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What You Need to Know About UX vs. UI for App Development

When designing a mobile app, prioritizing UX is essential. That said, UI is an equally important part of good native appdesign. If you don’t work in the field of software and app development, you may wonder what the difference is. Many people mistakenly use the terms UX and UI interchangeably. However, they actually refer to distinct elements of a mobile app, both of which play a crucial role in attracting and retaining users.

Understanding the Role of UX

UX is short for “user experience.” When a customer uses your app, the processes should be intuitive and simple.

The UX designer works behind the scenes to ensure a smooth experience for all users. Thus, you’re unlikely to even notice the quality of a UX designer’s work unless it’s poor. You expect an app to be easily understandable; you’ll only pay attention to the general user experience if it’s confusing and flawed.

To ensure a quality UX, designers study industry best practices, research user behavior, and take other necessary steps to better understand what customers are looking for in an app.

What a UI Designer Does

UI refers to the app’s “user interface.” The UI designer is essentially responsible for the concrete visual elements of the program. This includes typography, graphics, color scheme, widgets, buttons, and more.

The discipline of UI design can be compared to graphic design, where every discrete visual element must contribute to a consistent overall style. UI designers take on the added challenge of designing visuals that are interactive in nature: when a user clicks on a button, it needs to do something other than simply look appealing.
How They Differ

Both UX and UI designers play critical roles in the app development process, and often coordinate with each other to ensure the finished product is cohesive.

UX designers are particularly focused on making sure a user is able to complete specific tasks within an app. A visually-appealing product won’t succeed if customers can’t figure out how to use it for its intended purpose.

In this respect, UX is a science. Designers study their goals to determine the most logical way for an app’s processes to flow. Users should never be confused about what steps they should take next to complete a task. Even if they’re not confused, too many steps can result in a cumbersome UX – simplicity and efficiency are paramount.

UI design is more of an art than a science. The UX designer determines what a person actually experiences when using a specific feature. Meanwhile, the UI designer determines how that experience will look and feel. The app should be useful, but it should also “feel good” to use.

Both roles are critical. Quality UX ensures that users intuitively understand how an app functions without reading through instructions, while quality UI ensures that they enjoy the overall experience. Although there is a lot of overlap in their goals, UI designers and UX designers approach their jobs from different starting points. When they both do their jobs well, the result is an app that looks good and serves a legitimate purpose for the user.

[App Review] Duplicate Files Fixer - A Smart App to free up memory on your Android device

Going to attended a surprise party but do not have enough space to capture photos and videos? Do not worry you will not need to compromise with your precious apps or data to capture new memories neither you need to spend hours to free up space on your device. All you need to do is to download an application and it will do the rest. 
Systweak software has developed a tool which quickly finds out and remove duplicates from your android device with minimal human efforts. So, if you are in a situation when you quickly want to spare up some memory on your device you should go for this application. It scans and clear all the duplicate files from your device and this is how you get free space without compromising with your precious files.

Let us find out more about this application how it quickly removes duplicate files.

1.     Launch screen: After installing this application from Google play store you will be on the home screen. Now you can choose any specific file type or you can go for “full Scan” tap “Scan now” button after marking the choice scan process will be initiated after this. You can stop the scan at any point by taping “Stop scanning”.

2.     Scan Results page: After the completion of scan duplicate files will be in front of you. In these results, last file of the group is marked automatically for deletion. You can choose “Mark All except last” option to mark first files to be deleted. You can tap “Unmark All” files to manually select files for deletion. Before proceeding for deletion, you can take a backup of your files from the application itself. When you will tap on “Back up now” you will be redirected to right back which is a tool take back up of your data. It takes the back up and keep your data safe. Now tap on Delete to delete Duplicate files.

Excluding files from the location you use them frequently: Duplicate files often rest in the depth of drive. This application gives you an option to clear duplicates from the depth of your device and to exclude files which are on the root and which you use frequently you can choose to unmark shortest file location by taping on menu (Three vertical lines given at the top right).

Settings Menu:  The application is also having settings menu which allows you to configure many settings from one place. You can do these things from the settings menu.

Ignore list: If there is a folder on your device which you do not want to touch then you can exclude that folder by adding it to ignore list.

Scan Filters: You can filter your scan results by same name, same size, and same content. By default, application search for duplicates by same content.

Language settings and Themes:  If English is not your native language then you can choose from different languages. The application supports all the major languages of the world.  In the application, there are two different themes to choose from.
So now you can instantly spare some space on your device all you need to do is to download this application and to go for a full scan.

