NFTs: The Next Asset Of Choice

The idea of having something unique, something that truly belongs to the individual, is something that people have wanted for years beyond counting. Beyond a rare comic book or even a painting, there is the desire to have a one-of-a-kind item that belongs only to one person. The answer for this desire has finally arrived in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens. The blockchain nature of these tokens combined with their unique design means that these unique assets have the value of a truly singular resource. 

While the Crypto industry has grown immensely over the last few years, NFTs have really come into their own as digital assets within the last two years. In fact, the market for NFTs has grown from just over $200 million in 2020 to more than $20 billion in 2021. This expansion represents an enthusiastic level of adoption from both veteran Crypto users as well as newly arrived crypto-enthusiasts that are seeking to expand their digital asset portfolios. 

NFTs come in many forms though they are most commonly known to be various types of digital art pieces. Enthusiastic adoption of these unique images has been most noteworthy in the forms of various types of profile images used on such social media websites as Twitter and Facebook. However, there has also been a great deal of effort in expanding the NFT coverage into major sports like the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League. Much like how sports cards captivate fans the world over, NFTs offer a chance to own a unique part of the game much like sports card collectibles have been for ages. 

Obviously, this type of asset is something that could easily occupy the thoughts of any savvy digital trader, however, NFTs also offer a source of asset diversification that traditional stock trading is unable to match. People can download and trade unique pieces of artwork or even clips from sporting events in order to increase the value of their own digital portfolios or to satisfy the collector’s urge within them. Now as people are looking to take their own pieces of this growing field, they simply require the tools to trade and gather these NFT assets as they see fit. 

Blocto seeks to provide those tools to those who want to explore this new front of financial development. Aiming to provide unfettered access to the dApps that allow any user to trade NFTs as they like, Blocto has sought about creating a system that provides flexibility, accessibility, and intuitive use for all of its users. Seeking to echo the system that the Steam gaming platform has created in terms of ease of use, Blocto has been among the first to adopt NFT usage and support. 

Those at Blocto see NFTs not just as a simple fad-asset but instead as a major player in the ever-growing Crypto industry. Especially as how the various cryptocurrencies have been seeing their values fluctuate at the beginning of 2022. NFTs are still coming into their own, and as they become further widespread in their usage and more particular in the various industries and backgrounds that they represent, their market share will only increase. Individuals will only need the right tools like that which Blocto can provide to embark on their own NFT journeys in the coming years. Though this expansion has only begun, the trend has not gone unrecognized by some of the more farsighted entrepreneurs in the world. 

Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and well-known Shark Tank investor, has seen the potential that NFTs and Blocto, in particular, have to offer. Always at the forefront of technological development, it is no surprise that Mark Cuban has seen these advantages of getting into the industry earlier rather than later. Getting through all of the growing pains now while there are still few players in the scene not only gives a financial advantage, but it also allows for people in the right places to truly leverage these new assets to their heart’s content. 

Investing a large amount of his own finance into Blocto, he sees the potential of the platform to be the greatest launchpoint for the eventual expansion of NBA TopShots, which itself will provide the first-ever NFTs of an NBA game. People will be able to own parts of an NBA game itself for the very first time, and Mark Cuban sees Blocto as an essential part of the expansion and future success of this innovative idea. 

The future of the financial industry has finally arrived, and it is the perfect time for anyone to get into the market. Success is now easier to achieve than it ever has been, and with groups like Blocto providing the tools that anyone would need, NFTs are certain to make a lasting impact for any interested person’s journey for financial independence. 

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