ADO A20 Electric Bike - 20inch Folding E Bike

Electric bikes are turning out to be the future of transportation. They are better, more convenient, more sustainable, and support the green initiative. So, they are definitely an option to consider for meeting your transportation needs and requirements.

Now, if you are wondering which electric bike you must get for yourself, this article may just contain the answer for you. Here is a detailed review of one of the best electric bike models from a leading electric bike brand - ADO A20 Electric Bike. The good part is that you can even get it at a flash sale discount along with some free accessories in the Christmas offers currently running on the ADO website.

With that said, let’s move on to the review of this fantastic electric bike!

ADO A20 Electric Bike Review

ADO is a brand dedicated to promoting the green initiative and creating a sustainable living environment, and it does so with its electric bikes. All electric bikes by ADO are par excellence, and one would love the riding experience on any of them. This fact will be clearer by this review wherein we have assessed ADO A20 Electric Bike on its performance and other features, functionalities, and specifications.

Bike Performance

When it comes to bike performance, there are many things about the ADO A20 electric bike that makes it perform well beyond the riders' expectations, giving the most fruitful and fulfilling riding experiences.

The bike is equipped with multiple riding modes that you can switch between. All you need to do is use the right gears. Additionally, once you have pedaled up to 6 km/hr using the motor-assist riding mode, you can use the throttle lever in the bike to adjust the speed after that. The bike even goes up to a speed of 25 km/hr, which is great and enough to make you talk to the winds. 

Besides offering that speed, the transmission to this speed is also phenomenal with the Shimano transmission that gradually takes you from the lowest gear to the top gear while keeping the riding experience smooth and convenient.

The riding is made smoother with the seven-point shock-absorbing system of the bike, which makes sure that the bike is ideal for riding on all kinds of roads, routes, and terrains. This compatibility to all kinds of roads and surfaces is ensured further by the bike's super-thick, anti-skid, and explosion-proof rubber tires.

With all these specifications, there’s no doubt that this bike is designed for a seamless performance that gives excellent riding experiences.


The batteries are the most important part of an electric bike, and this ADO A20 Electric Bike is designed with the best-in-class batteries. The bike is powered by a 36v10.4ah: automotive battery and energy recovery system that ensures a ride for long distances.

Additionally, the battery charges very quickly, in about 6-8hours, so your bike is ready for the road again in almost no time at all. With that, you can be assured that the battery is very reliable and saves a lot of power and energy, thereby contributing more towards sustainability as you ride.


Even the design of the bike makes it great for picks. It is a completely foldable electric bike which makes it highly portable and easy to store. Besides that, the bike is designed with an adjustable seat and saddle to ensure that the rider's height is never a problem or hindrance to their smooth-riding experiences.

Additionally, the handle stand of the bike is also adjustable, which further adds to the comfort. Besides that, the bike is also designed to be waterproof, thereby making sure that the battery doesn’t get spoilt. Moreover, the bike even has a charging point that you can use to charge your smartphone, and with the phone placed there, even GPS tracking becomes easier and more convenient.

With all that, the bike is designed for convenience, comfort, reliability, and sustenance.

Final Words

So, that was a review of the ADO A20 Electric Bike, which only puts light on the fact that the bike is great in its design and performance. With all its features and specifications, it qualifies for excellent riding experiences.

With that, there is no reason for you not to pick the bike, especially when you can get it at a Flash Sale Price in the ongoing CHRISTMAS DEALS and PROMOTIONS on the official website of ADO.

Not only is the bike available at a flash sale price, but you can even get all the bike accessories at a 10% discount.

So, go ahead, grab the offers now, and gift yourself an excellent performing electric bike this Christmas! 

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