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Advantages Of Video Animation In Product Marketing

The animation is not an ordinary approach to marketing your product. However, video animation perks help the marketers in the journey of their marketing products. The animation is the life-bringing element in your product marketing, and it puts a concrete experience for your viewers use. So what are the significant advantages of animation enjoyed by marketers who are making their business venture best? All of the major advantages are going to be mentioned below:

Delightful onboarding:

You have to delight your audience before they make any decision whether to stay and watch your video or whether they leave and save their time. Always remember that your first impression is your last impression. So you have to make an effective impact on your audience. This will lead your audience getting more and more information about your product. Explainer animator videos are one of the best starts for your product introduction and description. Short and seductive enough to seize the attention of your targeted potential audience.

Turning your audience to your marketers:

When it comes about the online content, video content is the first most prioritized content by the audience. That’s why marketers prefer video content more than textual content. It is proven that 80% of the audience watch video content as compared to the blog posts. People often share with others whenever they find something which is worth to share.  

It is seen in recent reports that 1,200% of the videos are being shared more than texts. By creating inspiring marketing videos, the audience is going to watch, and they will surely share them on their social media accounts and with their friends and family as well. In simple words, your audience is going to be your marketers.

Lasting impact on the memory:

Explainer videos have the tendency to make a lasting effect on the audience mind and consciousness. As the chances of remembering your product increase, the chances of your success will also increase as well. It’s not about the video it’s about our mind which processes 50,000 faster on graphical representation more than the textual description.

Get more sales with animated videos:

It’s not a new thing that marketers consider video content as the accelerator for their product marketing more than any other marketing means. Marketers want to employ videos for their business marketing campaigns, and it attracts 40% more traffic which is coming from the search engines more than those businesses who are not using videos to boost up their platforms. 

The video content has the capability to go straight to the heart of the people. If you are able to create an attractive and inspiring animated video which holds a powerful message which touches the center of the viewers let me tell you that, you are going in the right direction to get the success of your dreams.

Enhanced your email marketing:

Don’t try to underestimate the power of emails. You can use it as a weapon in your marketing strategies. You can quickly implement video marketing in email marketing. Wouldn’t it be great when your audience is greeted by an email which has an interesting attached to it, holding up the all relevant information about the services and features of your product? 

Absolutely yes! People love such kind of gestures which mesmerize them and which also make your product more understanding. This will help you to attract more and more of the targeted audience for your product as your audience will love to reconnect with your product in the future. Not only will this but they also like to share your product details with other as well their family and friends. From this place, the word of mouth marketing will take place which will add up an extra benefit in your marketing strategy.


These are the advantages of video animation in the marketing your product. Try them and improve your marketing performance. This will surely help you to accelerate your business venture.

How Data can Help you Make Smarter Marketing Decisions

One big distinction between excellent marketers and average marketers is that they pay close attention to data trends and derive marketing decisions based on facts and figures. When marketing strategies blatantly emerge from following others who are successful or are simply a result of one’s limited knowledge or current trends, without relying on one’s business’s specific problems or condition, it is likely that the anticipated results might not be achieved.

Marketing decisions taken in the light of data turn out to be successful and more profitable for ventures, as they put much emphasis on ground realities pertaining to gains and losses. Here, the article talks about how data helps business ventures and entrepreneurs to make smarter marketing decisions.

Social Media Reports

Clearly, one of the biggest sources of customers is social media, and more marketers are looking forward to investing in social media marketing. Owing to this fact, it is important to update figures of the leads generated by each social media channel. It is important to look into the sources through which customers come across one’s products or services.

For instance, usually when we are scrolling down the Facebook page and see an advertisement which interests us we are most likely to click on it and move onto the page selling that product.

How to Create a Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

After doing a lot of email marketing practices thought for a successful entrepreneur if still, you are hassling for rapid business growth, If Yes? Here a phenomenal opportunity has been discussed to boom your business passing through a successful email marketing campaign.


