How You Can Monitor ChatGPT Usage for Your Business

ChatGPT has already become a household phrase. The speed with which the new stage of AI technology was engaged with and adopted into modern life and culture is almost staggering, but for what this technology can do one hardly needs to wonder why. While there are still plenty of advanced computer and AI systems contributing to the growth and success of businesses in most if not every industry imaginable, ChatGPT has set new standards and expectations. 

For those people or businesses that are unfamiliar with the AI’s capacities and capabilities, here are some ways in which ChatGPT can be utilized to support business growth, but first, a summary of what ChatGPT actually is. 


Late in 2022, a San Francisco based developer OpenAI released what is now known as ChatGPT. This app is a type of chatbot that uses what are called neural networks that have the ability to understand and communicate human, text-based language. While chatbots have been a part of the internet and business models for a while now— like in a customer service type fashion of redirecting formulaic answers to potentially helpful information— ChatGPT is a much more advanced version of that basic technology. 

Users quickly put the app to use in order to create things like email newsletters, multiply solutions from a brainstorming session for writing code, and even writing essays for the lay student. It is examples of irresponsible use that have created a conversation thread which runs towards creating some matter of suspicion and concern. Some people have used the technology as a means to create phishing scams, generating false information, and illegal information gathering. 

All in all, there has become a divide between people who wholeheartedly praise technology while others lean toward caution, pushing for regulation and policy that will ensure a safer adoption into modern life. Regardless of what side may be taken there are still plenty of appropriate benefits and simple ways to integrate this technology into smart and efficient business practices.  

Practical Uses of ChatGPT 

Modifying Text Documents 

Being that so much of modern life and business are dependent on language use there is little limit in how to use ChatGPT to help with text document creation and editing. Simply providing a sample of text to the app and entering a desired format enables the technology to go to work. It can do things like check and/or change incorrect dates, catch basic misspellings or incorrect uses of words; change whole words or sentences into a more desirable tone, edit collections of numbers and currency rates. 

When using this for tasks like mass emails or newsletters much time can be saved. If someone struggles to write clear and engaging emails, ChatGPT can assist in the creation of those documents by providing options for various formats. Additionally, it can take existing documents, past conversations or blog posts and reorder them to use as follow-up emails, and regular updates. 

Enhanced Customer Service

By connecting ChatGPT to an existing chatbot service, ChatGPT can assist as a guide and teacher to enhance how virtual customer service agents communicate with customers. It can offer more precise directions and language choices that make the interactions feel more personalized rather than robots by using more engaging, and even colloquial phrases that mimic human interaction. 

Creating Content

ChatGPT has the ability to take pieces of sentences, notes, and quotes to weave those seemingly disparate bits of information into whole new documents like video scripts, essays, and speeches. In need of a bit more, the same basic principles can be applied when crafting blog content. ChatGPT can help in the creation of content that is loaded with better-informed SEO keywords, descriptions, and titles so that businesses have a higher chance of being noticed. 

Job Post Descriptions

Writing job descriptions can be tiresome and tedious, but ChatGPT can make short work of such mundane content. By entering specified criteria, ChatGPT can generate entire job posts that clearly communicate what is required to be a successful candidate and does so in a fraction of the time. That means the actual search and hiring process can be more focused on and other more important tasks can be handled instead. 

Regardless of what industry or business that exists today there are some tasks that, because they involve a good amount of language, can be enhanced by the impressive capabilities the ChatGPT app has to offer. Using these tools can do a lot to assist basic business operations. All that needs to be remembered is that the technology is not yet perfect in itself so a bit of personal editing to double-check the work should be done before using anything important. 

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