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How to Protect your WordPress Website From Getting Hacked?

Are you a blogger? Are you using a WordPress for your blog? If yes, then this article is for you. Here, in this article, we have written about 'How to Protect your WordPress site from getting hacked?’

Do you know? According to one study, more than 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hacker attacks. Out of this 70%, one website can be yours as well. So, it is very important to protect your WordPress site from getting hacked, especially when a small innocent mistake can put your site at risk.

Below, we have the shared the top 5 ways to protect your WordPress from getting hacked. If you follow these tips then the chances of your blog getting hacked will get reduced heavily.

Use Strong and Rare Password

This is the first and the most important way to protect your website or blog from getting hacked. Remember, never use your name and default password for your blog. This will reduce the risk of getting hacked by more than 50%.

Next, it is important to note down the meaning of Strong and Rare Password. If someone asks you to use a strong password, then it does not mean a password with one upper and special character in it. This kind of password gets easily hacked by the brute force method.

Hence, the password you choose should be over 15 characters long and must include more than 2 special characters and a mix of Upper and Lowercase characters in it.

Install Security Plugin

This is another important way to protect your WordPress site from getting hacked. All you need to do is install a security plugin from the WordPress dashboard.

Just install the Security Plugin and sit back and relax. The installed plugin will take care of everything. It includes options like rewrite login URL, disables right click, Spam Protection etc.

Next, do not get afraid, if you don’t know how to install and set these kinds of plugins. If you are the beginner then the default setting of the plugin is enough for you.

Change Default Setting

On the WordPress site, never use the default setting. No matter, whether it is login URL or username, please change the default setting of your WordPress site.

This is because Hackers use your default setting while hacking your WordPress site. Further, it is also not advisable to use default username and password for your site. According to one study, more than 60% websites use username and password as Admin and 123456789 respectively.

At last, you should even change the default login URL of your WordPress site. Ensure it should end with Wp.login.php.

Disable Registration on your Site

WordPress Registration is the favorite place of the hackers. If registration is enabled on your site then daily you will lot of spam registration on your site. Hence, it is always advisable to disable the registration on your WordPress site.

You can disable this option from your WordPress dashboard. All you need to do is log in to your site and disable registration from General Setting page.

Login ReCaptcha

The last but the most important way to protect your site from getting hacked is to install Login Recaptcha on your site. reCAPTCHA is a free security service that protects your websites from spam and abuse. It will appear something like this as shown in below image.

This recaptcha make it difficult for a hacker to break your password and login to your WordPress site. Hence, install recaptcha on your Wordpress site and protect it from getting hacked.

Over to You

What do you think about this article? Do not forget to share your view with us. Next, if you face any problem in protecting your WordPress website then please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Network Monitoring with Open Source Tools : How Open Source Helps?

The use of a system that constantly monitors a complex network of computers is defined as network monitoring. Network monitoring is basically defined as a part of network management. It is meant to notify the network administrator via email, SMS or other alarms in case of outages or any other complication.

Network monitoring is a critical aspect of network management and thus, it is essential to make sure those computer applications and networks remain safe from all sorts of cyber attacks, the vulnerabilities that PCs and laptops are prone to. There are open source communities around to develop advanced tools, this article presents the rationale for network monitoring, along with a few select open source network monitoring tools.

Basic Goals of Network Monitoring

Network monitoring has the ultimate goal of reducing the IT's load and making the life of IT professionals a little easier. In this direction, open source development looks promising for both developers and consumers.

·         Stay ahead of Outages

Implementing network monitoring is one of the simplest ways to prevent outages such as human error and configuration issues.

·         Fix Issues Faster

Network monitoring makes problem-solving easier without having any person involved in it. Network monitoring helps in resolving configuration errors and abnormal traffic fluctuations. Through live network maps, you can reach the origin of problems. 

·         Gain Immediate ROI 

Often, IT teams faces heavy workload and complex projects without ideal time, staff, or budget. In that case, the right network monitoring tool can be the only solution to deliver immediate ROI. It even cuts down on tedious troubleshooting time. 

The Need for Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is a vital aspect to see your organisation growing. Without it, your empire can suffer from serious outages, extra time consumption and additional expenses with a lower work efficiency. Thus, the need of network monitoring lies here:

·         Manage Growing Networks

Today's IT environments are growing in size, all due to technological innovation and rise in connected devices. Network monitoring ensures easy dealing with IPv6 transitions and cloud migrations to avail smooth performance at work place.  