·Email marketing campaign presents you more opportunity to drive successful business.
·Easy to reach target audiences.
·Improve branding and awareness.
·Cost effective.
·Effective data management.
·Easy client relationship building.

From last decades, the theory seems quite simple to build a successful email marketing campaign. The discussion goes like,  write long tell text and sprinkle in some images, find your contact list and in the last hit on the send button.

But after modernization, every viewpoint has been changed. Where email marketing has derived with some new motivational concept to engaging more to the email receiver. These engagement comes after applying header, footer, proper text alignment,  sprinkle it with some required GIF images, lite background.

The purpose of doing email decoration, it attracts more business or social media marketing people, higher engagement successor, more scope of getting business, helps to improve proper branding, easy remember and understanding while rolling up and down.

3 Useful SEO Tactics All Digital Marketers Should Apply In 2019

Are you looking for SEO tactics to dominate your digital marketing techniques for 2019?

Well, I have found some basic and useful elements of SEO to build your ranking in the major search engine results.

Have you ever know about that everyday people use Google to conduct over 3.5 billion searches. According to a report, in the United States, 78% of people use the web to research the products and services before buying.

Once your website starts to rank at the top pages of Google’s search results, you’ll get more visibility indeed. This means you’ll get more traffic and more conversions revenue in good time. The report suggests, 75% of users don’t go for the second or third page, they look their needs at the first page of Google.

Moreover, a website gets 60% of overall traffic in the first three organic searches in the web results. So, you can understand now, how important search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing strategies for building your business.

Sharing below 3 useful tactics for digital marketers to apply on their sites to improve search rankings:

1. Create Your Website on AMP

Have you known about AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)? AMP is an open source project and designed to make the mobile pages load quickly, really fast.

Create a website on AMP because since 2015 this is the most successful technique of marketing point of view.

As Google says about AMP:

“Every time a webpage takes too long to load, they lose a reader—and the opportunity to earn revenue through advertising or subscriptions… (AMP) aims to dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web. We want webpages with rich content like video, animations and graphics to work alongside smart ads, and to load instantaneously.”

Because Google knows everything, there are several people who use their mobile phones for searching the web. And they love to see the pages the pages load in QuickTime. And that’s exactly what Google wants to deliver the best experience to their users. It means the use of AMP pages is likely to rank higher in search results.

2. Increase Page Speed

The similar job like hand in hand with AMP. According to a report, 69% of users spend their free time on social media with smart devices. But when it comes to visiting the web page, the users expect a web page load time under 2 or 3 seconds. But remember it can’t be longer more than three seconds to load.  

As per ranking criteria, Google has recently announced the page speed will also be included in the ranking factor for the mobile searches. Google pushes the best mobile experience pages for over the time.

Now, here I mention some points to be discussed very importantly.  

  1. Fast and server response time should be highly appreciated in this case.
  2. Having a good content delivery network (CDN) this will deliver your content much faster.
  3. Limit your redirects: make sure only keeping ones that are necessary.
  4. Optimize the images make sure all the images should be optimized correctly and well sized.
  5. Avoid blocking Javascript and CSS.
  6. Ensure that whenever you deliver the items through the browser, compress them into zip file to make the process much faster.
  7. Enable browsing caching
  8. Reduce the number of plug-ins on your site.

3. Run Creative Marketing Campaigns

It stays as valid as ever: quality written content is the final deciding factor when it comes to marketing.

Well, there's no doubt about the more quality content you deliver the more offers and links you’’’ get to a higher ranking. However, if you want to be fruitful results, you need to pick the right content for your industry. With the flood of information available on the web, your organization needs an innovative technology designed to pick up considerably, in quick.

According to Moz, this is the most important element of having great content is “creating emotional engagement.”

Anything can possibly turn to go to viral, either it's a cat gif or a dress color calamity. What separates a viral campaign is that it has pure message contained within the content. And keeping in mind that it's difficult to guess what will at last turn into a web, there are a couple of strategies that will help take your content goes to that particular level.

1. It must bring an emotion – now humor is the conspicuous one here, but the content doesn't need to be entertaining to turn viral. Well, whatever you try to choose to convey and deliver it in the best way possible.

