The Benefits of Using RFID Technology in Business

Have you ever heard of RFID or Radio Frequency Identification? You can find it being used today in many different industries. Let’s discover how businesses benefit from using RFID technology.

Making Theme Parks Extra Magical

Disney is synonymous with magic, so it’s no surprise that it would incorporate RFID in the form of MagicBands at its theme parks. This nifty piece of technology fits around guests’ wrists, much like a watch, and benefits from the advantages of RFID security access keys

People staying at the resort can program their MagicBands by using an app made by Disney. Once they do this, they can conveniently enter their hotel room simply by holding their wrist to the scanner outside the door. Guests can also sync up their park tickets with their MagicBand, which allows them to ditch traditional paper tickets.

Preventing Retail Theft

A crucial benefit of using RFID technology in business is preventing theft. Have you ever shopped at a department store and noticed the security tags on the bottom of clothes? That’s RFID technology in action! 

When customers get too close to the door while holding an item with an RFID tag, the alarm will sound. You might have had this happen to you by accident while shopping. These security measures cut down on theft at retail stores everywhere. 

RFID tags are nearly impossible to take off without the aid of special tools employees keep by the register. They remove them at checkout, and this process also helps retail stores keep track of their inventory.

Optimizing the Medical Field

There are many ways RFID benefits the medical field. Some hospitals utilize the technology in the form of bracelets on their patients, which allows healthcare professionals to properly identify every person in their care. These devices can even provide other relevant care information, like what kind of medications a patient must take.

Like at retail stores, important medical equipment uses RFID technology to cut down on the chance of it being stolen or misplaced. Hospitals and pharmacies can also keep an inventory of various medications, which helps give patients what they need and alerts them when medicine has expired.

Companies everywhere use RFID technology to optimize their customers’ experience. They can also use it as a means of loss prevention and inventory control. With this nifty innovation, businesses are bound to have more success. 

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