New Mechanics Creeping into Slot Games Suggest Next Stage of Their Evolution is Coming

The way slot machine reels spin and rarely stop moving is symbolic of the genre. Developers never rest in pushing the games forward and introducing new concepts to the machines that have been in existence since the early 20th century. Innovative studios keep taking the games into new realms, often altering their identity as they seek to make them even more engaging and exciting.

In recent times, slots have dominated the online casino sector. But now, with live casino on the rise, they may need to do more to attract players. A recent influx of new mechanics suggests that the next stage of their evolution is underway.

What are the New Mechanics?

Looking at some of the most recent slot games to hit the market, it’s clear that a few new mechanics are beginning to creep in to freshen up the genre. One of the biggest hits has been the Megaways engine from Australian developer Big Time Gaming. This can be found in games like Jingle Ways Megaways and Big Bass Bonanza Megaways. It enables more than 100,000 win lines by altering the size of the reels to introduce more possibilities. The concept has been so popular that BGT franchised it and made it available for other studios to use.

Some of the other new mechanics that players will have seen seeping into the market include Drops & Wins, Rapid Fire Jackpots, and Fire Blaze Jackpots. All these features give players exciting new twists on the classic slots format and have been invented to allure more people to the games.

What Else Could be Introduced?

One of the greatest developments in the evolution of slots was the introduction of themes that drew inspiration from other entertainment sources. For example, there are now games based on hit series like Rick & Morty and Deal or No Deal, and much-loved films like Gladiator and Terminator Genisys. Developers have also taken inspiration from story modes on games, with offerings like Gonzo’s Quest tapping into an adventure-hungry audience.

For many years, experts have been wondering whether skill-based elements could be introduced on some slots. This would be difficult, of course, as the games are set to payout at a certain RTP percentage and the whole point of them is that they release unpredictable rewards. However, there could be some sort of mini-game that gives players the feeling that they are in control before they win a random amount.

Developers may also be keen to come up with ways to make some games a multiplayer experience. Online games that involve interaction between thousands of people are in vogue now, with titles like PUBG and Fortnite two of the biggest hits in recent times. The question is, how can slot games get communities involved? This is a stumbling block that studios will have to get past in the future, where multiplayer functions will be everywhere in games.


For slot games to survive for another hundred years, they will need to keep evolving. The recent introduction of new mechanisms suggests that they could be entering a new stage of their progression, which could open the doors for major leaps forward. 

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