2. Search for better approaches to convey traditional content; for instance,  recently launched SEO: The Movie. While this would generally be expected in a blog or digital book frame, they made it into a movie. It was just an unexpected and allowed for more creativity and thus proved, the more engaging than the normal.


Keep updated with Google and its latest trends for SEO experts. Try to put the steps in deep for future. SEO and marketers both play a vital role to build the brand image in the marketplace. They focus on targeted audience and try to promote the offers which users attract towards your products and services.

5 Significant Tips for Content Marketing to Follow

Content marketing is an integral part of digital marketing. While it may sound easy to come up with articles to entertain people, in reality, it is not. You have to constantly come up with unique topics to attract your target market. And the research involved in finding the keywords to incorporate within the text is a difficult job in itself. 

Not to forget, the struggle one has to go through to match the keyword with the context of the topic. Many times, you have to fix in the keyword whether it goes with the topic or not. Being a content writer myself, I have had topics like ‘How to decorate a workstation.’ And the keyword that I was expected to use was Cox Internet plans. Well, this was an easy task. But there have been instances when I was expected to adjust the keyword ‘Best holiday destinations.’ The topic you ask?

‘How to diagnose and treat cancer.’ Ouch!

You get the point, right?

Anyway, here are some of the tips that will help you up your content marketing game:

You are Not Hemingway

A general misconception that people have regarding content writing is that it asks to be artsy. Actually, it does not. Well, generally it does not. But the scenario differs from audience to audience. According to the rule, you should try to keep the language as simple and understandable as possible. Keep sixth or seven graders in mind. This mind come across as a shocking piece of information to you, but it holds true. 

Your viewers do not have dictionaries by their sides to refer to whenever they come across a difficult word. Such phrases or words only annoy the reader. And you do not want your target audience to stop scrolling and exit from the website altogether. Hence, put the poet or writer in you to sleep. And keep things simple.

Storytelling is Not the Key!

People who think and make others believe that a content should always narrate a story are wrong. Many times, it is impossible to revolve a story around a certain topic. In fact, in some cases, storytelling makes the content worse than it would have been without it. At times, being straightforward with your blog posts is what garners customers for you. 

So, if storytelling is not your strong forte, do not worry. It is not always needed, anyway. And the hype that revolves around storytelling is a bit too much, to be honest. But this does not imply that you stop incorporating stories in your blog posts. Well, if you know how to engage your readers with interesting stories, go ahead.

Again, this varies from writer to writer.

Repurpose Your Content

This might come across as a new concept to you, but it is not. Repurposing simply means that you upgrade or make a couple of changes to your existing content. You then publish that content on your company’s social media pages. The purpose of this exercise is to reach out to more people who already weren’t by using different platforms. 

It is not possible to come up with fresh content every time. Therefore, you can always pick up your most ‘liked’ blog posts and repurpose them by one of the following two methods:

        Creating a lead magnet
        Publishing online videos

Apart from adding variety to your content, these techniques will give the previously published articles a fresh look.

State Facts

Coming up with a unique blog post is very good. But what makes it even better is the incorporation of facts and figures. In fact, if you write something and back it up with figures, people will take more interest in that piece of information. It will seem like a more believable thing to them. Hence, make it a practice to add facts and give the reference to the website you took it from.

Invite Guests

Invite guest bloggers to write for your website. Or else, you contribute an article to another website as a guest. This will help you to reach out to more people. If you publish guest posts, it will save you the time and effort to come up with a blog post. Apart from that, it will build up your credibility, as people will notice that a famous person has contributed to your website.

And if you contribute an article to some other website, it will help you to add more followers to your network. Apart from this, you can always try other methods to up your content marketing game. And for that one major tip is to keep a fresh mindset. 

For instance, you have to write on ‘6 best books to read’ and incorporate ‘Cox near me’ as a keyword. At first, it will seem a bit odd to you. But when you will think out of the box- thinking out of the box is the key here, you will come up with numerous creative ideas. 

