Common Smartphone Issues and How To Solve Them

Technology can be our friend in many instances, but that doesn’t mean our devices won’t give us some trouble from time to time. We use our smartphones frequently throughout the day, so when a problem arises, it can be very frustrating. Go over the common smartphone issues with us and how to solve them so that you can get back to utilizing your device.  

Your Storage Is Full

Nothing is more frustrating than downloading a new app only to find out your phone doesn’t have enough storage. This could be because you have a plethora of duplicate photos, countless songs and documents downloaded, or apps you’re no longer using. The more storage space you use, the slower your phone might operate as well. 

Solve this issue by combing through your photos and deleting unnecessary screenshots or duplicates, removing files and songs you no longer need, and deleting apps you haven’t used in a while. This should clear enough storage for whatever you need to download or add to your phone. 

Pro-tip: Delete text conversations and voicemails to clear more storage, and consider transferring photos to a flash drive.

Your Phone Is Overheating

Overheating is an issue that occurs due to the individual using the phone too frequently or in excess. It could also result from using multiple apps at one time or using a singular app, such as a gaming one, that demands more power from your phone. Both raise the temperature. To fix this problem, don’t use the phone while it’s charging and avoid using CPU or gaming apps. It could be a defect from the manufacturer if your phone continues to overheat—you should contact your provider if this is the case. 

Your Phone Battery Depletes Easily

A very common smartphone issue that needs solving is your phone battery depleting too quickly. This is usually because you spend a lot of time on your phone, which wears down the battery. You may see this problem when the phone battery diminishes without you even using the phone. You can improve your smartphone battery life by deleting apps and dimming your screen.

Your Apps Are Crashing or Freezing

There might be a time when your apps are constantly crashing or your phone keeps freezing up. This could be an issue due to the app’s creator and not something you’re doing on your phone. In other cases, it could be a problem with your phone’s operating system. Your first line of defense is turning off your phone and letting it rest before turning it back on and using the app again. You can also try reinstalling the app, clearing the cache data from your settings, or updating the phone’s main operating system. 

Smartphones can be fickle devices if we don’t care for them properly. Sometimes, if your battery is too far damaged or your phone freezes constantly, it might be time to shop for a new smartphone. However, consider trying to solve these issues before purchasing a brand-new device to ensure your old phone is no longer usable. 

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