10 of The Best Free Instagram Analytics Tools

If you have a personal Instagram profile, things aren't easy. They sure don't think you are serious! However, once you switch to a business profile, you will have access to a lot more information. One of the most valuable features is access to Instagram information, which provides a variety of insights and performance statistics for the ordinary Instagram user. 

For those with Business Profiles, there is a slew of Instagram analytics tools to choose from, some of which are even free. Here we are listing the best free Instagram analytics tools you should try. 

1. Falcon

Falcon's listening, editing, advertising, measurement, and customer data management services are all available. It includes Instagram as well as all of the main social media networks. It’s not free, but it costs $129 / month. The Essentials plan comes with a 14-day free trial. Falcon has advanced analytical capabilities. Over 100 Facebook and Instagram post metrics, along with over 600 additional data points, are available for download via CSV and API. 

Your followers and video views on the page and post level are all included in these measures. To track the metrics that are most important to you, you can create a personalized dashboard with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder. Reports from Falcon are unrestricted. They're available in XLS, CSV, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats. 

Falcon is of course, much more than an analysis tool. You can use it to manage all your social media accounts. It offers a unified content calendar that displays all of your scheduled material by date and social platform. Images, videos, Instagram Stories, and Facebook carousels are among the content kinds it supports. Falcon refers to the shared media library as a "Content Pool" because it stores all of the content in one place. Users can create their own unified inbox with numerous feeds, labels, and filters using Falcon. Falcon allows you to access material from all of the social networks that it supports.

Falcon's social media advertising tool, Publish, is available if you subscribe to the Full Suite. All of your social ads are managed in one location with Publish. It includes cross-channel advertising, automation, and the ability to reuse saved audiences, among other features. Profile cards for existing connections appear next to their messages. Labels can be used to categorize talks and profiles, allowing you to identify people by title, campaign, and other factors.

2. Brand24

Everyone can access and benefit from social media monitoring thanks to Brand24. You can use it to supplement the native Instagram information as part of this, Brand24 collects data on what Instagram users have to say about your business. It can, for example, rate the tone of conversations, track many hashtags, and produce a list of popular hashtags to help you grow your Instagram audience. Most importantly, it provides qualitative data in addition to the quantitative data provided by Instagram Insights

To begin, create a project for each Hashtag brand you want to trace. Then you can use Brand24 to provide feedback on what your customers think about your product or service. His sentiment analysis on Instagram covers reputation management, consumer feedback, and crisis management. You can use sentiment analysis to see how your material is received by your audience and make changes as necessary if they suggest that your content isn't exactly what they're seeking. Based on your predefined keywords, Brand24 provides a list of 100 popular hashtags.

You can use hashtags to increase brand awareness and expand your line. You can also track the hashtag’s effectiveness to see if your campaign was a success and how far the hashtag spread on social media. You can also use Brand24 hashtag statistics to evaluate your success on the different channels of social media and select the one that best suits your brand.Brand24 can be used to evaluate the performance of hashtags on Twitter, Twitch, and TikTok, as well as on Instagram. While Brand24 does not offer an Instagram Analysis tool, you can try it for 14 days before engaging in a subscription plan. The cost of a paid subscription starts at $49 per month. 

3. Pixlee

Pixlee is a free application that allows you to build shareable weekly reports with analysis and data that will help you increase interaction and gain new followers. You may utilize Pixlee's data to uncover social media influencers, find brand champions who are talking about your company and interact with them. You can also keep track of chats and determine the most popular material. It contains hashtag analytics and tracking, Instagram follower growth, and the data you'll need to figure out which of your posts are the most engaging.

4. Iconsquare

Iconsquare allows you to plan new posts, watch your Instagram analytics, and monitor what people are saying about your sector or brand. It provides metrics on interaction, impressions, post reach, and performance on Instagram Stories. It also keeps track of hashtags and competitors. Iconsquare offers a two-week free trial as well as a number of free features, including an in-depth Instagram audit.

5. Instagram Insights

Instagram's free "in-house" analytics tool, is available to all company profiles by default. It provides information on demographic data and the actions of your followers, as well as content analysis. After switching from a personal account to a business account, you will learn more about the material you downloaded. Instagram Insights can be accessed through your profile, individual posts, and stories, among others. A summary of the content data you've posted over the past seven days is available here. It also shows how many followers you currently have and how much you have gained in the past seven days. 

Similarly, it displays the overall number of posts you've made as well as how many you've added in the last week. Data such as total impressions, reach, and profile views over the past seven days can be viewed below. Website clicks and call-to-action button clicks (Call, Email, and Directions) can be viewed by swiping left or right. Instagram Insights has a lot more data, such as 

  •  • An overview of your follower demographics
  •  • Data for individual posts 
  •  • Insights from your Instagram Stories
  •  • Data from paid promotions (if you have it) 

6. Klear

Klear is an influencer marketing platform that focuses on third-party statistics and influencer discovery. Its price isn't clear, but it does offer a discounted start-up plan for non-agency businesses with fewer than 20 employees. If you're seeking a free Instagram analytics tool, scroll down this page (or use your Instagram Insights, of course). 

