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12 of the Best ITSM Tools List for 2019

best itsm tools

Every organization has to manage its information and data in an appropriate manner in order to conduct their operations and also to serve their customers efficiently.

In the case of providers of information technology services, this is all the more important and hence, those companies that offer these services aim to use the right ITSM tools that are otherwise known as the Internet Technology Service Management tools. With the help of these tools, these providers can easily carry out their activities that include designing, planning, delivering, and controlling their services. 

In short, these tools are useful for them in all their operations. Most importantly, companies that offer IT services can satisfy their customers perfectly with the help of these tools. 

Though there are a number of ITSM tools available, you, as the owner of an IT service providing company, should opt only for an appropriate software that suits your business. Let us have a look at list of some of the best IT Service Management tools of 2019.

1. Samanage

Thanks to its full compliance with the most recent framework pertaining to IT service management, Samanage offers robust support even to large providers of IT management services. Further, the tool has all the required features that can fulfill every need of providers of IT services. That is the reason it stands out among a plethora of available software. 

Customers who wish to use their self-service will also find its e-mail-integrated portal very much useful because they can get their issues resolved without the help of the customer service representatives. Providers who have opted to use this tool can use its IT asset management platform for controlling and managing all their company assets. The most impressive feature of this customizable and scalable tool is its mobile access that helps users opt for doing work remotely.

MailTag: An Efficient Multitasker Tool To Manage Your Emails

I have been using MailTrack for quite a long time and I am quite happy and satisfied with what it does for me and how it makes my work easy to a good extent. Undoubtedly, it has got some amazing features that helps me track the emails I receive and send. However, I somehow felt that I should start looking for more MailTrack alternatives just to explore other tools as well which are available online. I also thought that maybe I could find better features which MailTrack does not provide.

So, while searching for some, I found this particular tool, named MailTag a little interesting than others and thought of giving it a try and writing about it and its features. So all those, who do not know about this tool or have heard about it but do not know how it functions, then let me just take you through it.

MailTag is the only chrome extension that provides you with several features such as real time email tracking, automated email follow ups and email scheduling all for free. This way you can increase your sales in a very less time. The tool is currently available for Gmail and G Suite and would be soon available for Outlook and Google Inbox as well.

I have been using MailTag for over a week now and would like to share its features in detail on the basis of what I found after using it personally:

1. Free and unlimited real time email tracking-

  • It tells you what happens after you have hit the button ’send’. You get to know when exactly has your recipient read your mail
  • You receive a real time alert on the desktop when your email gets opened.
  • You also get to know when does the recipient click links with your emails.

With the help of real time tracking, you can give your prospects a phone call right after they have read your email. This can help you out with closing some important deals and increase your sales at a much faster rate.

2. Email scheduling

  • With the help of this email scheduling feature, you can make your emails arrive at the time you want them to, everytime!
  • This feature especially works best for those people who have to communicate in a different time zone. It supports multi time zone scheduling.
  • You can also schedule email reminders for yourself with it.
  • You can also increase your open rates and choose the time at which you want your email to get delivered.

If you have clients based out in different time zones, then scheduling can prove to be super helpful for you just to ensure that your emails are received at the best times.

3. Pings

  • You can automate your email follow-up process so that you do not have to do the manual follow-up again and again.
  • Automation saves both, your time and your energy.
  • Helps you in increasing sales and improving email reply rates.
  • You can even customize your automatic follow ups. 

This is definitely a must have tool for all the business and sales people. It saves so much of your hours and energy.

This tool is absolutely free and you get so many features in the free version itself which includes unlimited email tracking, real time desktop push notifications, link-click tracking, tracking panel dashboard, viewing unread emails, unlimited email scheduling, ticket system support, 3 ping sequences and so much more. All you have to do is add the extension of MailTag to your browser and you are ready to get started.

No doubt, there are similar kinds of tools available online and of course, there is no comparison that can be made on any grounds. Every tool has got its own pros and cons and a feature that you would not find in any other. But then, what’s the harm in trying out something which you haven’t used and also exploring it? I tried it and you should do it too!

Author Bio: Hello, I am Vijay Nagar marketing manager at BetaPage, A startups & early adopters community. I am a Tech lover and helps new startups and small & medium businesses to grow their business. Also, loves music, adventure, family, and friends. You can connect me on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

8 Best Free Employee Time Tracking Software List for Time & Expense Management

Time tracking plays a crucial role in work management of any organization. Every business needs to keep an eye on progress of their projects and work part done by their employees. To ensure how much time is spend by an employee on a task or project, time tracking & management apps proves to be useful & essential to the many employers. By using the time tracking software, majority of businesses have seen improvement in the project success, on-time delivery and better management of their resources.

best employee time tracking software

There are many benefits of using a time tracking tool such as it helps in better focusing on work as employees can track their own work & time, it helps in payroll management hence reduce the extra work required for payroll, this also helps in eliminating the bench time of employees that cut the extra expenses and improve the revenue of the business.

Still, it is required to always use right tool to get good results and appreciation from the team. There are many free time tracking apps available in the market, in which few are the best to use and here in this post we're going to share some best free employee time tracking software that can be useful for every business.


Toggl is a web based free time tracking app which comes with many useful features. This is a well known app used by many freelancers, it's simple to use and Toggl Button browser extension lets you track your time in 80+ online tools. Free plan includes most of the features but the paid plans comes with some advanced features.


Time doctor is also a well known smart time tracking software used by many big companies. This is a web-based solution where employer & employees both have accounts. Time doctor provides time tracking, computer work session monitoring, screenshot capturing, invoicing etc. This requires a desktop application to be install on PC, it runs smoothly on MAC OS 10.7 and above, most Linux OS versions & all Windows OS.


Tracking time is a cool time tracking app that not only works on computers, but also provides iOS & Android apps for your Smartphone. This tool gives insights & analytics, calendar management, various reports with filters and it also supports integration with many apps.


 Harvest is a simple online time tracking software that provides support for all browsers, Android, iOS, and Mac. It facilitate time & expense tracking, also provide time tracking of your different teams. Harvest gives insights about projects, reports & analytics and also provide invoicing. Harvest is also compatible with many other project management tools and can be easily integrated with them.


Timely is a nice time management tool for teams & freelancers. It provides automated time hours tracking, helps in manage project & team's health and the best thing is that it can be automatically synced with different gadgets, that means you can use it on any gadget at anytime.


Paymo is a multipurpose web based tool which provides task management, team scheduling, time tracking, invoicing etc. This is a good software for small & medium businesses which comes with desktop and mobile time tracking apps. It gives multiple timesheet views, automated time tracking and integrate with most of the tools.


Hubstaff is also one of the best time tracking software available in market. This is a tool focused on improving growth of a business, that's why it comes with many useful features. This tool not only tracks work time but also tracks leisure time which ultimately helps in analytics. Its main features include time tracking, screenshots capturing, app & URL tracking, automatic payroll and advanced reporting.

8. TIMESHEETS.COM is an easy online time tracking app which not only allows you to track time with timers but also allows to insert data manually. This tool provide hourly time clock, project time management, expense control, time off & leave management and many other useful features.

So that's all for today, we have shared few best time tracking apps from the big list available in the market. Let us know in the comments below which tool you liked the most and why.