[App Review] MoveIt - Easy Solution to Transfer Your Media

Many times we find ourself in a situation where we are not able to download our favorite app or game from the Play Store Because our device is low on storage. A lot of our Android phone's storage is occupied by Images, Videos, and Audios many of which are not useful and have to be deleted and many of them which are useful hence cannot be deleted but occupy a lot of space. Transferring them to SD card is the only solution to free up a lot of Storage Space.

But Transferring them to SD Card is not easy for everyone. So to simplify the whole process there is an App called MoveIt.

MoveIt is an Android app which can work on Devices running on Android 5.0 and above.

MoveIt lets you easily transfer your Images Videos and Audios to SD Card and vice-versa. MoveIt also has many more features.

Coming to the app, MoveIt has a simple and easy User Interface so that you can easily Transfer your Images, Videos, and Audios without much effort.

The transferring process is simple. Select the storage from which you want to transfer your Media then MoveIt will show you all the Images, Videos and Audios separately sorted out Date-Wise which are present in that Storage.
Then Simply select the Images, Videos, and Audios you want to transfer and press Move. It will ask you to choose the path where you want to Transfer your Media to. Select the path and it will transfer all the Media selected by you and will show a success message once all the Media have been transferred.

MoveIt has an inbuilt cleaner which helps you to clean unwanted and Junk files such as Apk Files, Temp Files, Thumbnail etc which are unwanted and can free up some space if cleaned.

The best and Unique Feature of MoveIt is that it has a feature called Auto Transfer which lets you Transfer Your Images, Videos, and Audios to SD card without opening the app.

MoveIt also has a Media Scanner which lets you scan your Internal and External Storage to find hidden Images, Videos, and Audios which are not being displayed.

Some more feature that MoveIt has are:

    Search - Search for Images, videos, and audios in Internal Storage and SD Card using their name or the name of the folder in which they are present.

    Media player- MoveIt has an inbuilt Image, Video and Audio player which helps in viewing your media before transferring or deleting them.

    Delete- Delete all your unwanted Images, Videos, and Audios using MoveIt.

    New Folder- Keep your Images, Videos and Audios sorted as MoveIt lets you create New Folder while selecting the path.

    Multiselect- You can transfer Images, Videos, and Audio together  Sd Card and Vice-Versa.

    Large Medias- Use MoveIt to transfer any amount of Medias to Sd Card and Vice-Versa.

    Fast- Transfer your medias to Sd card quickly.


To conclude, if you are the one who suffers from Low Storage or is looking for an easier solution to transfer your Medias to SD Card the MoveIt is the best app for you.

The size of the app is less than 5 MB.

[APP REVIEW] True Balance - Balance Hero

Hello Guys!!!   

Here I'm come up with another App Review. This time the app is "True Balance".
True Balance is a Hassle Free All-Balance-Check App which also comes with awesome Free Rechargefeatures. Here you can check data pack balance, call rate cutter validity and All your mobile recharge balance & pack balances in one place.

Name of the App- True Balance
Category- Lifestyle
Icon of the App-


Price- FREE
Play Store Link-
App Compatibility-Android 4.1 and up
Size- 5.8 MB
Developer- True Balance - Balance Hero
Current App Version- 2.23.03 (Updated on July 22,2016)
Rating- 4.4

  • True Balance provides easy methode to check your balance, simply pull down the card of the SIM for which you want to check the balance.

Screenshot_2016-07-19-12-01-28.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-19-12-03-23.jpg 

  • It shows the available balance on each SIM. You can also check DATA balance and others & can track your DATA Usage.

Screenshot_2016-07-20-15-44-55.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-20-15-47-42.jpg 

  • You can check special offers by your Service probiders, portal menu, customer care etc. at one place. True balance Wallet shows the Wallet points you earned which can be used to recharge!

Screenshot_2016-07-20-15-48-05.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-20-15-47-24.jpg 

  • The another best part of the app is that you can earn FREE RECHARGE using it's Earn feature. There are two methods to earn points, first is by Inviting your friends where you & your friend both gets Rs. 10 and second is by using offers section where different offers i.e. Apple, Tapjoy, supersonic offers are available. You have to install and use the diff. apps to get free recharge.

