The Transformation Of Engineering Through Technology

Many people do not realize that engineers are found in virtually every industry. From environmental engineers to computer engineers, we rely on them for many different things. Engineers help create new products, streamline processes, make new and innovative medical treatments possible, and pinpoint problems that reduce efficiency and quality.

Real-time modeling has eliminated costly trial and error

In the past, engineers would put a lot of work into designing a product, and then serious money and time were required to build multiple prototypes. Design changes were implemented through real-world trial and error. Sometimes a product would be released and then improved over the years as users and customers gave companies feedback on problems. The consequences of such trial and error could be expensive to the manufacturer and consumer, and sometimes even deadly. With the use of real time modelling, intricate products such as aircraft components can be made with the high degree of accuracy they require first time. This is not only beneficial to the manufacture process, but other players in the supply chain. Reputable vendors of meticulously made aircraft parts, such as pilot john international, benefit from having a consistent quality of product which can then be vended to aircraft management companies worldwide.

Computers reduce design time

As computing technology and modeling programs have advanced, the amount of time needed to design a product and bring it to market has decreased substantially. This leads to reduced costs and thus encourages more companies to enlist engineers to create innovative products based on customer feedback and marketing research. This means individuals or a few entrepreneurs can find the resources to get an idea for a product into a marketable design by hiring a qualified engineer.

Technology encourages innovation by reducing design costs

There is more innovation when less initial capital is required and thus less risk to investors. This leads to huge improvements throughout society. For example, in the medical field, new equipment means doctors treat more patients, and increases the chances of surviving conditions that not long ago were almost always fatal. Better diagnostic machines such as MRIs have made it possible to know precisely what is wrong with a patient and initiate treatment promptly.

Vehicles are also safer now thanks to the advanced computer modeling of real-time models.

Data mining allows engineers to access past consumer and industry trends

Data mining is the process of looking at many larger sets of data for useful trends. This is possible due to computer algorithms and parallel computing technology. More companies than ever are relying on computer data analysts to process marketing data and reveal more about their consumer base. This helps them know where improvements need to be made and where there might be room for a new product. It means they can pursue product development only when there is evidence that it will result in a successful and profitable product. 


The field of robotics has advanced rapidly over the past few decades. Now, engineers utilize machines to build prototypes and put together finished products so they can be shipped out to customers faster.

Robotics makes it more realistic to produce some products at a cost that the market is able to absorb. This allows engineers to be more innovative within a reasonable budget.

Automation through robotics is only going to grow over the years. While some tasks will always require a human hand, robotics will take the tasks that do not, which results in more work getting done.

IT infrastructure helps streamline processes

Engineers can analyze processes to find areas that can be improved. This can significantly impact company profits and efficiency. Many companies hire outside firms to take care of this analysis and improvements. This may involve designing custom software and programs that are completely optimized for a company, or a computer engineer may suggest specific proprietary software and programs that can be implemented quickly.

Technology has made bioengineering feasible

Bioengineering is being used to manipulate the genetic sequences of many organisms. While this is a controversial practice, there is no question that it is being done more than ever, and the practice will grow as global resources become scarce and new diseases appear that are resistant to modern medicines.

Engineers now collaborate with people all over the world

In the past, engineers were limited to working with people and companies that were close by. Thanks to low-cost communications options like video conferencing on the world wide web and cell phone communications, collaborating with people and businesses all over the world is easy. Cloud computing means projects can be uploaded to the web and team members have 24-hour access to a project that is updated in real-time. 

Such collaboration means engineers have access to talent on a global scale, meaning they can make the best design choices for a client and reduce costs due to having better access to global markets.

Engineers use software for the consistent monitoring of processes

Ever wonder how the services you use every day continue to run smoothly? This is thanks to monitoring using computer software programs designed and implemented by engineers. Using the software, engineers can automate monitoring processes so there is an alert when a problem appears. Constant monitoring means problems are caught quickly and fixed at a lower cost and with less disruption to the lives of anyone that relies on the service. This means fewer water supply disruptions, for example, quicker alerts if there is a safety concern, and more efficiency in a system overall.

Advanced sensors allow for remote monitoring, eliminating the need for someone to stay in a precise location at all times for monitoring purposes.