·         Identify Security Threats  

Any kind of suspicious activity may impose a threat to the 'normal' performance of your organisation. Network monitoring can help secure your business-critical data and protect your information against data breaches. A network monitoring tool offers the first level of security, thus, making it easy to spot any kind of activity that is out of the 'ordinary'. 

Different Network Monitoring Methods

·    Intrusion Detection: Intrusion detection is meant to monitor local area networks or Loans for unauthorized access by hackers. It is implemented by most IT professionals to detect viruses, malwares and other network vulnerabilities.

·      Firewall Monitoring: It monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic of the network. Not just that, it tracks the activities of a firewall in order to ensure the screening process.

·       Penetration Testing: Penetration testing is carried out by IT professionals with the purpose to take network security to another level by discovering networking vulnerabilities.

Different Open Source Tools used for Network Monitoring

The market for network monitoring systems often seems to be quite confusing. Internet offers a wide range of tools with almost similar and limited features. Thus, it is important to make sure that you understand the uses of the tools available and then opt for the one that better suits your needs. 

·        PaesslerPRTG

This tool offers centralised networking. It is available in a wide variety of languages, including that of French and Spanish. It offers an all-in-one network monitoring software, thereby, helping the users to locate and avoid network errors across various areas of network. 

·         LibreNMS 

It is a PHP-based open source network monitoring tool that uses the simple network management protocol (SNMP). It supports operating systems such as Linux and FreeBSD. 

·         OpManager 

ManageEngine offers a free network monitoring tool called OpManager. Not just that, it provides network, server and virtualisation monitoring as well as allow the users to monitor a wide range of critical devices such as routers, firewalls, and switches. 

IBM Open Source Community for Developers

IBM helps you to bypass long development times, thus, minimizing costs at the same time. It uses SIEM technology to reduce upfront and operational costs, detects threats more quickly by using close gaps. Besides, it offers you continuous updates regarding any kind of evolving threats and regulatory compliance requirements. They have dynamic community for open source development and build many open source projects to help the communities around.

Open source tools offers verity of features and developers can easily customize it with the need of the environment. With the help of a right developer community, open source development can change the level of coders and increase the innovation. IBM provides open platform to developers around the world, they provide codes, docs, supporting materials and all the needful for developers to use. Developers can join the community and access the codes, together they can take these promising open source projects to the new level.

How Technology Impacts Your Personal Data, Security and Privacy

Ever since the digital world has evolved, security has been the evergreen tech concern. Privacy is an individual’s right – their right to choose details they want to disclose and information they don’t want to reveal about themselves. Headed into this technological era, where the use of internet has become more and more common, we are stripped off our right to privacy gradually every day.

It is then upon us to make sure that our privacy rights are maintained, if not respected otherwise.

Technology and Its Impacts

We’re in an era where even our air conditioners have Wi-Fi. It is almost impossible to tell technology and internet apart because both are now correlated.

Our devices and the internet feel like as much of a necessity as anything else. But as we grow more and more immune to it, it comes with great consequences and impacts personal data, security and privacy.

Impact of Social Media

Most commonly used by the majority of the population is social media. Not only the youth, but the adults are hooked to it as well and are glued to it round the clock. Such platforms include Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

There are very few who don’t use these platforms, others already have it. When you first create a profile, you are asked for your personal details that pretty much gives away all your basic information such as name, age, date of birth, gender, email address, phone number and picture. All of this data is then kept in the social media’s database. That, along with all the other activity you carry on the social website / app – the people you follow, the pictures you like, the videos you watch and the posts you interact on, is recorded. This is then used to show relevant content to you, which is great, but at other times it is sold to third party companies who then choose their target audience to display ads.

There are various political organizations that use information from such data breaches to influence the opinion of the public. This is not just a theory formed in the air. Political events which have been reported where politicians paid Cambridge Analytica to use information from data breaches are as following:

  • 2015 and 2016 campaigns of United States politicians Donald Trump and Ted Cruz
  • 2016 Brexit vote
  • 2018 Mexican general election, 2018 for Institutional Revolutionary Party

Facebook director, Mark Zuckerberg, was also caught in the act and while he apologized for the situation, Facebook users still feel that this was a breach of trust as well as data.