Screenshot_2016-07-20-15-45-44.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-20-15-50-13.jpgScreenshot_2016-07-20-15-49-16.jpg 

  • So Friends, as you seen my balance is less than Rs.100, It is first time in last 4 years when my balance goes to below Rs.100. But you can Help me to Up my balance again.
  • Simply Use my Referral link shown below for sign-up to the app (it's just a 5MB App) and You & Me both gets Rs.10 (Note- I'm not forcing anyone & this post is not for the promotion, Just sharing bcuz I reviewed the app. You can do if you want otherwise don't.)

Thank You for reading guys!!

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[APP REVIEW] Memrise - To Learn Different Languages

Here I'm sharing Memrise app which let you learn diff. languages for free. I learned French language through this app that's why I used French words somewhere in this post and English mean is provided in bracket for your convenience. I hope you enjoy this article.   
 Salut les gars!!! (Hello Guys!!!)

Comment allez-vous? (How are you?)

Here I'm reviewing another android app which let you learn different languages of the world. The name of this Editor's Choice app is quite similar to it's work, i.e. "Memrise" and yes! it helps you to memorize the words of the language you want to learn. It offers not only 1 or 2 or 10 or 20 rather it offers over 100 languages around the world including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese(Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Italian, Dutch, Danish,Swedish, Russian, Arabic, and many more.

Name of the App- MemriseLearn Languages Free
Category- Education
Icon of the App-
Price- FREE (OffersIn-App Purchases)
Play Store Link-
App Compatibility-Android 4.0.3 and up
Size- 20 MB
Developer- Memrise
Current Version- 2.9_3856_memrise (Updated on July 6,2016)
Rating- 4.7

  • First you have to choose the language you want to learn and then need to login/signup to start learning. I chooses the French language to learn. You can start from either beginner or skilled.

Screenshot_2016-07-06-12-10-36.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-06-12-11-02.jpg 

  • This app usage adaptivetechnology which makes it easy for you to practice at the right time, so you rememberfast and what you learn is always fresh in your memory. App usage different methodes to show you new words. It helps you to learnlanguages as they are naturally used by native speakers.
  • It also shows new words with Mems, it helps you to learn and remember words fast and strongly.



  • Here you learnnew words in bite-sized and easy lessons, then practice with game modes thatboost different aspects of your memory! There are different modes for practice i.e. listening, typing test etc.



  • You can set your daily goal for learning and memorize the new words. See your daily progress and words on dashboard and analyze them, flower shows that how much strongly you learned the word. Santé! (Cheers!) everytime whenever you learn.


  • There are 11 levels in the French learning. Dashboard shows progress of your level and how many words you learn. You can see your points and rank. You can use any mode out of six available modes, although three modes are available only for Pro subscribers, you can unlock them by paying some amount. Use Classic and speed review whenever you want to revise the words.


S'il vous plaît (Please) see this short video to know how this app works & looks -

Mercie! (Thank You!)

Advantages of the Marshmallow Update!


A bag full of surprises, the Marshmallow update definitely tags along positives. This however is subjective and would differ from one opinion to another. Although, overall, the update does quite a good job and certainly doesn't let you down. If you haven't tried it yet, there's something good is in store for you.
Let me take you through a few advantages of the Marshmallow.

1. Quick Boost!

If you're on Marshmallow and would love to be pampered, here's something we'd like to introduce you to. Remember closing each open window, manually? Having updated to M, All you've got to do now is simply click on the Boost icon to the bottom right of your screen an you're sorted. By simply doing this daily, you would receive a lot more RAM space. 

You could refer to the highlighted portion below! 

A Quick Demo Video to take you through this amazing addition.

Advantage: Boosts quickly, thereby extending the phone's Battery Backup!

2. Make use of 'Google Now on Tap'
An absolute new way to use Google Search, the New ' Google Now on Tap' will blow you away. All you'd need to do is long press the Highlighted Home Icon, like shown below .

Key Features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Now the latest release of Google's Android OS is the Android 6.0 Marshmallow. After the lollipop, Marshmallow is going to make Android able to do a lot more for you. The newly launched Google's Nexus Smartphones are the first devices which comes with this fresh Android Marshmallow and more devices are going to taste it soon. Here we are sharing some Key Features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow:

App Permissions:

The App Permissions got a major overhaul and Google will allow users to decide which permissions they want to allow or revoke, based on when those particular functions are used. Unlike the current implementation, Android Marshmallow users will get notifications asking for permissions only when they are using a particular function in an app.
Developers will now be able to ask for permissions on a case-by-case basis. That means when you go to open up the camera in Instagram, for instance, Instagram could deliver a pop-up asking if you want to let it access your camera. That way you know exactly when an app is using a feature and why it's using it. It also means you can download and install an app, use most of it, but prevent it from doing one or two things that you disapprove of.

