Best Beginning Projects for 3D Printing Novices

The popularity of 3D printing continues to rise without any indication of slowing down anytime soon. However, learning the ropes can sour your aspirations if you bite off more than you can chew, so try one of the best beginning projects for 3D printing novices first.

Organizational Tools

For many individuals, the primary reason for purchasing a 3D printer is for practical purposes. While its unmatched potential is enticing, some folks may only want to make something to hold their drill bits and measure their screws when working in the garage. Organizing these items gives many a sense of relief when they don’t have to scour through their toolbox to find the exact piece they’re looking for. A 3D printer can make these organizational tools with ease.

Another way you can use a 3D printer to stay organized is by creating a cable accessories holder. We all are guilty of jamming any plug that can fit into an adapter without much care. If you keep those cords intertwined, it can be an accident waiting to happen, potentially leading to an electrical fire if there’s an untimely spark. You can use a 3D printer to make organization safer and easier.

Around the House

We’ve all been in a situation at home where we’d love to have a specific item for a specific purpose, only to realize that we don’t have it. A bottle opener is one such item that you don’t realize how vital it is until you grab a beverage that requires one to open it. A bottle opener is among the many household items that a 3D printer can make.

But that’s not all. Are you sick of the same boring cases for your phone and tablets? If so, a 3D printer can answer your wishes, allowing you to create custom cases that fit your personality. You could even turn your creativity into a side hustle with your 3D printer and make cases to sell online.

For the Kids

Now it’s time to appease the little ones of the home. Generally, children love technological gadgets, so when you have a dual extruder to create something fun out of thin air, you’ll blow their little minds.

Undoubtedly, there are Nerf darts around your home, and those darts have found every nook and cranny imaginable. You can avoid contorting your body or lifting heavy furniture to retrieve them by making more darts with the printer. If Scarface-like Nerf guns aren’t their jam, you can put a lightsaber in their hand thanks to your 3D printer.

Or you could keep things simple and go with some classic toys, like specialty board game pieces, doll accessories, and a storage case for their gaming consoles.

It may be tempting to shoot for the stars and try to complete a convoluted project out of the gate, but starting with one of the best beginning projects for 3D printing novices is in your best interest. It’s always wise to start with something easy and work your way up. The more you learn from these simple projects, the more you will get out of your investment. 

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