Data Surveillance Agencies

Data surveillance is the monitoring of activity on a computer or over the internet, which is carried out covertly by government, corporations, criminal organizations, copyright agents or even individuals. This act may or may not be illegal, though it is done regardless. Companies and other agencies make millions selling large databases.

There are also laws by governments, such as the government of United States, United Kingdom, Australia and more, which obligate the Internet Service Providers to record and maintain the user data for a period of at least 6 – 12 months to a maximum of 2 years. It is the storage of telecommunications, internet traffic and transaction data.

ISPs that monitor your data often throttle with your speed which becomes irritating for torrenteers. Another thing at risk for people who download torrents it that if copyright agents are on the lookout, they will track the user’s IP, ask the ISP to track the user down to the exact location and have him bear the consequences. The consequences may sometimes be just hefty fines or as elaborate and intense as jail time.

Protection against Personal Data Leakages

There are a million things that can go wrong if your data gets into the wrong hands. This is why it is a matter that should be given grave importance and precautions must be taken before you become a victim. Here are ways you can protect yourself from the negative impact of technology on your personal data:

1. Anonymizing proxies
There are such proxies that provide a web experience that is slightly more private. They use an HTTPS encryption to provide a level of protection.

2. Privacy enhancing tools

Then there are tools such as Tor, Mixmaster and I2P that allow to evade data retention, gives encryption and allows anonymous browsing. However, not all is possible with a single tool. Each tool offers different method of privacy.

3. VPN

Finally, there’s VPN which allows P2P communications, anonymous browsing, provides encryption, gives access to geo-restricted content and secures your data while you carry out any browsing online. This allows torrenteers to download torrents anonymously without the fear of torrenting and also lets a user browse the internet restriction-free without having to worry about hackers or any other intruders. This makes the use of a VPN a clear winner when compared to the other two options. 


As time goes by, we are only advancing more in terms of technology. Data breaches and impact of technology on personal data, privacy and security is inevitable. However, it is not impossible to guard yourself. While all the threats online exist, there are precautionary measures that can be taken to keep them at bay as well.

How Blockchain and Technology are Encouraging an Enhanced First Mile Delivery?

The concept of blockchain and technology in today’s world, has been contributing to various sectors. From online trades to logistics, and retail firms to start-ups, entrepreneurs and executives are being benefited by the blockchain technology.

Of late, last mile and first mile delivery chains are being backed up and assisted by blockchain. But how? Let’s delve into the details, and develop a thorough understanding of the same.

Blockchain Technology and First Mile Delivery in E-Commerce

If we are to talk about retail and logistics globally, then it is to be mentioned that the emergence of E-Commerce is coming up with new challenges. There are basically 3 primary segments of concern when it comes to the E-Commerce industry. Both the retailers and consumers value delivery timings, locations and surveillances. Now, this is where the context of first mile delivery comes in.

Before highlighting how blockchain and technology are digitizing first mile, here’s a brief overview of the concept. First mile delivery is the movement of products from retailer to a middleman agency, courier services or to anyone who would deliver the item to the final consumer.

Natan Reddy (intelligence Analyst at CB Insights), is of the opinion that first mile delivery is as important as the last mile delivery and technologies backing the chain. Although it is often not talked about, it is undeniably a vital aspect to be considered if we are to talk about the worldwide trade supply chain.

Now, in case you need a reminder on what exactly a blockchain is and what does it do, then here’s what you need to know. It is basically a list of records that are called blocks. These are linked and kept secured using the concept of cryptography. This particular technology enables the public to track information, control fraudulent activities, and ensure virtual transparency and more. 

If we are to talk about the contribution of blockchain technology to first mile delivery, then here is a list defining its overall significance. Take a look in order to develop an idea regarding the same.

Online product tracking: When an order is placed, it is an immediate concern for the retailer to follow up with the product tracking, logistics and final delivery process. Now with the emergence of blockchain technology, everything has become transparent and easier for people. So, the retailers can easily keep track of delivery chains, or the first movement of products from the retailer to the courier service providers to be precise.

Decreased fraudulent activities: Many times, unavailability of proper tracking devices and disrupted communication may lead to fraud acts. Your product might get misplaced, stolen and mishandled during transportation. But now, with the emergence of blockchain and other advanced technologies, e-commerce traders can follow up with the delivery chains, resulting, lesser risks of fraud, damage and theft. 

