Our Top Picks from CES 2024: The Best Tech Products in Every Category

We’re barely two weeks into 2024, and already so many new tech concepts and innovations are flooding the marketplace, courtesy of CES 2024. Especially for those expecting, or rather seeking, AI-integrated gadgets and designs, this year’s show definitely did not disappoint. Though most of these products are not available in the market as of yet, some have already become the talk of the town, experiencing high demand and instant sales.

While the show was more saturated with groundbreaking consumer electronics a few years back, it has taken a shift to bring avant-garde PCs, components, cars, and even accessories than ever before. Primarily because of the mobile-focused Mobile World Congress held in February.

But now that it's all wrapped up for the next year and enthusiasts are heading back home from the event, it's time to present a curated list of the showstoppers across categories like gadgets, apps, and even concepts on display. So let’s take a look at all the pieces that have made the highlight at the biggest tech event of the year.

Clicks Case

For Blackberry phone enthusiasts longing for the haptic experience of a physical keyboard, Clicks has a solution. They offer a QWERTY keyboard case that registers as an external keyboard, preventing the virtual keyboard from appearing unless prompted. While the case adds some height to the phone, the extra screen space gained provides enhanced control over tasks. The standout feature is its compatibility with Mac and iPad keyboard shortcuts. Unfortunately, the case is exclusively available for iPhone 14 Pro, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max, and only comes in two color options, BumbleBee and London Sky.

Order now for $139

LG Signature OLED TV

OLED TVs are already impressive, but having one that's see-through takes the experience to a whole new level. While not the only transparent TV on display, it's set to be the first to reach the consumer market, unlike Samsung's transparent MicroLED concept.

This 77-inch box set features a retractable contrast back screen. With the filter up, it functions like a regular LG OLED TV. However, lower the screen, and the image appears to float mid-air. Primarily designed for ambiance, similar to Samsung's Frame TV, you can display animations or seamlessly blend it into your background when not actively watching. Though the price is yet to be disclosed, LG plans to release this masterpiece sometime this year, targeting the high-end market.

Rabbit R1

Ever wished for a pocket-sized AI assistant like the one featured in that Black Mirror episode 'Hang the DJ'? Your wish has come true with Rabbit R1. Say goodbye to pulling out your phone to order DoorDash or call an Uber. Just take out this adorable AI device, press a button, give a voice command, and watch it handle tasks that you find boring and time-consuming. The initial batch sold out within a day, so be sure to pre-order before the second batch goes out of stock as well.

Order now for $199

Sightful Spacetop AR Laptop

Imagine a 100-inch monitor with no visible screen. That’s right! The Sightful Spacetop AR laptop makes this possible by utilizing a pair of AR glasses and the bottom of traditional laptops. While it was available for early adopters until last year, CES ‘24 has provided a platform for everyone to try out and make the purchase. Simply power it up, put on the AR glasses, and enjoy the freedom to work with a 100-inch screen, displaying as many windows and apps as you may need. It's undoubtedly a 'portable' solution for those who can't bring their multi-monitor setup with them everywhere they go.

Order now for $2150

ASUS ZenBook Duo

Asus has been a major player in the realm of dual-screen laptops, and this year, the company has truly combined the best features from its predecessors and even those of its competitors into a single notebook. The Zenbook Duo comes equipped with a dual-screen display unit and a detachable Bluetooth keyboard. Additionally, it can be magnetically attached to one of the displays, transforming it into a traditional laptop. With the added power of Intel chips and vibrant OLED displays, all these features come at a compelling price of just $1,500.

Bemis BB-1200 Bidet Toilet

Not interested in typical computer and mobile gadgets and looking for technology that extends to the most unexpected products? Look no further than the Bemis Bidet Toilet. This smart toilet offers unlimited warm water from a controllable nozzle, an air dryer, and even a heated seat—all managed through a remote control or a mobile app. And that's not all – with two user presets, your preferences are saved and ready for any situation. Elevate your bathroom experience with this innovative product, priced at just $399. 

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