Klear splits its large network of influencers into over 60,000 topic categories and provides rich statistics about their audiences' demo- and psychographics using powerful algorithms and artificial intelligence. Its capabilities have recently been extended to include Instagram Stories analysis. A hybrid social analysis/listening tool is included in Klear. It can be used to do competitive research.

Add their social media accounts to access a mine, including the mention, the interaction, and the growth of followers. You can set up monitors to teach algorithms what types of accounts and documents are relevant to your business behind the scenes. The platform's statistics are its bread and butter, with billions of data points coupled with a massive number of influencer profiles.

It gives you a quick rundown of influencers' regular social indicators, which in some cases go above and beyond the norm. True Reach is a valuable metric that the algorithm calculates based on years of historical data to be realistic.

7. Sylo

Sylo is a third-party influencer analytics tool that works with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you're looking for free Instagram analytics tools, check out some of the stuff below (or your Instagram Insights) instead. He doesn't publicize his prices, and the customers he shares are all big, so if you're looking for them, look at some of the products below (or your Instagram Insights). Data is at the heart of SYLO. Your influencers will have to register on the SYLO platform and give them access to their social media accounts.

SYLO can deepen the profiles and audiences of influencers compared to other platforms that pull data through more restricted public APIs because the influencers themselves are permitting the access. SYLO crunches all the data and rates all of the influencers' previous posts after they sign in and link their social accounts. The score is assigned to each piece of content produced by an influencer, and its performance is compared to that of other content created by the influencers.

Filtering down through numerous criteria, such as audience demographics, industry verticals, and more, allows you to dissect a content score in a variety of ways. Brands can discover which demographics have the highest levels of interaction, which can help them get a better picture of post-performance. SYLO can assist you to figure out if you're communicating with the wrong people. 

8. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor is a huge artificial intelligence-based database that has indexed around 3 million Instagram profiles. It contains a variety of information and can differentiate real influencers from those who claim to have status but simply have fake followers. HypeAuditor doesn't have a free plan, but since it's paid, it's not too expensive if you only use it occasionally. The HypoAuditor was created specifically to detect fraud. He examines influencers’ profiles, does extensive research on each audience, and is always on the lookout for clues of fraud. 

It includes 28 different metrics and scores that give users a complete picture of the people they interact with. It all starts with the Audience Quality Score (AQS), which rates an influencer's actual worth on a scale of one to one hundred. You can trust influencers who score over 70. It also shows how many followers of an influencer are of high quality. More than just numbers, HypeAuditor also discloses the quality of a wide range of products, and indicators, such as engagement rate, real engagement, reachability of followers, and much more. 

9. Analisa

Analisa is an Instagram analytics-focused influencer marketing tool. Not only does Analisa give you all the data about your Instagram activity, but it also analyzes it to help you understand what the numbers mean. Analisa offers a free service that gives you access to a lot of raw data. If you want in-depth analysis, you'll have to upgrade to their Premium Plan. Analisa allows you to create two types of reports. In-depth research into an influencers’ profile and behavior can be found in a @Account report, while “Hashtag” reports can be used to track campaigns. @Account Report contains the following statistics:

  • • Engagement Rate, Like Rate, and Comment Rate 
  • • Average Engagement Rate
  • • Total Posts (which does not do what it claims; instead, it displays the average number of posts each day, week, and month, plus an interactive graph that lets you plot specific dates.) 
  • • Mentions and Tags 
  • • The average number of likes and comments on each post, as well as the average engagement rates of 987 
  • • Posting Map
  • • Total number of publications (distribution by week)
For your campaigns, Hashtag Reports include: 
  • • Total Posts 
  • • Total Follower Reach 
  • • Total Engagement 
  • • Geolocation 
  • • Audience and Engagement 
  • • Participation 
  • • Average Engagement per Day
  • • Total gangdation per day and total followers per day 
  • • Publication and public involvement
  • • Most Used Caption Words and Hashtags 

10. SocialBook 

Any Instagram, YouTube, or Twitch influencer can get AI-powered data insights from SocialBook. It provides you with detailed statistics on any influencer. Although comprehensive research would require a paid subscription, the free Startup Plan allows you to access data for a limited number of influencers. An advanced search, however, requires a paid subscription. 

For your influencers, you'll find a wide range of data. Obviously, the information provided by SocialBook for Instagram influencers differs from that provided by SocialBook for YouTube or Twitch influencers. Basic statistics like the total number of followers, likes, and posts are included in every Instagram influencer profile. The main language of the influencer is then followed by a price in "BoostCoins" to display more information about him. 

On SocialBook, BoostCoins are a form of virtual money. It is important to emphasize that each influencer is attributed a boost score, which varies from 0 to 100 and is based on the power that he considers an influencer. Then, they go through the top ten influencer tags in their posts. Much more granular metrics are available on the rest of each influencer's profile. These include a variety of printing and engagement statistics, divided in any manner imaginable. It also examines the demographics and interests of the target audience. 

Final Words 

When you switch to a Company Profile, however, you will have access to a lot more information. One of the most valuable features is access to Instagram Insights, which offers a variety of information and performance statistics for the average Instagram user. Many Instagram analysis tools are also accessible. 

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