Technology has enabled more environmentally friendly processes and products

Companies and customers are more environmentally aware than ever before. The demand for transparency of practices and the reality of stricter environmental regulations can sometimes make designing and creating a product more challenging. Engineers can efficiently design manufacturing processes and products using environmentally friendly materials thanks to improved data analysis, modeling capabilities, and inexpensive computers.

Technology also allows the company access to the worldwide market for raw materials, so engineers have more choice over what materials they use in their designs and production lines.

CAD (computer-animated design) has saved countless hours and money on complicated designs

Before engineers had the CAD system, they had to spend a lot of time drawing, erasing, and drawing yet again. This was typically done on huge boards and was an incredibly painstaking process. Let us not forget that exceptional drawing skills were a requirement if an engineer was going to excel at this type of design work. There are many brilliant people out there who can envision something groundbreaking but do not necessarily have the best artistic skills. It is easy to see how this limited the field of engineering to a more select group.

CAD was first available in the 1960s so it is not as modern a concept as most people believe. With CAD designs, companies did not have to rely on shipping painstakingly produced blueprints to clients. Let us not forget that shipping was not nearly as reliable, fast, or inexpensive as it is today. Moreover, the limitations of finding a local engineer were lifted, thus giving companies access to more talent and the flexibility of seeing multiple designs with greater ease.

Technology has improved the safety of our roads, bridges, and other infrastructure

There are many bridges and roads that are in dire need of improvement or total replacement. Designing and testing designs using computers allows engineers to make the best use of materials to repair or design bridges, roads, and even dams so they are safe. 

Another example of improved and safer designs is redesigning roads to accommodate increased speeds and traffic. Older roads were made narrower and designed for lighter traffic and speeds. Not only do modern engineers design roads to stand up to heavy, high-speed use, but they also plan where to install stop signs and traffic lights. This all adds up to safer roads that last longer.

Drone technology has made surveys less expensive and project planning easier

Instead of conducting expensive land surveys, engineers can use drones to conduct in-depth surveys of land and surrounding infrastructure. Drones are far cheaper and faster than people using hand tools to conduct surveys. Drones can also hone in on specific areas of interest and gather more in-depth data in a short period. 

Better and easier surveying makes projects safer since no one has to go out into potentially or known hazardous areas. 

Engineering is an in-demand profession

There is no industry where engineers do not play a role. This means the demand for engineers is incredibly high. To keep up in today’s world, businesses must employ engineers to help increase efficiency. When businesses don’t keep up with market trends, they risk failing, or, at the very least, losing out on a large share of a lucrative market.

While in the past, companies reduced the number of engineers they kept on staff and outsourced many services on an as-needed basis, this has changed. More businesses than ever are realizing that having an engineer on staff reduces costs and keeps things running smoothly.

With so many start-up companies emerging, the demand for engineering services will continue to expand—whether the engineers choose to work independently or with a larger engineering firm.

Engineering is an accessible career choice for many people

Even if you did not major in engineering as an undergraduate, it is possible to launch a career in engineering by gaining an advanced degree. If you hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or any of the physical sciences, you may qualify to study for a master’s degree. The uOttawa Engineering Management master’s degree can be earned 100% online. This course will help with knowledge such as financing, management and leadership, and can then be used in a variety of engineering, computer science or physics roles. 

Engineering is ideal for those who like to stay on the forefront of their field of expertise

Since engineers work in every field, from environmental project design and management to computer engineering, it is easy to find a niche you are truly passionate about. For example, if you work as a research scientist, a degree in engineering management can help qualify you to be the head designer and manager for advanced research projects. Of course, this advancement level will bring a better salary. 

Engineering makes the world a better place

There is a saying that there is better living through technology. Engineering is a major part of that philosophy. Engineering helps produce products using more environmentally friendly practices so there is less pollution in industrial areas. Environmental engineers create water treatment and waste processing designs that allow for clean and healthy water supplies even in densely populated areas.

Computer engineers advance the technology that has allowed such groundbreaking innovations as affordable smartphones and better networks for accessing the internet.


Technology has changed the world of engineering in countless ways. Instead of using rudimentary tools such as slide rulers and painstakingly drawing every version of a design by hand, tools like CAD modeling and computer data analysis make it possible to create advanced 3D blueprints and models. Still, other technological advancements allow engineers to run testing using computers before making a physical prototype. This avoids costly mistakes in the early planning phases.

The world of engineering will continue to evolve and change with technology. Engineers will undoubtedly come up with even more brilliant and innovative ways to improve the world we live in. 

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