CES 2024: How Emerging Tech Will Shape the Future

If you were expecting the fever of generative AI to die down after its period of limelight, you'd be in for a surprise. If it's someone you know, pull out a chair for them, or perhaps consider buying them a pass for this year’s CES event in Las Vegas.

The largest gathering of the electronics consumer electronic industry in the United States is sure to bring you the utmost experience as it returns on the 9th of January (and ends on the 12th). Imagine the sound of all the cutting-edge devices, promising startups, and visionary prototypes pushing the boundaries of innovation, all under a single roof, in a city that’s even louder.

What to Expect

The cold war of AI inclusions in every field began with OpenAI's release of ChatGPT in November 2022, though its inception may have occurred earlier, hidden from public consciousness. However, the tech industry wasn’t truly saturated with this technology by the time CES 2023 was held and looked almost primitive, if not prepared. 

However, this year’s CES is prepared to unleash a tsunami of AI announcements, in comparison to last year’s CES being just a wave (as stated by Anshel Sag, a principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy).

Therefore, you can safely expect to see AI everywhere you turn your eyes, be it cars, scooters, laptops, cameras, televisions, etc. For the most part, AI will handle spoken commands in a similar way that we’re used to, where you must send a request to the server in a cloud and wait for it to respond. However, that doesn’t exclude the fact that tech masterminds like Qualcomm, Intel, and AMD will surely blow your mind with their AI-inclusive chips and processors that can handle AI tasks locally, imitating human interactions.

However, AI is not the only captivating aspect featured at CES 2024. Expect to see renewed excitement towards extended reality, as more and more companies are either competing with the Apple Vision Pro headset or preparing for it. It is also rumored to witness some breakthroughs in health monitoring technology, especially because the ban on the Apple Watch has somewhat opened up the marketplace.

With everything becoming more and more advanced, gaming is no exception, especially considering this year's significant developments in handheld PCs being a literal Nintendo switch. The currently hyped devices, such as the Steam Deck OLED, Asus ROG Ally, or Lenovo Legion Go, all run on the AMD Z1 chipset. However, there are high expectations for the next-generation chipset or the advancement of handheld PCs in general.

Ticket Prices

Being a tech enthusiast is not enough to attend a CES event. This gathering is exclusive to industry members, exhibitors, or media analysts. How does one authenticate their eligibility? CES has a number of ways, including a business card, having their name on the company’s website, proof of employment, or a media article listing them as a professional in the field.

The discounted tickets were available until the beginning of December. However, now that the deadline has passed, they cost $350 for the Exhibits Plus Pass and $1700 for the Deluxe Conference Pass.

Beyond Expectations

What’s going to be different in the upcoming CES event is that the tech will become commonplace, and the integration of generative AI into their products will seize the fascination.

But knowing the history of the CES show floor, it’d be safe to say that this year’s event will be full of surprises too. Every year, we witness inventions that really push the boundaries of possibilities and showstoppers that reach for the stars. And CES 2024 is bound to be another ball game, if not a home run. 

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