Side Hustle: 3D Printing Business Ideas To Try Out

3D printing is growing and has helped manufacturers in the aerospace and consumer goods industries. Now is the best time for freelancers and full-time workers to start a 3D printing side hustle. Here are some business ideas you must try out.

Start a Customization Business

If you’re creative, start a customization business. With the holidays coming up, now is the time to begin. You can specialize in anything you’d like, including wedding favors, holiday cards, mugs—you name it!

Some customization companies have a niche, so if you’re looking to start a specific type of business, like a 3D print floral business, do it. As you start, get to know the different filament types. It’s essential to be aware of the different types of filaments so you know what you’ll need to create your products.

Make Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are an excellent side gig where you can make a steady income if you spend some time on it. Your videos could go over the pros and cons of filaments, a guide explaining different filament types for beginners, and how to use specific tools.

Make sure that every video you make is rich with information so others have a general knowledge of the different 3D filaments to help them get started. As you make your video content, don’t forget to attach a blog with more information on products, 3D printer models to buy, and tips on creating more robust 3D prints.

Start a Home Decor Company

Home decor companies can create anything for homeowners to buy and display. If you’re yearning to get started in 3D printing designs, consider making home decorations. These decorations can be wall art, candle holders, or napkin rings.

Make your store different by selling uniquely shaped home decor pieces like statues, recreations of famous paintings, and even multi-colored wild animals. These creations are some of the most sought-after pieces by homeowners.

Start a 3D Printer Flip Business

Sometimes, you come across 3D printers that are outdated, broken, missing pieces, and dirty. You’d be surprised how much you can earn by flipping 3D printers for a profit. Reused printers sell well and are reasonably easy to fix up.

No matter which of these side hustles you choose, you can make a profit. Start your business venture today by pursuing a freelancing career in 3D printing. These ideas will help you find the right business idea. 

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