Making worldwide trade more efficient: If we are to look at the bigger picture, then decreased fraudulent activities and the advantage of online product tracking will make global trades more efficient. The math is simple; product damage, misplacement, theft and the likes will only affect the trade. While on the other hand, easy tracking technologies and blockchain technicalities are bringing forth live tracking facilities and virtual transparency. Now that the world is gradually embracing the technology, e-commerce trades are now more secured, progressive and effective from every single aspect. 

Also to be noted, without securing the first mile delivery process, you cannot ensure a successful last mile deliverance of product. If we are to cite what Natan Reddy had to say in this context, blockchain shipping, freight-booking digitization, autonomous shipping and other technologies are helping trades become more prosperous. There will supposedly be lesser delays in truck commutations made for product deliveries and shipments.

Mr. Reddy is also of the opinion that with the standardization of blockchain, all delivery chain executives and employees will now be able to save money as well. Since there will be lesser or no paperwork associated, the entire cost will thus be controlled and saved. Moreover, blockchain technologies encouraging online tracking and virtual monitoring will also take care of issues, which may arise due to shipping delays and the likes.

Other Aspects of Blockchain Technology – Last Mile Delivery

Now that you are already aware of what probable changes and benefits are ensured by blockchain and technology in terms of first mile delivery, here’s what more you need to know. As discussed earlier, both first mile and last mile deliveries are equally important when it comes to the context of global trade.

Now, if you wish to explore and realize what exactly are the benefits brought forth by blockchain and technology in the field of last mile deliveries, then here’s what you need to know.

Widening delivery location choices for consumers: The emergence of blockchain and technology can now help consumers in this matter.  These days, most of the buyers are inclined towards choosing different delivery locations. Since safe location options like lockers and pick-up points are emerging with each passing day, blockchain might simply make things much easier in this matter.

Faster delivery of products: This is yet another significant advantage of blockchain and technological advancements in the delivery chain. With transparent communication and live tracking features, chances are unlikely that the delivery agents would appear late with parcels and any other product ordered. With live surveillance and instant feedback facilities introduced, products are likely to get delivered faster. 

Automation of last-mile delivery makes things less hassle-free: Drone-driven last mile delivery facilities have the potential to simplify things to a large extent. E-Commerce companies like Amazon have already roped in such technologies in order to serve consumers better. Now, with the emergence of drone delivery mechanisms, you can expect to receive parcels much faster. 

If you are wondering what has automation of delivery mechanism get to do with blockchain and technology, then here’s everything you should know about. Even if the entire delivery chain gets automated in the near future, blockchain will have a major role to play.

With each passing day, more technological advancements will be brought forth; stricter security concerns will be considered.  Hence, blockchain technicalities will always be considered as a crucial device, as far as virtual security and transparency is concerned.

The Amalgamation of Blockchain and IoT Components

Here’s more about blockchain and technology. To be precise, a proper amalgamation of blockchain technology and Internet of Things can actually give birth to a perfect automated solution. Here’s how IoT components and blockchain technology are contributing to each other:

  • IoT technicalities go hand in hand with the physical world. It collects all information and transforms them digitally, resulting, lesser risks of theft, misplacement and information disclosure to the third party. 
  • Even blockchain is in sync with the physical components of the world. It maintains multiple causal chains. 

Now that these two components of blockchain and Internet of Things have common attributes, it is supposedly a good idea to bring them together. Reportedly, the BTN and QTM Foundation have signed “Memorandum of Understanding”, in order to form a blockchain technology laboratory. This is apparently one of a kind partnership to occur in the country.

Thus, it is pretty evident how the world is gradually moving towards blockchain advancements. From globally recognized companies, to start-ups, and e-commerce to delivery chains, blockchain seems to have penetrated almost every sector. Coming back to the context of the last mile and first mile delivery, for instance, e-commerce organizations run by academic assignment experts and essay writers are also about to be benefitted by this technology.

The assignment writing industry and executives associated are committed to deliver projects and solutions on time. So, in order to cope with the demands and meet expectations of clients, both first mile and last mile delivery procedures are required to be followed up by the online assignment helpers with precision. Hence, blockchain is a technology that would come into play in this context. Both the service providers and users would get to enjoy a transparent workflow where everything is virtually accessible and could be monitored easily.