Google Now on Tap:

This is the standout feature for Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The new Google Now on Tap is a predictive assistant which will take on Google Now. This feature will allow users to get useful information on anything currently running on the phone.
One will have to press and hold the home button while inside of any app, and Google Now will read the screen, look for anything interesting and then return the information via a popup box on the bottom screen. This feature may turn out to be a hit with users, as it turns out to be an incredible and convenient feature. This feature will be incorporated in future Android versions as well.

Fingerprint Support:

Android M will standardize the fingerprint sensor support and it is working with various phones to make a standard API to go with their sensors. You can use your fingerprint to authorize an Android Pay transaction, unlock your device or make Play Store purchases.

Better web experience with Chrome Custom tabs:

The web browsing experience with the Chrome browser also gets a shot in the arm. Chrome Custom tabs, a new feature, that will let you include web-views within a particular app, without the need to switch to the Chrome browser on your phone. The Chrome browser will run atop your app (in case you click on any link within the app).
Features such as automatic sign-in, saved passwords, autofill will work on the apps seamlessly. Also the Chrome Custom tab will take up the colours and fonts of the app it is being opened within, to make it seem like a seamless experience.

Android Pay:

This feature will let you make your payments using near-field communication (NFC) and host card emulation techniques for tap-to-pay services. You just need to unlock your phone, keep it near an NFC terminal and your payment is done, without opening any app. As of this month, Android Pay has been rolled out in more than 1 million locations in the United States
According to Google, Android Pay will be pre-installed on AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile devices and will be accepted in around 700,000 stores in the US which accept contact-less payment. Android Pay will replace the Google Wallet app and will be used to make in-app payments provided developers integrate Pay into their apps.


In an attempt to boost your smartphone battery, Android Marshmallow will feature a smart power-managing feature called Doze. This feature works by letting system optimally manage the background processes. The new OS keeps a tab on the motion detection sensor and if there is no activity for a long time, the system shuts down some processes.

USB Type-C:

Android Marshmallow will also support USB Type-C for charging. Considering USB Type-C is has a bi-directional port, you can use this port to either charge the phone as well as charge another device. With USB Type-C, devices can be charged faster and this makes it a more versatile charging technique.


1. Apart from these main features, some of the other improvements include a better implementation of Copy/Paste function. So in Android  Marshmallow, you will get a floating toolbar just above your selection with the Cut, Copy, Paste options. Direct Share feature will let you share images or links with your most frequently shared contacts or apps, using a single click.

2. In addition, the new Marshmallow will offer a new app drawer which will now scroll vertically instead of horizontally. Top of the menu will also offer the four most recently used apps.

3. Volume controls will also give you a drop-down menu, a feature that is common in the Cyanogen OS.

4. Google also introduced a new RAM Manager which will aim at providing users with a more concrete information regarding the RAM usage of apps. This feature will offer more deeper insights on app demands along with an overall explanation of what effect they have on the device.

Google Cardboard Overview: VR On The Cheap


Imagine if you will, standing on the surface of the moon, overlooking a crater from your lunar rover, listening to mission control chatter. Or don’t. Instead of imagining it, just order a cheap Google Cardboard VR set instead, stick your phone in it, and start exploring the solar system, museums, tourist spots, coral reefs and much more. Let the Imagination Technologies GPU in your phone live up to its name and do your imagining for you.

