How Great Customer Support Drives Business ROI

Did you know that the time and effort invested in customer support can fructify in the form of higher business ROI?

You can increase your revenue opportunities by meeting your customers' needs at every touchpoint and making their interactions with your brand fulfilling.

According to research, customers find excellent customer support valuable, with 90% of them using it to guide their purchase decisions.

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Offering proactive customer service is a great way to impress first-time customers and keep old customers loyal to your company. 

This post explains five ways by which customer support increases business ROI.

Let's dive in.

Why Great Customer Support Equals Better Business ROI

To remain competitive, you need to focus on empowering your customer support team.

Why is this?

They have a direct connection to customers, and their actions can ruin or improve your revenue.

Not convinced?

Here are the top benefits of offering great customer support and how it translates to better business ROI.

1. Leads to Better Understanding of the Customer

When customers contact your support team, they expect to talk to knowledgeable people who are aware of their past interactions with your brand.

They do not want to have to repeat their problems each time they contact your team. In fact, that’s a pet peeve of 23.5% of customers. 

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If your agents across call centers and other channels have the right customer analytics, you can pacify agitated customers.

Having access to all customer information, including their background, behavior, interests, problem areas, etc., can enable agents to offer personalized support.

Additionally, your support team must possess the necessary communication skills and knowledge to help solve customer problems efficiently. Your team then engages more effectively with customers, leading to more purchases and improved business ROI.

2. Increases Conversion Opportunities

Need a cost-effective method of locking in business revenue?

Offer great customer support.

How does that happen?

You approach potential customers before they get to you, with questions about the challenges they face in their daily life. By making use of their customer feedback, you can leverage the insights they share for assessing market demand for new products and services.

For example, you can consider the questions your customer support team gets frequently asked about your products. Then, introduce new features or products that help address those concerns.

And guess what?

Doing this can be way better than pitching a random product idea to customers, which doesn’t interest them. When you pitch them ideas that are tailored to their needs and interests, they feel that your business truly cares for them.

Additionally, if the products or features created truly solve their problems, they will be willing to pay for them, thus improving your business ROI.

3. Builds Reputation

Modern customers are vocal about the experiences they have with brands.

According to research, great customer experience drives people to recommend brands to others.

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Offering excellent customer support can therefore influence what people say about your brand online. Word-of-mouth marketing can solidify your brand reputation, drive awareness, and reduce marketing costs.

All of this helps eventually contribute to a higher business ROI.  

4. Gives Competitive Advantage

An excellent support team can help your brand stand out from the competition. It can also position your brand as the best solution provider in the marketplace.

But how?

Let’s get a little context on this point first. Since the onset of COVID-19, customer loyalty has plummeted. The only thing that can help you avoid customer churn is great customer service.

33% of customers have switched brands due to lousy customer service. 96% of customers say they would do business with a brand that solved their problems immediately and turned a poor experience into a good one. 

Additionally, 26% were more likely to leave a review about a poor experience turned positive. When that happens, you get a serious competitive advantage.

When you understand your buyer journey and deliver exceptional customer experience, you can actually acquire your competitors' customers, thereby driving your business ROI.  

5. Fosters Customer Loyalty

When customers trust your brand, they tend to be more loyal to you. They can drive sales by yielding referrals and repeated sales, which in turn grows customer lifetime value.

Research proves that, when customers trust a brand, they will buy from it even if it's not the cheapest. They will pay attention to their ad messages, recommend, and defend them.

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Growing customer lifetime value means that customers spend money or shop frequently with your brand.

And guess what?

Offering great customer support can help you boost customer lifetime value, and hence your business ROI. If your support team provides excellent experiences, then your customers are more likely to shop with you again.

Best of all?

They are likely to share their experiences with others. Building consistent customer relations eventually leads to more revenue for you. It also becomes easier to cross-sell and upsell your products since the customers believe your support team recommends items that meet their needs.

Does Your Customer Support Team Help Boost Business ROI?

The evidence is there.

Offering great customer support can make your business competitive and drive business ROI.

Most importantly?

If your support team helps audiences meet their needs, it can lead to loyalty and ambassadorship.

Need help transforming your customer support team into one that dries higher business ROI? Comment below, and I can offer tips on making this a reality for your business.

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