A Complete Guide to Hashtag Campaign for Marketers

Looking for improved engagement and brand awareness? A hashtag campaign is your answer. Hashtag campaigns make it easy for you to spread the word if done properly. The campaign should be around your niche and should make sense to the audience.

Hashtags make you visible and easy to access to your audience. It was a revolutionary change in the marketing world. They drive a lot of traffic and enhance awareness. People are dependent on a hashtag for their research, when they find a brand hashtags determine whether they can trust it or not. 

Not only this, they have the potential to promote a major event and help in running contests/ launching products. Basically, anything that requires attention can be posted using hashtags to make it easier. Brands have been encouraging people to share UGC which involves hashtags. 

UGC is a major part of building a positive brand reputation and hashtags make it easy and effortless for users to share UGC using hashtags. The hashtag should be unique, short, around the niche, and trending topics. Make sure your hashtags are not something people would resist before using them.

Continue reading to see what a hashtag campaign is, why is it needed, and how to run it. 

What is a hashtag campaign?

As the name suggests a hashtag campaign is a social media marketing campaign strategy that revolves around a specific hashtag. Apple has an ongoing hashtag campaign #ShotOnIphone. This is a pretty basic and simple campaign that is easy to understand as well. It generated loads of traffic and because of its simplicity, it was a success!

To run a hashtag campaign brands share relevant information that involves the hashtag and motivates their audience to participate. Sharing content featuring the hashtag is an essential part of the campaign. It will help with reaching a wider audience and promoting the topic. 

This is the best form of organic campaign that generates a lot of organic traffic and engagement. People who participate in the campaign not only increase brand awareness but also motivate potential customers who might not know about the brand yet. 

Gives you an opportunity to boost your follower count, build your social media presence, and show support on various topics that reflect what your brand stands for. Furthermore, it’s important to have some insights into why a hashtag campaign is important for the brand. Let’s see some benefits in the next section.

Why Your Brand Needs a Hashtag Campaign?

To implement a hashtag campaign it is necessary to understand why you need it in the first place. Let’s look at a few points depicting the advantages of a hashtag campaign. 

1. Gets your name out there 

Hashtags have the ability to make your brand visible because of their popularity and easy-to-use characteristic. 

2. Helps in promotion 

Showcase your product using hashtags or any upcoming event. It's a successful strategy for brands to generate loads of traffic

3. Accumulates information 

Hashtags are highly searchable and keep a discussion ongoing. You can create thought-provoking questions and see how the world goes crazy. 

4. Is an attention seeker 

Hashtags have the tendency to attract new customers and encourage existing ones to share more content. Hashtags grab a lot of attention as they are very catchy and unique. 

5. UGC, of course

Use social media aggregator platforms like Taggbox and collect all the UGC shared in a single frame. Repurpose this UGC to different marketing touchpoints including Instagram and reap the desired results easily. 

3 Tips to Help You Run a Hashtag Campaign

Now that we know how important hashtag campaigns are. Let’s throw some light on running one. Here are the 3 best tips that will help you with some basic initial processes of taking your hashtag campaign to the next level. 

1. Know the people you serve 

Understanding what your audience needs, and providing information that is relevant to your audience increases the chances of success. 

2. Know the outcomes to reap the outcomes

Make sure you have a clear set of goals. Plan and implement all your actions that revolve around your objective. This way you keep a steady and seamless flow of information. 

3. Make it easy to interact with

Develop a hashtag that is not only easy to read but also displays what your brand stands for. It should be unique and encouraging enough to motivate users. 

Final Thoughts!

Once your hashtag campaign is live, the work does not end. You need to track the campaign performance to figure out the mistakes and highlight areas. By tracking the campaign you get insights about how many posts were created, how many unique users interacted with it, how many likes, shares, and comments it got, how many accounts it reached, how many times your hashtag was viewed, etc. 

Keep an eye on the above aspects and make necessary advancements in your campaign to ensure its success! 

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