Six Things You Should Know About Investing In Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is often viewed as a get-rich-fast scheme, whereas it is anything but that. While some early investors did make a lot of money, people investing in crypto nowadays do not have the same luxury.

You may argue that people investing in new currencies these days will enjoy huge dividends when their market price soars. 

Right, but you need to be lucky for that to happen because the commoner tends to favor established or promising currencies. Therefore, the currency in question may not be able to pick up as fast as established ones.

Moreover, many people tend to see bitcoin investment as the most incredible thing to do. Many others see it as an alternative investment and treat it the same way. 

You probably follow a lot of influencers on social media if this is your perspective, considering that they make up a small group.

But that does not mean that crypto is entirely risk-free. If you follow the market for a few days, you will understand what we mean. 

Crypto is probably among the riskiest investments; if you are not careful enough, things can go downhill very quickly. As an investor, this is the last thing you want 

Research is critical here. One of the first things to know about investing in crypto is how it all started. Regardless of where you live, you can learn more about crypto and start investing. 

The goal is to minimize risk as much as possible. For example, even if you're based in the Philippines and have invested in Ethereum, you can use the 1 eth to PHP conversion calculator to evaluate the situation.

That said if you are interested in crypto and would like to try your luck and skills at trading, here is a list of six things you should know about investing in it:

1) It is a risky investment.

I already mentioned this before, but this needs to be discussed in more detail. Many people disregard the risks attached to crypto when risk is a central part of this investment. 

You can only be a successful investor if you trade smartly and if you have a significant risk appetite. 

Things can go wrong at any time, and there is a fair chance that you might lose your money. If you still want to go ahead with this, it is entirely your choice, and if you are lucky, you might also make a lot of money. 

You should always be clear about the risks.

2) The market is highly volatile

Unlike other markets, it is difficult to predict cryptocurrency market behavior. Given that it is highly volatile, it is far riskier than other sectors. 

But the same volatility leads to gains. When the market dips, it opens pathways for new investors, who could not have invested if the prices had not dropped. 

So, understanding the market volatility is crucial in understanding the risks attached to this investment. Of course, there are some ways to minimize the risks, and we will get into them later in this article.

3) It is a 24/7 job

Unlike other markets operating within a specified time frame, the cryptocurrency market runs 24/7. This is because there is no central exchange to regulate it, and people worldwide are continually trading, so the market is always operational. 

Many people leave their full-time jobs and switch to crypto in the hope of having more free time. The reality is different. With crypto, you must always be at the top of your game. 

While it is impossible to work 24 hours a day, you have to be smart about your moves.

4) You need to stay ahead of the curve

Like other sectors, the cryptocurrency sector is also affected by external factors. This means that if you miss out on a few developments, you may be unable to make the right decisions. 

You need to follow the news to see how domestic and international factors play out. Many countries are trying to regulate cryptocurrency or have banned it in its entirety, which has a negative effect on the market. 

However, if you follow the news regularly, you can anticipate these measures. Therefore, staying ahead of the curve is one key trait that differentiates average investors from smart ones, and this should be something you should develop in yourself.

5) Timing is key

With crypto, timing is critical. If you consistently follow the news and stay ahead of the curve, you will be in a better position to make the right decisions. 

The key to successful trading is to make the right decision at the right time. If your predictions are accurate, you'll be more successful. So, if you anticipate a massive development within the market, act as soon as possible. 

6) You need to pick the right currencies

Everything else aside, one key factor with cryptocurrency trading is the selections you make while you are building your portfolio. 

While Bitcoin is the gold standard of cryptocurrencies, many other currencies can be a promising investment. 

Moreover, some lesser-known currencies may not be able to give you any good returns on your investment. 

So, you must thoroughly study the market and choose the currencies you want to invest in because this largely determines how your strategy would play out in the larger scheme of things.


Those with little to no experience start investing, which often leads to disaster. It would help if you were as informed as possible before you begin. 

If you are new to cryptocurrency trading, follow the six points mentioned above, as they can help you get acquainted with the sector and pave the way for developing an investment plan that works and delivers results. 

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