LED vs CFL Lights – Which is Best? – Pros and Cons of Each

Light is the most essential and important discovery by humans. Since recent times, though, due to the increase in the population, there has been a rigorous research on finding the better and more efficient lighting equipment.

Both LED and CFL lights are more efficient than the conventional light bulbs aka the incandescent light bulb which was discovered by Edison. Nevertheless, people still find it difficult to understand the difference between the two i.e. CFL and LED.

In this detail post we would be talking in detail about the working of each and the advantages, pros and cons of using each.

Let’s start from the CFL

Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL):

The CFL also know in the modern day as the energy saving light is a fluorescent lamp which has been designed to replace the incandescent light bulb. Talking about the structure of the CFL, it uses a curved tube which is carefully fitted into the space of the incandescent bulb along with a compact electronic ballast situated in the base of the lamp.

The principle working method in the CFL remains the same as the fluorescent lighting. The electrons are carefully bound to the mercury atoms which are excited to the states where they emit the ultraviolet light when they return to a low energy level. The ultraviolet light is further converted into the visible light when it strikes the fluorescent coating.

Pros of CFL:

1.      CFL’s are highly energy efficient as compared to the incandescent light bulbs.
2.      They use only 1/5th of the electricity as compared to the conventional light bulb.
3.      They are more durable than the incandescent bulb.
4.      CFL bulbs have nearly 15 times more life than the conventional bulb.
5.      They emit less heat.
6.      They are compact and more bright.

Cons of CFL:

1.      The manufacturing cost is more than the incandescent light bulb.
2.      It contains toxic mercury so its disposal is quite complicated.
3.      It is banned in some countries due to the toxic mercury.
4.      Cannot withstand high temperatures like the incandescent light bulb.

CFL Lights Usage:

CFL lights are mostly used for commercial lighting. Apart from that they are used for decoration, wedding lights, camera lights etc.

Light Emitting Diode (LED):

Light emitting diode or the LED is the most evolved form of discovery for saving the electricity but also meeting the conventional lighting parameters.

The LED work on the principle of electroluminescence. There is a p-n junction diode which gets activated when the electricity is passed through the LED. The concept behind the same is, when the electrons combine with the electron holes, they emit light energy in the form of photons. So overall, the working of LED is different than the CFL light.

LED Pros:

1.      LED lights are super energy efficient. The are nearly 15 time more energy efficient than the incandescent light bulbs.
2.      Their life is nearly 25 times more than the incandescent light bulbs.
3.      They are highly compact and more durable than CFL and Incandescent light bulbs.
4.      They are super bright.
5.      They emit very less heat.
6.      You can form different colours by playing with the energy band gap of the LED.
7.      You would save a lot on your electricity bill.

LED Cons:

1.      The manufacturing cost of the LED is very high.
2.      They are more expensive than the CFL light bulbs.
3.      They cannot work in high temperature.

LED Usage:

1.      Automobile headlamps, inner decoration.
2.      They are the best grow lights for growing indoor plants.
3.      Artificial decorations, weddings, dance lights
4.      Commercial usage at homes.
5.      Surgeries and endoscopies

We hope that you must have gained a good insight about the LED and the CFL lights. No doubt, LED lights are more efficient than the CFL and the incandescent lights, still you can opt for the CFL if price is an issue and you are running on a fixed budget because the LED lights are more expensive.

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