What is CDN - Why They Are Essential for OTT Platform's Success?

What is the one factor that makes you instantly exit an OTT platform? Well. For one, we say, all of us find long buffering time and slow streaming intolerable. Those who consume content regularly will unanimously agree that excessive delay is one of the main factors that affect the watching experience on any video streaming platform. According to the forecast scenarios, that annual value would stand around 120.5 billion or surpass 138 billion dollars by 2027.

Given the rising demand for streaming and over-the-top (OTT) services, it is paramount to consider this factor. Additionally, if you develop an OTT platform, it will draw users from all over the world. Your OTT platform will perform worse if you rely on a single localized server to serve all of your viewers.

A content delivery network (CDN) enters the picture in this situation. In this article, we'll examine the benefits of CDNs for OTT platforms and go into better detail about the idea of a CDN. 

A Content Delivery Network: What Is It?

A CDN consists of a network of nearby proxy servers dispersed across many data centers. These proxy servers can store a variety of multimedia, including subtitles, sound, and video. The proxy server nearest to the user's location is used to provide content each time they access your OTT platform.

The overall viewing experience is enhanced as latency and buffering times are reduced. Additionally, it shields your OTT platform's master/origin server from unforeseen traffic spikes and cyberattacks. Some CDN services offer a master/origin shield layer between the origin and proxy servers for further security.

Why Is CDN Critical for the OTT Platform's Success?

As they can help handle traffic spikes and provide material fast and consistently, CDNs are essential to the success of OTT mobile app development. OTT providers may guarantee a great user experience even in heavy traffic by utilizing a CDN. They enable little lag and minimal buffering for streaming high-quality video material. Additionally, CDNs increase cost and network traffic efficiency.

Caching Streams: How Does It Work?

Video files are streamed constantly from a server to a client during streaming. However, a user's device does not receive streaming video as a single continuous file. Instead, streaming video is divided up into more manageable chunks. The user's video player loads each segment and arranges them properly.

A CDN can save each video segment in its cache, just like it can store an image, an HTML page, or a piece of JavaScript code. The CDN starts caching the video clips as soon as they come from the stream's origin when a user requests it. The CDN can instead deliver those segments from the cache when the same stream is requested by the following user, which is significantly quicker.

Benefits of Using a Content Delivery Network for OTT Platforms

Still unsure if an OTT hosting platform with a CDN solution would be a good investment for you? Consider the following advantages of a content delivery network before choosing.

Unbreakable Protection

Numerous security measures, such as request restriction, malware prevention, and bot identification, are offered by built-in CDN for streaming video and audio material.

The main benefit of a CDN is that just proxy servers will be affected even if your OTT platform is attacked. The number of proxy servers in a CDN reduces the development of assaults like DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), in which a website or platform is bombarded with concurrent attempts to break it.

Improved OTT Performance

Thanks to CDN's extensive network of proxy servers, your video streaming platform will have constant availability and faster streaming. Proxy servers handle OTT content delivery to ensure viewers have an uninterrupted viewing experience in cases like main server failures.

The content delivery network ensures the OTT platform operates normally with the least amount of latency, regardless of unexpected user traffic. It guarantees a round-the-clock availability of your video streaming service when combined with the strengthened security features.

Network Bandwidth Is Not Exceeded by Streaming Material

Only a fixed volume of data may go over a network at once. "Bandwidth" refers to this maximum quantity. Data transport significantly slows down when a network's bandwidth is exceeded, much as restricting traffic on a freeway to one lane does. It is less likely that any one network will be overloaded with traffic in this way if a stream is supplied from the many scattered servers of a CDN.

Improved Security

Modern content delivery networks offer numerous security features, such as malware protection, bot identification, and request limitation. This aids in defending your OTT platform against online threats. Even if such an assault targets your platform, only the proxy servers will likely suffer. Additionally, adding more proxy servers will significantly reduce the chance of DDoS attacks.

Ensured Scalability

Utilizing a content delivery network makes handling sudden increases in traffic a piece of cake. This is because the load is split amongst several local servers rather than piling up on the origin server.

Additionally, most CDN services will give you access to additional proxy servers during a traffic spike. Both live streaming and growing your OTT platform benefit from it.


Wide-ranging material is sent through proxy servers, so local network outages or the distance between content producers and viewers don't cause content to be delayed. Live broadcasts and VOD are both given as cached content with only one click.

Enhancing the User Experience

A CDN's largest benefit for OTT streaming services is reduced buffering and streaming speed. Users won't have to wait for the material to load, regardless of where they are. If unanticipated traffic increases, a content delivery network guarantees that your OTT platform will continue functioning.

Modern CDNs can cache dynamic content like a user's viewing history and cache static assets stored on proxy servers.

Every time users log into your site, they can instantly pick up where they left off with a video. All of these elements improve the viewing experience and, as a result, lower subscriber drop-off.

What Are the Hottest Trends in Content Delivery Networks?

Thanks to technological advancements, CDNs are becoming quicker and more dependable. Businesses are employing CDNs more frequently to speed up their websites and enhance the consumer experience. It is now simpler to start using a CDN and benefit from it thanks to new improvements in CDN software.

The necessity for quick, dependable material distribution grows as the internet plays a more prominent role in our daily lives. The relevance of content delivery networks (CDNs), an essential infrastructure component, is only increasing. 

Here are a few of the most recent CDN technology trends:

  • Increased use of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance caching and routing decisions
  • The usage of HTTPS and QUIC, among other safety protocols, is rising.
  • Building new edge data centers to assist in regulating traffic increase.
  • Higher money is spent on specialized hardware, such as bespoke processors and dedicated servers.

Popular OTT Platform Examples:

OTT is the best platform for delivering a quality video experience under your complete control and straight to your targeted audience. With OTT, suppliers may interact directly with users to solicit fast feedback. 

Numerous OTT platforms are available, including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and many more. 

In a Nutshell

The only thing that will draw users to your video streaming business is high-quality content. You must provide a quick, flawless watching experience to attract and sustain subscribers.

As we can see, there are many reasons why a profitable streaming platform needs an OTT CDN. Your OTT platform's security, dependability, and scalability are improved by using a CDN. Ultimately, it ensures that users aren't turned off by buffering lag or downtime. It helps to generate the retention rate you desire with a seamless experience. When you start developing an OTT platform, the Content delivery network plays a significant part in a successful rollout. 

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