricket online on fantasy cricket platforms.

Most of us are aware of what fantasy sports is and how it works. Just in case you are not aware of it, fantasy sports is a way to play a popular sports game like football, cricket, etc. online by creating virtual teams and can be played mostly amongst friends or coworkers and you also get to win points which can be claimed into cash or gift prizes.

There are many online platforms available for playing fantasy cricket but the most popular among them is Dream11 which you might have already heard about. In this post we are going to list some points on why Dream11 is the best online fantasy cricket platform and why should you opt for it.

It's Easy & Fun to Play:

Dream11 is not a newcomer in the fantasy sports industry. It is the world’s number 1 single-match fantasy sports game. Dream11 has a user base of over 5 million gamers and offers fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi & NBA games to play.

Dream11 is very user-friendly and easy to use platform where you can simply create your virtual team within a few minutes after logging in. You can make as many changes to your team as you like before the deadline of that match. To make changes, you just need to click on the “Edit Team” button and you are all set to make the changes you want.

Dream11 is a concept of playing your favorite games by using your sports knowledge and skills. In this play, you pick your own team by selecting the real players from cricket, football, kabaddi & NBA. When the real-life match starts, your selected team earns different points derived from your chosen players' performance in the match. To play your favorite sport on this exciting platform, click here.

There are 5 Easy Steps to Get Started with the Dream11 App:

As soon as you install and sign-up in, follow these 5 steps and you will be ready to go.

1. Select A Match:

The first step is to select any of the upcoming matches from the available list on the app. You can select from the current or upcoming cricket series such as IPL, World Cup, etc.

2. Create Your Team:

Now it's your turn to apply all the sports knowledge and experience in creating your Dream11 team for the match. You have to create a team within a maximum budget of 100 credits.

3. Join a Contest:

Now as you have created your team, to make this match more interesting you can also join some free or cash contests to have a better understanding of Dream11. These contests help you in winning cash and gift prizes. Moreover, you learn more about improving your game skills.

4. Follow the Match:

Now it's time to pick your remote and start enjoying the real match. You can track your live fantasy scorecard available on the Dream11 platform and check your performance (Points updated every 2 minutes with the live game).

5. Withdraw your Winnings:

After the match finishes, you can easily withdraw your winnings available in your Dream11 account (It requires a one-time verification).

Fantasy sports is really an interesting way to play with friends and you'll really like it once you start playing. So what are you waiting for? IPL is right here. Go showcase your gaming strategy skills and give it your best to win.

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