3 Ways How to Use iMessage on your Windows PC

In the current scenario, we could see a lot of Smartphone users are joining the debate to get conclusion over iPhone and other brands. On the other side, some of the neutral consumers are also getting experience over both the stuff in a common way. In case, if you are the one who wants to use any methods on your PC, then this could be the best platform to know and utilize further. To experience the best part, here we are going to have a discussion about iMessage on PC at anytime.

For your information, it is considered to be the easy way, high-tech and efficient. Hope the discussion over getting the iMessage on PC will be helpful for all the seekers to utilize further. Here we are going to share the three different ways in terms of using on PC. Let’s follow the respective process further.

Using Jailbreak your iPhone

It is said to be the method where you can use iMessage for Windows PC. However, one should keep it in mind that is bit complicated and yet useful.

-  At first, all you need to jailbreak the Apple device by just installing Cydia. For your information, Cydia is said to be the directory of application which is become usable due to jailbroken iOS device.

-  After the above process is completed, you need to spend $4 on getting an application called Remote Messages in Cydia for setting up the web-based interface. However, you can be able to connect to web-based interface for using iPhone’s IP address which is mainly found in a browser that is .333

-  Despite the steps are complicated, thus the application will explain easily to access remotely the iMessage from Windows PC.

Utilize Chrome Remote Desktop

-  At first, you need to have a Mac with iMessage along with the Windows PC when it comes to starting it.

-  Now, it is essential for the user to download chrome as well as chrome remote desktop on your PCs.

-  After the installation process of application is completed, make sure to click the launch.

-  Now, you need to download chrome remote desktop host installer discretely on the MAC PC.

-  Once the downloading process is completed, proceed to complete the installation process.

-  Finally, chrome remote desktop is mainly allowing accessing another PC’s applications as well as files through Chrome browser. All you need to connect the two PCs via security code and then lead to having fun over using iMessage on Windows PC.

Free Emulator Use

-  Firstly, you need to visit ipadian2.com and then proceed to download the free emulator which is available over there.

-  Then, you need to install the file with the respective extension .exe on your computer and run the emulator.

-  Click the continue button by accepting the terms and conditions.

-  Once the installation process is completed successfully, make sure to launch the iPadian software on the PC.

-  All you need to search for the respective iMessage in the search bar.

-  At last, you need to download the messenger application and then launch it further. 

-  You are now ready to access iMessage on your PC.

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  2. Thanks for sharing working guide. I have written about how to use iMessage for Android which you will love to read.

  3. Thanks for sharing guide to download iMessage for windows 10. I follow this guide and its works for me.

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