Top 5 Bulk Email Verification Services Compared

Email verification is an important step you shouldn’t neglect while doing email marketing. Here we collected the list of the best email validation tools that will improve your email address list.

What Is A Bulk Email Verification And Why You May Need It?

Email verification is a process of checking and verifying if the email addresses are valid and working properly. 

Why do we need email verification? Incorrect, disposable, or spam addresses increase the bounce rates, as well as they don’t have any real users who will interact with your campaigns. Altogether, sending bulk emails to such addresses and not using a bulk email verification tool might ruin your sender's reputation and mark your future campaigns as spam.

You may ask: how to validate a list of email addresses? The answer will be to use a bulk email verification tool.

How Does Email Address Verifier Work?

Any bulk email verifier service uses several steps to check the emails. Usually, it includes:

  • syntax check (the correctness of email name, whether it has any spelling mistakes);
  • domain check (verifying of DNS entries to ensure that the email domain is valid);
  • role-based account check (removing role-based accounts from the list, as they usually show poor results);
  • spam traps check (detecting emails that are used for trapping spammers);
  • DNSBLs check (checking the IP addresses that are associated with emails conducting spam activity).

How To Choose An Email Verifier And Which Is The Best?

Choosing a bulk email verifier tool isn’t hard, as the market has a lot of solutions to offer. We have collected the most popular and the most efficient ones.

  - Atomic Mail Verifier

An efficient and intuitive email verifier that can work in connection with other Atomic email products. This software solution provides convenient various filtering settings to simplify the process of verification, export wizard functionality for quick and seamless contact export, and SMTP and proxy settings for a faster and more powerful connection.

  - ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce allows you to detect more than 30 types of suspicious emails, as well as provides a high level of data security to secure your data while running verification. The service finds the aforementioned spam traps, domains associated with abuse and bots, and emails that are owned by toxic and disposable domains.

  - Mailboxlayer

Mailboxlayer works as an API service that you can integrate anywhere and run regular and scalable verifications. This tool works the next way: the would-be email server pings each email address and runs tests for catch-all configurations.

  - is not only a verifying tool but an email extractor from websites you might also leverage for your marketing goals. This software piece validates email addresses on multiple levels and provides various API integrations as well.

  - DeBounce

DeBounce provides a wide range of verifications, but its biggest benefit is that it integrates with more than 30 bulk email platforms. Hence, it can run automatic validation and remove the need of doing it manually.


Never skip email verification, as it helps you improve the results of your campaigns and protect your email account. Hope you got an idea of a better email verification service as per your needs. 

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