How To Generate Passive Income From Metaverse Gaming?

A variety of games were played during childhood by people of all ages and types. Today's gaming, however, goes beyond the realm of nostalgia for youth and simple enjoyment. It is currently becoming more well-known as a novel means of income under the guise of metaverse gaming! Different age groups are playing a lot of games that have been created or labeled as "metaverse games," and many of these games take advantage of the disruptive potential of new technology.

Given the intense debates and advancements in immersive technologies like extended reality (XR), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and other deep-tech like the Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and more, the buzz and hype surrounding play to earn metaverse game are soaring.

What Are Metaverse Games?

Games or gaming systems that enable players to enjoy an immersive and engaging gaming experience with a focus on 3D virtual reality and spectacular graphical content creation are known as metaverse games.

The play-to-earn element of the metaverse games would also make gaming more lucrative and convenient, which is another reason they are becoming more and more popular.

How To Play Metaverse Games?

By enrolling or setting up an account on one of the many available metaverse gaming platforms, anyone can participate in metaverse games. Players can access the many challenges and missions in the games once they become comfortable with the gaming portal and its varied features.

They can begin actively participating in the metaverse games to win money after a few trials. The games on the list below can be played for free or for money.

The Concept Of Play To Earn Games

Many video games provide virtual money of some kind. For instance, you might be able to do chores in an open-world game to gather virtual currency that can be used to buy upgrades.

The only difference is that you get paid in cryptocurrency, which can be used to purchase items within the game or even in other parts of the metaverse. This is how certain games work in the metaverse.

Top Metaverse Games Which Generate Huge Money


In the play-to-win metaverse game Splinterlands, players can earn daily rewards by taking part in different competitions, topping the leaderboards, and completing thrilling quests.

The blockchain-based metaverse game supports the use of blockchains like Ethereum, Tron, and WAX. As a result, users can level up, purchase, sell, trade, rent, and sell their digital collector cards to one another and convert them to Bitcoin.

How To Earn Money In Splinterlands

  • Competitions
  • You receive DEC prizes for each victory in ranked play. If you win two straight games, you also receive additional DECs.
  • Gifts
  • After completing your daily task, you will receive gifts. You'll also get seasonal incentives every 15 days at the end of each season.
  • Flipping Cards
  • It involves purchasing packs and making money by renting or selling them to other players.
  • Burning Cards
  • You can also burn cards to get DEC awards.

Plants vs. Undead

It was inspired by the well-known Plants vs. Zombies series. In Plants vs. Zombies, players can buy virtual plants and other assets to compete against one another or finish missions. In Plants vs. Undead special NFTs are returning. It is each player's responsibility to take care of their plants, harvest them, or plant fresh seeds to advance the growth cycle.

In the internal marketplace of the platform, users can exchange seeds and plants.

In the setting of "Planet Plants," players must defend the "Mother Tree" from armies of enemies by using their zombie-killing plants.

With the tokens they obtain for protecting their foundation, players can purchase additional seeds or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies.

How To Earn Money In Plants vs. Undead

A fresh batch of PVU prizes is made accessible after every zombie wave has been beaten. The Binance Smart Chain-based tokens, with a maximum supply of 300 million, are used in the game to purchase commodities like seeds and plants.


A virtual reality-enabled online monster-training Metaverse is called Revomon. Untamed monsters called Revomon are present in the game's open universe. As a Tamer who captures, trains, and battles Revomon, you'll assume this role. There are 151 Revomon in all that can be captured.

How To Earn Money In Revomon

On the Revomon platform, the Revo token, which is based on the Ethereum Classic network, is employed. You can earn money by offering the Revomon monsters you catch for sale. They are valuable as NFTs that you can exchange for cash.

Vulcan Forged 

The Metaverse contains a gaming library called Vulcan Forged. Games like Blockbabies, Vulcan Verse, Forge Arena, and Berserk are now playable. In addition to the two that are already under development, Block Babies, Coddle Pets, Geocats, and Agora are the other four.

The playability of various games varies, as do the NFTs that can be utilized in them or traded with other players. With its aid, some of the best Metaverse combinations can be achieved.

How To Earn Money In Vulcan

Players must "SOW" their land in order to participate in staking, which effectively entails paying a one-time charge to upgrade a plot of land to the next level. Players can start staking tokens once their land has been raised to the second level. A piece of land can only be leveled up a maximum of seven times, and each level raises the possible staking benefits by a specific percentage.

My Neighbor Alice

A virtual island can be purchased and developed, as well as new friends can be met while exploring and interacting with exciting new stuff. You can monetize your In-My Neighbor Alice time to make money as you play.

How To Earn Money In Neighbor Alice

  • Trade Your Animals
  • In the game, you can buy, trade, and even keep animals on land that you have rented from another person. To use something other than your animals, you can hire other people to use your skills.
  • Complete Other Players' Tasks
  • If you still require land or animals, you can still earn money by submitting an application for work posted by landowners. They might need you to assist them with their cattle or crops.
  • Export Resources
  • Using this dynamic, you can operate as a global trader by exporting resources and then purchasing and selling products for a profit all over the world.


On the Ethereum Blockchain, Illuvium is a different play-to-earn NFT creature collecting and auto battler game. You'll experience complete control over your digital goods with Illuvium. A fresh NFT is generated and added to your cryptocurrency wallet following a productive Illuvial capture, farming session, or finished frame. The ownership of a certain NFT can be established using the Ethereum blockchain. Your power to purchase, sell, and trade your NFTs on exchanges at your leisure is granted by having actual possession of them.

How To Earn Money In Illuviam

  • Option 1
  • Building a well-prepared Illuvial team and then using the arena or tournaments to identify acceptable opponents is one option.
  • Option 2
  • As an alternative to participating in the combat mode, you can place bets with your ILV tokens on how the battles will turn out. If you successfully anticipate a future occurrence, you will be rewarded with ILV tokens. However, you will keep your tokens if your prediction is accurate.
  • Option 3
  • By being the first to trade freshly discovered and uncommon Illuvials registered on Illuviary, you can significantly boost your earnings.

Star Atlas

In the unique strategy game Star Atlas, which is based on space exploration, players can adopt one of three positions. This is the first Metaverse app on this short list created primarily using Solana blockchain technology. The game needs to be finalized, but it's already a virtual reality community mainstay on the Solana network.

How To Earn Money In Star Atlas

  • Enlisting Ships
  • Before joining the fleet, a ship must be acquired. It's acceptable to put a lot of money into Star Atlas before you start seeing a return on your investment. Only twenty dollars are required.
  • Trading POLIS
  • Players in the Star Atlas board game can exchange POLIS tokens with one another. Those in possession of POLIS are able to give orders to the Star Atlas crew. Thus, it qualifies as a token used for voting and other official activities.
  • Flipping Ships
  • Some individuals purchased ships at launch price and afterward sold them for almost twice as much. Due to this, there are now just 24 ships up for sale.


What Exactly Are Metaverse Games?

A video game or gaming platform that prioritizes offering its users an impressive visual experience and an interactive, fully immersive 3D virtual reality world is known as a metaverse game.

Metaverse game development is distinct in that it supports cross-platform compatibility and interoperability.

What Are The Basic Rules For Metaverse Gaming?

By creating an account on one of the numerous sites available, anyone can partake in the enjoyment of metaverse gaming. Players can take advantage of the numerous challenges and objectives available after becoming familiar with the ins and outs of the gaming hub. 

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