Benefits of Business Architecture

In recent years, there has been a significant buzz about business architecture. Business architecture is catching up everywhere, some are good and some are not.

Let's go back to some basics to understand what business architecture is and how it can be used, why you need it, and what are the advantages of having a business architecture. We give you enough information and can make some decisions if needed.

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Well, you already have a similar enterprise architecture or not, the question is whether you have documented it and are using it. Business Architecture is:

  • The relationship between company policy and implementation,
  • An abstract model on which a company does,
  • It is not an organizational issue, it is the main difference.

It is debated whether corporate architecture is part of the business architecture or specifically. Companies should have an enterprise architecture even if they don't maintain it. It can be managed by the corporate architecture team because they generally have the necessary skills, provided the team has gone beyond the architectural vision of technology.

Both can be managed by a company team or by a business unit. It also supports enterprise architecture which is not part of information technology but part of the business. There are various companies like which help you to develop architecture in your business

Why is Business Architecture valuable?

The value business architecture offers can be found in the following sections:

  • Give an agreed view of the company or a particular part of the company as a whole
  • Indicates where layout values are generated
  • One way to understand how an organization's goals and policies are reflected in the work it does
  • Help identify the effects of change
  • Can show where information technology supports and does not support the company
  • This can help identify where investment is skewed, over and/or under an investment

This proves that corporate architecture is valuable to a diverse group of people and not just a beautiful artifact printed on a CIO or CEO's wall.

So you understood what you can get from business architecture, but how does business architecture link strategy and execution?

The business architecture provides a view of the business objectives and strategies and their application to the business model objectives. The business architecture provides the connection between the strategy and the way the company works, through the capabilities and capabilities of the organization. It is therefore important that they are correct, which will take time and consultation.

To understand agency capabilities, the main value streams of agencies are identified. Focusing on the main value streams and the ability to support the value streams defined in the policy will increase the value of these streams.

The skills that need to be improved or developed can then be divided into agency areas, including information technology and yes, information technology has its own business architecture. Finally, the enterprise architecture examines the resources required to implement the capability taking into account the size of people, processes, and technology. 

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