If we are to talk about online payments and client confidentiality, then also blockchain and other advanced technologies have a major role to play. Since the encryption mechanism ensures safeguarding of data in a recorded format with improved traceability and transparency, consumers can expect a safer monetary transaction at the end of the day.

Moreover, everyone looks for a safer mode of transaction when it comes to e-commerce. Now that the blockchain technology is ensuring the same, there’s no doubt that both the retailer and the consumer will equally be interested in roping in the mechanism.

We certainly cannot deny the fact that blockchain is a technology which has rightly been introduced at a time when virtual securities are at stake. From delivery chain management to ensuring enhanced productivity, introduction of blockchain and likewise technology is simply a perfect deal for fruitful outcomes. 

Author Bio – Gracie Anderson is an online Essay writer associated with Apart from being an academic associate, She Loves travelling and horse riding. In addition to it, the 29 years old is a fan of classic rock, jazz and reggaeton music. 

How to Get Your First Freelance Job Online?

Contrary to widespread perception, freelancing jobs or work does not come without a cost. Freelancing is regarded as a dream job because in freelancing you can secure everything you ask for. Opportunities will land onto your lap frequently, and you won't ever be in short supply of money. Well, you mightn't be wrong! Freelancing is considered to function as the trail to get a thriving livelihood. Folks also feel that freelancers sit at home with a box filled with doughnuts and a cup of black coffee instead of roaming on the roads for a nine to five job. 

What has to understand here is that freelancing isn't about a comfortable set of pajamas along with a soft couch. It involves a good deal of pressure handling. Freelancers must continuously hustle to nourish them and their families. There may be times you are going to have the complete program supper. Also, there could be times when you have to endure away a cup of ramen noodles. Thus to sum it all up, freelancing is challenging, and the most challenging facet of outsourcing is locating clients. 

How to Backup Lotus Notes Emails & Contacts to Hard Drive with Ease

As everyone knows, backup is a process that plays a major role in the case of any disaster in the application or system. A backup file maintains a copy of the data files on a local system and works as a disaster recovery plan. Although, taking a backup is badly ignored by the users. And, at the time of data corruption, users are unable to recover the files and become depressed. The same condition arises in Lotus Notes application, the users forget to take a backup and leads to data loss situations. Notes is a very notable email client used by the organization due to its several unique features. Hence, store the IBM Notes database files on a local system is necessary to keep safe in case of any corruption/error. Therefore, in this write-up, we will discuss different approaches to save emails from Lotus Notes to hard disk on the system. After reading this article, readers will know how to backup Lotus Notes emails or contacts to hard disk proficiently. Let’s start with the reasons that make necessary to download the Notes data items.

Necessity to Backup Lotus Notes Database

  1. Most of the time, it can be seen that the IBM Lotus Notes shutdown unexpectedly. So, it is better to have a backup of Notes emails on the local machine. This file can be further import to any other email clients, where users can view the emails of IBM Notes program.

  1. The size of Notes database is limited and once it gets exceeding, it leads to various issues. Additionally, it makes the user unable to access the Lotus Notes data files/folders. So, if the user wants to save emails from Lotus Notes on the local system, then it will become easy to access the data.

  1. When the Organization wishes to switch from Lotus Notes to other email program. Then, with the help of a backup file, user can easily migrate the Notes file to other application.

  1. In such a situation, when the Lotus Notes client gets corrupted and all of the data files lost. Then, use the backup file and get back all the data to the application.

After understanding various reasons to backup Lotus Notes database, now go through the different techniques to download Notes items locally.

How to Backup Lotus Notes Emails to Hard Drive?

There are different approaches that can download the Notes mailbox items such as email, contacts and more on the local machine. Now, go through every solution to save emails from Lotus Notes to hard drive.

How to Fix Outlook Error 0x800ccc0f : Connection to the Server was Interrupted?

Outlook Error 0x800ccc0f Solution: Get the Methods to Fix Issue

Sometime unexpected errors in Outlook e.g. Outlook error 0x800ccc0f, can cause severe problem for users. Even the error shown are in the cryptic format, which makes it difficult for the users to understand. So, most of the times users are not able to fix the errors. Outlook internal functioning is quite complex and errors can cause a halt to user work and activities associated. Thus, as a user we always must be aware of some common errors.

