New to Webcam Chatting? Here are the Top 5 Tips You Need to Know

Starting a webcam chat session for the first time is a bit like showing up to a party you’ve been invited to, but you hardly know any of the guests. It’s easy to feel like you don’t belong, but it’ll only take a few minutes before you’ve found your groove. 

As a matter of fact, webcam chatting on ChatSpin is probably even more simple than mingling at a party full of strangers; it definitely takes a lot less preparation. By the time you’ve read the tips below, you’ll be all set to start up your first chat session, and see for yourself what random video chatting has to offer!

1. Consider what your chat partners see when you come onscreen

You only get one chance at a first impression, and if that first impression will help your chat partners decide if they want to keep talking to you, it only makes sense to optimize what they see. This is more than a convoluted way to say “remember to brush your hair”; your background or lighting setup might also need a mini makeover. 

This isn’t to say that you need a professional lighting array or a picture-perfect background. The main thing is that the lighting isn’t too bright, dim, or direct. Your background should look inviting, or at least fairly clean. 

If you’re suddenly wondering if you’ve signed up for more than you thought, just remember this – you may actually need to brush your hair, but nobody will be able to tell the difference if you don’t smell like roses. Once you have the basic setup right, the amount of effort you have to make before each chat session is pretty minimal.

2. Know the difference between text and video chats

Video/webcam chatting tends to be more popular on random chat sites, but there are always a few users who opt for text chats instead. Maybe they’re new to random chatting, and a text chat helps them dip their toes in the water without feeling like they’re in over their heads. Other people use text chats because they prefer a slower pace, or they want some time to think about their answers before replying. Whatever the reason, you’ll probably have the option to switch back and forth whenever you feel the inclination.

Video chats are what most random chatters use, so if that’s what you end up with, you’ll be in good company. This gives you a better rhythm for a back-and-forth conversation, and you’ll both be able to communicate via body language as well. 

3. Embrace your own oddities

This isn’t a job interview; nobody’s taking notes on how well you’re doing in a random chat. Keeping that in mind, you should feel free to simply be yourself. Do you think you’re kind of an odd character? Congratulations! So do millions of other people. 

You may have your own unique mix of peculiarities, but this doesn’t mean that other people won’t be able to relate to you. Rather than trying to make yourself palatable to as many people as possible, use random video chatting as an opportunity to relax and let your personality shine. If some of your chat partners don’t love what they see, that’s not your problem – just find someone else to talk to!

As it happens, some people actually credit random video chatting with helping them grow into their personalities, so to speak. It’s easy to get stuck in other people’s expectations, and this can make it hard to express everything you feel inside. With a venue like webcam chatting, though, you’re in an environment with very few expectations – certainly none regarding what kind of person you’re supposed to be. 

4. Be flexible and understanding

When you’re on a random chat site, you’re one of many people with their own opinions, convictions, and viewpoints. You’ll probably find a bunch of people who think along the same lines as you do, but you’ll also get plenty of chat partners who don’t actually have that much in common with you.

What happens when these types of people come along – do you leave in search of a more accommodating chat partner, or do you stick around to see what happens?

The choice is yours, but here are a couple of things to consider. Firstly, you aren’t going to get any brownie points for white-knuckling your way through a conversation that isn’t really to your taste. Secondly, only picking the obvious, easy interactions can leave your chat sessions feeling a little one-sided. 

Ultimately, you’re the one who decides which chat partners stay and which ones don’t. However, if you’re willing to listen to the people who don’t necessarily share the same opinions as you, it could be an opportunity to see things from a whole new perspective. 

5. Conversations can get pretty intense – and you should let it happen

Along the same lines, you have to follow your gut when it comes to certain interactions. On the one hand, you’re probably there for some casual entertainment; you aren’t trying to hash out complex philosophical issues with your fellow random chatters. On the other hand, seeing a chat through even when it isn’t exactly “fun” can still be rewarding. 

The main thing to watch out for is if your chat partner is being distasteful or insulting. In that case, there probably isn’t much benefit to the conversation. If you’re both being respectful, though, that’s a pretty good indication that you can have a constructive conversation together. 

Still have some questions about random video chatting? Maybe it’s time for you to start learning by doing!

After all, webcam chatting isn’t actually that complicated. All you need is a webcam, an internet connection, and the ability to communicate. Even though you’re there for your own benefit, remember that you’re also in a shared space. As long as you’re looking out for both yourself and the other chatters, you’re sure to have a great time! 

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