5 Free Online Courses Sites for Your Resume

The education and employment market are not as simple as they used to be even twenty years ago. Back then, it was enough to obtain the right qualification at the university, which would safeguard one’s profession nearly for life. Most university degrees used to be associated with a certain position or profession one can aim at. Today, new professions turn up every year, and the university curriculums do not always keep up with such demands.

To stay relevant as an applicant today, one must constantly improve their key skills and be up to date with the field they have chosen. For that reason, online courses are so popular among employed people of all ages. Also, hiring managers pay attention to the additional online courses one takes. If you want your resume to look even better, there are ways to start doing it right away!

Why Online Courses Look Good on the Resume

Online courses can improve and enhance your chances of landing an interview. Ideally, they have to provide a student with a certificate of completion. But even without it, this section of your CV will draw the attention of the hiring manager. If you list your qualification courses in the application, here is what the recruiter will see:
  • You are genuinely interested in your occupation;
  • You are ready to invest in your career, as online courses are usually taken in one’s free time;
  • You understand the dynamics of the industry and put an effort to keep up with it;
  • You are independent and can manage your time;
  • You are a good learner, and the adaptation to a new position will be smooth and effective. 

Even if an online course may not seem so impressive to you, be sure to add everything you have learned to your list to get more interviews. Additionally, for job seekers, there is a cover letter professional writing service to tailor the narrative of their learning journey. The presentation matters as well!

Free Courses Sites for a Good Resume

Seek those that fit your accomplishments and aspirations, and be sure to go for it.

This is a course created by the platform that provides consistent educational support to prominent companies in the market. Its learning platform Hubspot Academy offers courses for online jobs varying from marketing to design. If you are aiming at a related field, take a minute and find a suitable program. The lessons are provided by practicing experts from the industry. They are intelligible and contain a lot of live examples that the students can apply in their work. 

This one is a perfect online course to support the list of one’s soft and managerial skills on the resume. However, this one is only an example, as the website is a fully functional online academy. It contains over 1,300 courses total in different disciplines taught by top speakers from all over the world. You can find free courses in virtually any field. A big advantage of this resource is that it also provides professional certificates to applicants who want to learn their field in-depth.

Probably one of the top places to learn best practices in digital is the school by a digital giant. Google is one of the most successful and cutting-edge technology companies, and it shares its knowledge according to all the learning principles and user experience concerns. Learn analytics, targeting, or social media from your own level. The lessons in every course are short, informative, and visually illustrated. By the successful completion of a course, the student gets a certification and can move to an advanced one in the same topic.

Coursera is another globally known and reputable education service. It contains courses from university professors and top performers in their industries. On this website, there are thousands of paid and free courses. Some of them provide certifications as well. The program of every course is designed to keep the student engaged and check the learned material right away, so studying there will not feel hard.

#5 edX

It is yet another educational service provider. It has a partnership with over a hundred institutions all over the world. Due to the developed partnership system, this platform also gives their students a certificate for the successful completion of the course. As for the topics, they also vary from the tech-specific disciplines to sign languages and soft skills. Just visit the site, and something will definitely spark your learning curiosity. 

How to List the Online Courses

To add more credibility to your educational background, mention what every course has taught you. This advice concerns both formal education in the university, working experience, and online courses. If you still think, “I need some help me write my CV,” there are courses that teach that as well. However, the most important thing in listing online courses is to show that they have given the applicant actual skills. So, along with the name of the program, write a sentence or two or bullet-point your main takeaways from that learning experience.

Learning does not stop the moment you graduate from university. For people who aim at constant career growth, the education process remains constant as well. With access to the internet and a huge variety of courses for everyone, it becomes easier than ever. All you need to do is find the right program. 

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