Also Read : How to Enjoy Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard
Google Cardboard is hardly a new concept. It was unleashed on the unsuspecting geekosphere at Google I/O 2014, roughly 18 months ago. Since then, Google has tweaked the Cardboard reference design, but the concept hasn’t changed; Google Cardboard was envisioned as the cheapest Virtual Reality (VR) solution on the planet, and at this point, nothing else comes close in terms of pricing.
Google Cardboard is significantly cheaper than competing VR platforms, so why is adoption so slow?
If you keep track of tech news, you are probably aware that Oculus Rift started shipping a few days ago. The news even made it to mainstream media, and CNN interviewed a few Oculus execs, who discussed the future of Oculus and VR in general. Demand for the Rift appears to be high because the pre-order website crashed hours into the launch, which coincided with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas. The Oculus Rift is priced at $599, and you also need a $1,000-plus computer to use it properly, but the high price obviously didn’t faze the loads of consumers who pre-ordered one.
I could try to explain what makes Oculus different and why it costs so much, but that’s beside the point. It’s a product for enthusiasts and connoisseurs, people who don’t mind spending a lot of money for a great gaming user experience or for some niche professional applications. Compared to Google’s VR platform, Oculus Rift is a technological tour de force, but for the price of a single Oculus headset, you can get more than 50 prefabricated Google Cardboard headsets. Mind you, I am not talking about cardboard DIY sets, but proper headsets made out of plastic, with soft padding and a few straps to keep the contraption on your head.
Considering that you can get a Google Cardboard compatible set for $10 to $20, you’d expect that loads of people are buying them, but that’s not the case. Let’s take a closer look at Google’s platform and try to figure out what’s going on.

Daily Yoga - Android App Introduction [Occasion of International YOGA Day]

Hello Everyone!
Nice to see you here again and today i will introduce you with DAILY YOGA App on the ocassion of INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY ( June 21 ). Please Practice YOGA because it works on the Body, Mind, Emotions and Energy. YOGA can make you feel active, energetic and positive. So Live Life to its Potential and make YOGA your habit. If you are unable to find a guide for YOGA or don't know How to YOGA?, then don't worry because here an App which can help you for all types of YOGA and Body Fitness.

Name of the App - Daily Yoga
Icon of the App - 
Price - It is available in FREE and Offers In-App Purchases. 
Play Store Link -
App Compatibility- Android 2.3 and above
Size- 13 MB (also requires additional download for sessions)
Developer- IMOBLIFE Co. Ltd
Current Version- 5.2.8 (Updated on June 14, 2015)
Rating- 4.1 (28,018 total)

Introduction -
Daily yoga is the best yoga app on Android which guards your health everyday with your own yoga studio on the go!
Daily Yoga is the world's most popular yoga coaching app suitable for all levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced, providing 50+ HD yoga exercises and the largest database of 400+ yoga poses, HD VIDEOS, live voice guide, soothing music, social community, and more.
Plan to burn fat, lose weight, get relaxed and relieve stress? It also have OFFICE YOGA Features for people who spends thier most hours on Office Chair with computers (like us) and I LOVES IT!
This fitness app that facilitates the most convenient home exercises, not only nourishes your health but also spares you all the tiresome workouts and help you achieve fitness goals with yoga studio on the go


 More than 50 yoga classes and 400 yoga poses
 HD Videos + step-by-step instructions + BGM
 7 yoga plans for beginners, fitness, weight loss, strength,flexibility, relaxation, balance, menstruation, etc.
 Suitable for all abilities: beginner, intermediate and advanced
 3 different workout intensities (casual/moderate/intense) for yourchoice
 Various durations (from 5 to 45 minutes) for your choice

 Over 400 poses with detailed information
 Play HD videos to learn individual yoga pose
 Search for poses based on keywords and names
 Choose from several background music for stress reliever,meditation and calmness
 All music pieces are of high qualities

 Earn scores from your yoga practice
 Share ideas and get inspired in the FORUM
 Follow or be followed by other yogis
 Chat with your yogi friends
 Show off in Rankings List
 Keep updates with your friends and other yogis.

 New contents added every month
 Play classes anytime, anywhere – no internet connection needed afterdownloading classes
 Compatible with all Android Phones and TABLETS

 Office Yoga to Keep Fit
 Yoga for a Healthy Neck
 Yoga for Toned Arms
 Yoga for Runners
 Prenatal Yoga
 Yoga Breathing for Beginners
 Seated Poses for Beginners
 Lying Poses for Beginners
 Standing Poses for Beginners
 Yoga Sequence for Beginners
 Yoga Meditation for Beginners
 Daily Yoga for Abs
 Daily Yoga for Back
 Daily Yoga for Chest
 Daily Yoga for Butt
 Sun Salutation
 Standing Yoga Routine
 Seated Yoga Routine
 Yoga for Weight Loss
 Yoga for Body Toning
 Yoga for Slim Waist
 Yoga for Slim Legs
 Yoga During Menstruation
 Slim Chance with Hatha
 Super Weight Loss Plan
and more exercises and poses for yoga fitness...

Here are Screenshots :


Need a personal trainer? Check Asmeninis Treneris Kaune

You can leave your comments below...