Why Display Social Media Content On Hospitality Digital Signage?

Social media has become an important part of our life. In fact, for marketers, it has become a major playground to captivate the target audience and leverage abundant marketing benefits. 

If you are in the hospitality business, you must be wondering how so? Well, let us tell you that you are missing out on a lot, as social media is a river filled with many benefits. 

Allow us to tell you how leveraging social media to your hotel premises through digital signage can help you upscale your marketing efforts to a great extent.

Please keep reading and know it all!

What Is A Social Wall?

A social wall is a fun and engaging tool that allows users to collect their preferred social media content with the help of a social media aggregator, curate it with several customizations and advanced moderation tools, and finally display it on a digital screen, on websites, and other marketing touchpoints. 

The idea is to introduce a brand's social media presence to the audience, engage and captivate them, and bring endless marketing benefits. Many brands have started incorporating the social media wall to expand their reach and leverage the social media benefits beyond social media.

So, it's time to know how a social media wall, when added to the digital signage of your hotel, can be beneficial for your business.

Benefits Of Leveraging Social Media In Hospitality Through Digital Signage

Build Trust With User-generated content

Collect all the user-generated content your customers create for you and create a social media wall with it. Once done, you can further display it on the digital signage at your hotel premises. It will be a great strategy to build trust in your customers.

When your customers visit your premises, they come across the user-generated content of your happy customers. The real-life happiness shared by your customers at your hotel property will build trust in your customers who are visiting the hotel for the first time, and they will feel less anxious around the space.

Higher Guest Engagement

The love for social media among people is known to all, as more than half of the world's population can be found there. The social media wall is so engaging and enticing that it will keep your guests entertained throughout their stay at your property. 

The addition of social media digital signage at your hotel will offer something new to your guests and add a modern touch to your premises, making your guests' stay more fun and engaging.

Improve Social Media Presence

When you add social media content to the digital signage at your hotel premises, especially user-generated content of your happy customers, it encourages social proof in your customers. They also feel encouraged to create content for you. 

When more people create content for you, it improves your social media presence to a great extent. Not just that, the social wall updates in real-time, so each time a customer posts something, it will automatically appear on the digital signage. When your guests see their name appearing on the digital screens, they feel impressed, and it will become an engaging activity for them. It will encourage more content creation.

Create Brand Visibility

Brand visibility is important for any business to prosper, especially in the hospitality industry, where most of the work happens with the help of better visibility. That's because when more people know you, more are likely to choose you among your competitors. When you display a social wall on the digital screens at your hotel, you introduce your audience to your social media presence.

They visit your social media accounts to interact more with the content, follow it to keep receiving the updates and share it with their friends and followers if they like the content. It creates more visibility for your brand as more people interact with it.

Hashtag Campaigning 

A social wall is your gateway to create effective and result-driven hashtag campaigns that become more visible with the social media wall. You can fetch all the social media posts made using your hashtag and display them on the social wall.

The social wall makes your hashtag campaigns more effective as it updates in real-time, so each time there is a new post with your hashtag, it will automatically appear on the digital signage. It would instill social proof in your audience and encourage more audience participation in your hashtag campaigns.

Let's Call It A Wrap!

Reaching the end of this blog, we hope you better understand the power social media holds. Also, how it can help you skyrocket your marketing efforts once you leverage it to your hotel premises. 

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the ideal social wall platform and get the good work going. 

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