Social Media Marketing: How can it help Small Businesses to Succeed?

When it comes to connecting to the prospective customers, social media marketing is a great tool for the small business owners. However, it depends on the execution strategy used. Hiring the best SMM provider panel is a good place for getting started. However, Social media can turn out to be a nightmare if you don’t do it right. Here are some ways through which Social Media Marketing can help your business.

1.       SMM is key in Helping to Get the Word Out        

The social media helps businesses to get noticed out there. Apart from providing you with much-needed exposure, social media marketing offers you an opportunity to build an audience.  Your social media fans and followers who know about your organization will more likely turn out to be business partners. 

For instance, if you have an active Instagram presence, you can easily convert your followers into customers. This is by letting them know how your business can better their livelihood. By just using SMM to get the word out there, you land yourself new followers.

2.       Social Media is Cost Effective Compared to Other Marketing Means

With a limited budget, a small business can be able to reach a wide audience. The other marketing methods are often unaffordable for small businesses. However, with a limited marketing budget and provided you are doing everything else right, it is the most effective way of advertising goods and services.

3.       Social Media Makes it Easier to Target the Right Customers     

Analytics make it possible for businesses to target a certain customer base. For instance, let's say you just want to drive clicks among young persons aged 20 -25. You can target them effectively compared to the other marketing approaches will broadcast to just all the audiences. This is not a very reliable advertising approach.

4.       Social Media Encourages Two Way Communication      

With SMM, you can instantly get a response from the customers. This lets the small business owners understand their customers better. This means that you get a one on one interaction opportunity. This fast feedback gives you appropriate time to respond to clients worries. 

Thus, you can get to learn clients taste and preferences while at the same time you are able to respond just as fast. Other approaches like cold calling or advertising on the TV require patience to get feedback and, in some instances, there is no feedback.

5.       SMM Allows Businesses Access to Analytics Data Hence Allows to Target Better

With the SMM, you get analytical data showing customers responses and also gives you data relating on who saw the advert and the action is taken. However, with other marketing approaches it is not easy seeing such information and so you are forced to make baseless conclusions in some instances. 

Through conducting an appropriate social media audit, you can understand the current social media following and learn the platform that gets you more customers. This information is useful in the future since you can determine where you need to improve.

The above benefits of social media marketing to a small business compel business owners to get started with social media marketing. when you are ready for social media marketing consider hiring a reputable SMM agency to increase the chances of achieving success.

How to Design & Skyrocket your B2B Website for the Right Audience?

The Website Audience:

Sales for the businesses happens on the website. The buyers want to interact online. It is a more efficient and effective communication channel of doing the business. The Visitors on your website can be defined as,

In order to make sales happen on your website, you need to,

* Build a website that works for your business.
* Build content to be easy to understand and relevant to your audience.
* Build content strategy that most likely to sell.

Identify who they are, how they want the content presented will help you build the content for your website, Inbound and outbound marketing generates a higher volume of sales.  If you know the profile, you can target the right audience.  Once you know the profile, it will be easy to target and measure for optimizing the website. Sweetspot marketing is targeting, measuring and optimizing the web experience for the visitor that represent for future revenue.

Business Growth Hacks - Utilizing the Power of Surveys

Everyone wants to grow his business and so does you (Obviously, That's the only possible reason you are reading this post).

In this article, we will be sharing practical & useful business hacks for utilizing surveys which you can use to grow your online business. Every businessman needs new digital marketing strategies, techniques and tricks to boost online business's revenue and to grow their customer base. And this is where the surveys can help them to achieve their goals.

Understanding and Utilizing the Power of Surveys

Every business has three types of customers:-

  1.  On Lookers
  2.  Potential customers
  3.  Existing  customers  
Those people who are thinking of buying that particular product or service you selling fall in the category of On-Lookers.

Potential customers are basically those customers for which there is a high probability that they will buy that particular product/service you selling and existing customers are those ones which have already bought that product/service from you.

