What's Next in Apple iPhone - What can we Expect from it?

It is really exciting to see what's new is implemented every year in iPhone by Apple and now rumors are started for the upcoming iPhone which is expected to launch this year in September. By the way, what's new is coming this year and what changes are made into iPhone are only known by Apple till now, but we can except some of listed here and also we are eagerly waiting for exact release date of new iPhone. Here we discussing about next iPhone specs rumors which are provided by PC Advisor UK.

~ According to PC Advisor UK, it is not sure what is the name of next iPhone, isn't revealed by Apple, is it iPhone 6S as previous generations of iPhones because firstly Apple released iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and now iPhone 6 (alongside the iPhone 6 Plus), so chances for next iPhone's name are as iPhone 6S but Apple can surprise us by releasing iPhone 7 this year.
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~ It is also in news that this year biggest difference in iPhone 6 and next iPhone is that new iPhone is thicker then previous, just opposite from previous strategies of Apple because every year we get thinner iPhone but because of Force Touch Display, iPhone 7 is thicker from previous. Apple currently uses Force Touch in the Apple Watch and its new MacBook, New reports have suggested that the new iPhone will need to be slightly redesigned to accommodate the Force Touch display.

~ iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have big design changes, although Apple keeps approximately same design for it's iPhones but  we can expect the big changes in design this year, iPhone 7 to have a 4.7in screen (and the iPhone 7 Plus should Apple decide to launch one to have a 5.5in display), a rounded, aluminium chassis and a very slim profile. It's also likely that it'll be available in Silver, Gold and Slate Grey.
Apple could make the iPhone 7 lighter, though and stronger with use of sapphire glass and more durable liquid-metal materials.

~ In terms of specs, The iPhone 7 will have a faster processor, probably names the A9, joined by an M9 co-processor. It could boost camera improvements, as well as better battery life and new features such as wireless charging.
Interestingly, it's rumoured that Apple will finally up the iPhones RAM complement, with 2GB LPDDR4 memory.

~ There are some rumours to suggest that the iPhone 7 could have some new design features Curve Display like Samsung Galaxy Edge but it is likely to provided with another varients.
(Image Source-PC Advisor)

~ One of the biggest areas of improvement for the iPhone 7 could be the camera. Rumours suggested that the camera will represent the biggest camera jump in the history of the iPhone, with a two-lens system that could capture "DSLR-quality imagery," according to Daring Fireball's John Gruber.
Rumour has it the iPhone 7 camera could be up to 21-megapixels but more likely is a jump to 12MP.

~ The iPhone 7 to ship with iOS 9 installed. Apple unveiled iOS 9 at its WWDC 2015 event.  

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