This post highlights Outlook error 0x800ccc0f error. This type of error is quite complicated and puzzling. Here all the related information will be provided in depth about this error: -

Root Cause

If email send / receive operation fails based on Outlook Error Code 0x800ccc0f protocol. This error will be shown to the user: -

"Sending / Receiving reported error (0x800CCC0F): The connection to the server was interrupted"

This problem can occur without any prior warnings and symptoms and Thus, can be very annoying. To fix this issue, one should know the exact cause of it. Only then, one will be able to resolved it.

Common Reasons Why Outlook Error 0x800ccc0f Occurs

a.       Connectivity with Exchange Server or Internet Speed Problem
b.      Due to corruption of Internal Files (like OST)
c.       Problem can be in Server Settings
d.      Incorrect information of profile in Outlook or even profile corruption

General Methods to Fix Outlook Error Code 0x800ccc0f

Try to apply each technique and check if the issue is resolved or not after the implementation of each method.

1.      Check Your Outlook Profile Settings

Check your Outlook profile details, and make sure that the details provided must be correct. If in case, the details are incorrect try to provide correct details or try again by creating a new profile.

2.      Disable Antivirus and Firewall

Windows Firewall and Antivirus may cause problems in the working of the Outlook. Try to disable Windows defender and Antivirus to fix The Connection to the Server was Interrupted Error. Follow these steps to disable Windows Defender:

a.       Go to Network Communication in the Control Panel.
b.      Open the Properties Information of the Internet connection.
c.       Switch Off the Firewall under Security Tab.

Follow these steps for disabling Antivirus:

a.       Open your Antivirus.
b.      Turn Off the Real Time Protection in the Settings Tab.

If Antivirus and Windows Defender are causing Outlook error 0x800ccc0f, then it will be removed after performing these steps.

Note: During these steps your system is vulnerable to threats and virus attack.

3.      Use Safe Mode

To fix The Connection to the Server was Interrupted issue, open your Outlook in the Safe Mode. Follow these steps to open Outlook in Safe Mode:

a.       Open Run.
b.      Type command outlook.exe/safe in Run dialog box.
c.       Then, click OK.

During Safe Mode the outlook is launched with the basic settings. If any additional plugin is the root cause of Outlook error 0x800ccc0f than it will be removed.

4.      Suspicious Email can be the Problem

Sometimes, emails with unreliable attachments and malware can be a cause of this problem. If you find anything like that clear/delete it. Even clear your Outbox if it is overcrowded.

5.      Connectivity Problems

Check the connection of your local machine to Exchange Sever. Also, ensure that the internet connection is reliable, as well as the connection gateways of the Exchange Server are working normally. Ensures that the applied setting to Exchange Server is correct and all things are properly in place.

If none of the methods listed above is not able to fix error code 0x800ccc0f. Then probably there is a damage or corruption in internal Outlook Files (OST, in this case). If these issues are in small state, then run SCANOST.exe utility tool. It is a default tool provided by the windows to repair minor issues in the OST files.

Note: This method will work only for minor issues in the OST Files. If the issue is much larger than this utility will not be able to serve one’s purpose.

Alternative Solution for Outlook Error Code 0x800ccc0f

If still your Outlook error 0x800ccc0f is not resolved then the only way is to convert one’s OST File to PST. And then importing the converted PST in Outlook.  We are recommending you this SysTools OST to PST Converter, as it will extract out all of the objects from your corrupted files without changing their original format. Once, the process is completed. Then delete the corrupted and damaged OST Files and connect it to Exchange Server. After the establishment of the connection OST Files will be created again.


This particular error is faced by many users. And removing such kind of errors can be exhausting without prior knowledge. So, all the related information is provided in this blog that can be a great source of help to the users.  Hopefully, any of the steps listed above will solve your problem and help to overcome the Outlook error 0x800ccc0f: The connection to the server was interrupted.

How to Assemble a Gaming PC by Yourself?

Are you thinking to build your own gaming rig? Don’t just think, go and act because it’s a great decision you can make. Building your own PC will benefit you in many ways. A customized PC allows you to equip only the components you need. Also, you save money by doing it yourself rather than paying someone else to make it for you.