The Best Social Media Scheduling Tool that Saves your Precious Time - SendPilot

Social media plays various roles in our lives. It is where we communicate with different kinds of people and share content that matter to us and to the public. For bloggers and businesses alike, this is where they can reach out the most to their audience and get the exposure that they need. Having excellent social media traction is definitely one of the best things that can happen to a business or a blogger.

As easy as it sounds, getting there is not easy. It takes a great deal of effort in social media marketing to be where you want to be in the virtual world. When you think about it, it is almost as tiring as the actual work that you need to put in – from brainstorming captions for every post you have to make to managing what goes where to arranging regular schedules for posting! This is where the tool like SendPilot comes into the action.

We know how much you have worked hard in writing your blog. We are also too familiar with the frustration it can bring when your content is not gaining the amount of exposure that you want. SendPilot solves your social media marketing struggles using intelligent technology to analyze your blog’s content and generate your social media campaigns using your blog content. You go from zero to hero by just pasting in your blog article URL and clicking ‘Build Campaign!’

SendPilot thrives in the beauty of its simplicity. Reece Lyons, CEO and Founder of SendPilot, created the platform to save bloggers and business owners like him hundreds of hours a year in social media marketing and make life easier through its user-friendly design. Like many of us, he hated marketing due to the difficulty he experienced in finding the time to constantly put out content and remember to recycle older content from his business blog. He found it so hard to get right and be consistent in creating and publishing unique posts that would truly engage his customers. Despite this, he understood that social media marketing in particular is essential in running his business. Social media marketing is where you are able to raise awareness for your brand and expand your reach to your target market. With these things in consideration, Reece developed a solution that could help split up a single blog post into multiple social media posts using backlinks, hashtags, images and content snippets with each post being unique, valuable and engaging.

After conducting market research, he presented the idea to some small business owners. It turns out that they were very enthusiastic about the idea. From this point on, he started getting to work and after so many late nights and cups of coffee, the first version of SendPilot was born. It was not perfect at first as it took out awkward and meaningless snippets from the posts. It even cut them in half. But this did not stop him.

He worked twice as hard to get to the quality of post he would be happy to share and knew would engage his followers. He did this by integrating with a top machine learning company and utilized the best language processing tools to analyze the blog content and then built upon this to write the posts in a meaningful way, to offer both value to followers and drive traffic back to the blog.

From there on, Reece was able to materialize his ideas and since then has helped bloggers and businesses in publishing the engaging content that they need to attract and retain customers/audiences all over the world.

Imagine all the valuable time that you could save with SendPilot. It lets you focus more on other aspects of your business while giving you more available time to spend with your family and those who truly matter to you. You do not even have to worry about the personalized aspect of your social media marketing because SendPilot adds a human touch to your posts with 90% (and growing) accuracy! How neat is that? Plus, you can always convey your brand voice by writing your own templates and using hashtags relevant to your brand.

You do not even have to stress about future posts because of the platform’s Buffer integration – a powerful automated scheduling tool that allows you to set the times and dates of publishing for your content all year round. Bring more time to your hands by taking advantage of SendPilot.

The team at SendPilot work hard to make social media marketing less of a chore, and more of an experience. Sign up for SendPilot free trial now and let it do the grunt work for you! 

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Fast Forward 2020: Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out

Increasing competition in the digital landscape has played a vital role in revolutionizing the industry. Let’s rewind several years and compare the digital landscape of that time with the present landscape. We will notice that there have been many significant changes. 

Today the digital marketing has become much more streamlined, organized and focused. The innovative factor can never be taken out of the digital marketing but today the increasing use of technology and analytics have helped in enhancing the overall impact of digital marketing exercises. 

Another thing that we can observe is that the huge increase in the changing rate of digital marketing landscape. We don’t have to wait for an entire year or more to study the development or changes. Within a few months, the hot trends start fading away, sophisticated tools and techniques are introduced and new trends emerge- some of which stay for long. In such case, it would be interesting to know the possible growth rate and major trends that can redefine the digital marketing industry in 2020.

Let us fast forward and peep into the future to see how the digital landscape of 2020 would look like: