The Most Potential SEO Trends to Know

SEO is the modern approach incorporated by various websites worldwide to attract customers online and retain them for a longer period of time. If you use the techniques of SEO appropriately, it gives you the best results. Search engine optimization is evolving constantly, however, retaining its latest updates is ultimately a challenge.

70 percent to 80 percent of customers focus on organic results and avoid paid listings. Around 28 percent of these searches convert into a purchase. Top-ranking SEO activities need attention to multiple metrics including backlinks, traffic, and social shares. Some of the relevant search engine optimization trends anticipated in 2022 are:

Artificial Intelligence to Play a Larger Role in SEO 

Artificial intelligence has changed the way users interact virtually with content. The AI algorithm of Google is worth noting. Google algorithm plays a vital role in Google's ranking for search engine result pages. User signals are prominent for a better experience and are one of the primary determinants. The factors range from time spent on a page to click-through rate. 

Voice Search to Impact Search Queries

Thanks to various innovations of Google Assistants - Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, etc. Voice search technology moved a long path and has become better with time. Also, with evolution, it has become more popular. One needs to consider keywords for optimizing voice search. Identify how longer phrases are used in everyday conversation and how voice searches have made it easier and more natural to inculcate. For example, a person can tap on the mic symbol and speak instead of typing. 

Content Fulfilling EAT Principle

Google has again and again rendered that content quality is a prerequisite for a website's ranking success. But what constitutes quality? The EAT principle actually suggests that - expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. A web page is considered real and of worthy content quality only if it meets the criteria. The principle of EAT is useful for any business niche. Some of the ways that ensure quality content in a website include:

  • Creating buyer personas for understanding the type of content a client requires 
  • Conducting search intent research to map out the user's journey
  • Using this data to create content for suiting the format of users' preferences. For instance, catering to kids, videos are preferable. 

Long Content 

Long reads usually get three times more traffic than short reads. Also, they receive 3.5 times more backlinks than articles of 800-1000 words. 

Visitors need to be engaged with worthy, well-organized content. Google ads have contributed a lot to improving the quality and expanding abilities of a website. An on-page SEO accesses page strengths such as backlinks, readability, and many more. The aim is to write quality content presenting usable and readable information to users. 


Search engine optimization is itself the biggest trend in the growing online market. Every online business irrespective of its niche, size, or location has to incorporate SEO strategies to rank it higher on Google pages. However, many factors need to be focused on before optimizing your website's content. 

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