12 Quick Digital Signage Content Ideas

Having digital signage but don’t know how to make effective use of it? Are you running out of content ideas for digital signage screens? Then don’t worry, here are some awesome digital signage content ideas to enhance your screen and make a profound impression that makes your audience go wow with your digital signage screen. 

These ideas can be applied to the digital signage screens of multiple industries like schools, universities, offices, corporates, restaurants, etc. 

To enhance the experience of your audience with digital signage, a proper content strategy and a playlist is a must. So grab the content inspirations for your digital signage screens with the 12 quick and impressive content ideas. 

So let’s get started…

#1 Display Social Media Walls

In this social media era, everyone has their social media presence. You can collect the social post either from your account or user-generated content from your fans and customers and a beautiful social media wall with the help of tools. 

Social media wall will display the social proof of your brand and increase the affinity that results in long-lasting relationships with your customers. 

#2 Show Website To Connect Your Audience

You can now tell your customers about the official website of your brand. As people passing by your retail store or guest visiting inside your company or hotel, may not know about the official website. 

You can display the URL of your website simply or show the homepage and major pages of your website running on the digital signage screen. 

#3 Play Videos

Videos can grab the instant attention of your audience and increase engagement with your brand. YouTube, Vimeo, or your own created brand video playlist can be a great solution. As video is already created in the 16:9 format, you don’t need to optimize the video to fit your digital signage screen. 

#4 Reviews and Testimonials

If you are a retail store or showroom, let display the reviews and testimonials of your happy customers on the digital signage screen. This will help your store audience get to know about the experience of the existing customer and build trust with your product and services. 

Reviews are the critical part of the marketing process, hence you can boost your offline marketing efforts with reviews and testimonials through digital signage. 

#5 Weather Reports

Make use of digital signage to update your customers and audience about the weather reports of the city. It will help your customers to stay alert and cautious before any rain, storm, or any weather changes in the city. 

You can ease the work of people by displaying the weather reports directly on the digital signage screen, they don’t need to open their mobile phones to check the weather updates. 

#6 Breaking News & Announcements

When people are sitting in the waiting room, let them stay entertained and informed with the breaking news from all over the world. For corporations and offices, digital signage can be the best way to keep their employees and team members stay updated with the industry-specific breaking news and announcements. 

#7 Industry Trends

Connect your employees with the industry trends. For your employees, it is much more important to update with the latest industry news, announcements, and updates than any other type of news. 

So make sure your corporate digital signage has an industry trends content playlist on top of any other content type. 

#8 Menu Boards

Instead of a paper menu card, go environment-friendly without any paper use. Make your restaurant's digital signage screen into an attractive, vibrant, and informative digital menu board that allows your customers to place orders easily. 

#9 Company Sales Board

Connect your employees and team members with factual information about your company. Display the sales board on the digital signage so that your customers also know about how far they are away from achieving the set goals and objectives. 

#10 Display Contest Details

If you are organizing an event or contest inside the premises and you want your audience to check the details of the content before participating. Take the help of a digital signage screen instead of distributing content details through papers or emails. 

#11 Discount Offers & Coupon Code

If you are a retail store or shopping mall, digital signage screens will help you derive more customers by attracting them with discounts and coupon codes. 

Display exclusive offers that grab the attention of people roaming here and there in the mall and entice them to make purchases with your retail store. 

#12 Positive & Inspiring Quotes

Whether it’s a school, office, corporation, or any other place, let’s make the people stay positive, encouraged, and motivated in their life. 

Display inspiring and mood-boosted quotes from famous personalities that always give a ray of light to your people.  

Wrapping Up

So these are some amazing digital signage content ideas that you can use to leverage maximum benefits and keep the audience engaged with your brand. 

Let’s notify us if you find any impeccable results after applying these content ideas to your digital signage screen. 

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