How To Get Traffic to Your Blog

Every blogger started his/her blog, writes posts and do everything to make his blog best but if it is not gives you traffic and audience to your blog then it is really disappointing. But don't be worried, getting traffic to your blog is quite easy if you following the steps given below. If you have traffic to your blog then it's easy to Make Money using AdSense and other Ad networks. Many people thinks that only quality posts and good SEO are ways to get traffic to your blog but there are more ways which are drives traffic to your blog and helps your blog to achieve good alexa rank and success story for you. Here are some ways to consider which drives traffic to your blog:

Quality Posts and Content : It is always recommended to write only quality posts which have great content and language gets huge traffic because people like them and revisits to your blog.

Good SEO and Google Indexing : SEO is most important tool to get organic traffic from search engines like google. Always make sure that your posts have Indexed in Google, you can use Google Webmaster Tools to optimize your blog.

Writing guest posts to other relevant blogs : Guest posts are another great way to get traffic to your blog. Use popular and relevant sites to write guest posts and link your blogs URL with them to get traffic.

Facebook Page : Facebook is most important social tool to get Social traffic. Making a fan page and group of your blog on Facebook can gives you great traffic when you post about your blog.

Google+ : Google Plus is another powerful social tool, making people in your circle and keeping them updated to your blog posts can gives you traffic.

Twitter : Twitter is another tool to get viral on social media using hashtag. So you can also use twitter to get traffic by linking your blog with tweets. Also you should make your social accounts on other social sites to get traffic.

Commenting on sites : Commenting on other sites is also one of the best and most used ways to get traffic to your blog. Try to become first to comment and use effective comments to get traffic.

Participate in Forums : There are many Forums available which can be used by you to get traffic by participating on them and promoting your blog.

Build Mailing List : Subscribe people to get e-mail whenever your blog has new post and it gives you valuable traffic. Use a subscription tool like FeedBurner on your blog so people can easily subscribe.

Start a Contest : Starting a contest or offer is also great tool to attract people to your blog and making them a regular visitor.

Submit your blog to Directories : There are many types of web or social directories available, submit your blogs URL on them is recommended.
You can See Here 20 Web Directories to submit your blog and increase traffic and rank on web. 

Advertise your blog : You can use Google AdWords, Facebook Ads to advertise your blog on web and it is surely gives you huge traffic but it needs money to invest.

Answer questions on Q&A sites : You can answer questions of people on yahoo answers, quora etc sites and also use your blog's link to get traffic from it.

Create Mobile App : Creating mobile app for iOS, Android etc. can help you to attract more people to your blog.

Social Bookmarking : Another great way to get traffic to your blog is by submitting your blog posts to social bookmarking sites like digg and stumbleupon, social bookmarking sites can send great traffic to you.

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