As we know, doing a new task is little daunting and dismaying. If you haven’t built any PC before, chances are that you will struggle. The most important thing is to go through some guides before attempting to build your own gaming rig. However, we have listed some essential tips to begin building your first PC. If you consider yourself an expert in this field then this article isn’t for you.

Img Source :

How to know if building one is right for you?

        Identifying all the components you will need. 
        Know your budget and figure out what you can afford and what you can’t.
        Ensure that the components you are going to buy are compatible.
        Put all the components together in a safe manner.

Steps to build your own gaming PC

Choosing Hardware

The typical hardware components you need to build PC are CPU/Processor, motherboard, memory (RAM), graphic processing unit/graphic card, storage, hard disk drive (HDD), solid state drive (SDD), power supply unit (PSU), cooling system, fan splitter, a perfect case and gaming peripherals such as keyboards, mice, headphones etc.

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Budget and Upgrading

The performance of your PC is decided by the money you want to invest. Moreover, the look and power you want to provide depends on your budget. A high budget will enable you to buy high grade components that will assist in building a long term gaming PC. It’s better to choose the components which you can upgrade in future.


The components we mention must be chosen appropriately. A wrong choice will complicate everything and even cause error while running programs or games. Assembling the components is easier much more than you think, the only thing that makes it difficult is choice. Some people find it hard to make a great choice and don't even do a proper research. They end up buying a inappropriate components, don't do this mistake please. The first thing you have to is research about various components you need to build the PC. Research thoroughly from online sites and you can even search for YouTube channels which deliver high quality content about the related topic.


Most of the gaming cases we see today are upgradable for adding more or changing components in the future. It comes in various style, shaped and size. A new trend we have seen in modern PC is LED light.

To choose a proper case, first make sure that the case you have choose will sport all the components. Further, check is there any additional space for more drivers and whether cable management is perfect or not. There are lots of variety in cases but I like tempered glass PC cases, as they are more stylish.

Motherboard and Central Processing Unit

Motherboard and CPU are the main components of a PC that need to be selected together due to the compatibility requirements. A CPU with higher clock speed will do calculation faster and having multiple cores allows to multitask. It’s good if you know this but yet some people are not aware with this which makes it difficult to choose the right CPU.


If you want to enjoy top-notch demanding games, there are few things to consider including type of graphic and it’s frame rate. There are two types of graphic consisting discrete and integrated. For a hardcore gamer, discrete graphic is best. Moreover, a graphic performance is determined by frame rate. A graphic with less than 60 fps frame rate is considered worst. So choose the one having more than 60 fps frame rate.


Choose the RAM of 16 GB and if you can't afford then better to choose 8 GB of RAM. Don't settle for less than we said or else you will face lag while playing any high end game. However, a system will support RAM of 64 GB that depends on your motherboard configuration.

Operating system

When you are building your own gaming PC, there is freedom to choose OS. There are few other OS than the major operating systems like Linux, mac and windows 10. It’s better to know first what programs you will run.


For quick response from system, the best choice you can make is SSD. Nowadays, even a high end laptop has 512 GB of SSD. SSD come with lower latency, smaller in size and faster as compared to HDD. If you can't invest high amount on SSD then better to go for their combination.

Power Supply Unit

This is something to be chosen correctly. PSU matters a lot when it comes to keep your components safe. Research and look for the PSU that can handle the load of components.


Any PC or even laptop, generates a large amount for heat. You will find that some CPU have heat sink fans while others not. In that case, third party cooling system is must. It will assist in overclocking CPU. Modern cases already come with pre-installed exhaust and intake fans. Here you get two options to choose from, air or liquid cooling system. A liquid system is quite a good choice but it will be little expensive.


Gaming peripherals are an important part of gaming PC. They are like weapons we use to play game. Few renowned companies like Razer, Corsair and Logitech offers high quality gaming peripherals.

Some of the features to search for in gaming peripheral are extra keys, software customization and colourful backlit illumination. For example, you may need an online gaming VPN if your game has multiple servers internationally. Even if it lacks, no problem.

Assembling the PC

At last, assemble all the components in a desired manner. If you have done research about components and compatibility, it will take few hours to assemble your own gaming PC. In the process of assembling PC, keep away the flow of static electricity.


In the end, it's up to you what want you want and what not. We hope that after reading this post, you have got to know what to do and how to.