9 Tools Developers Should Use to Deliver a Personalized User Experience

In today’s saturated mobile app market, where millions of apps are available in the Android and iOS app stores, building a feature-rich app and personalizing a mobile app has become a necessity for app creators. Today’s tech-savvy generation wants personalized experiences from brands they like most. A mobile app provides marketers with a more significant opportunity to promote their business and encourage consumers to make purchases.

A personalized mobile app has the potential to reduce the user churn rate by sticking them to the app for a long period of time. If you want more and more people to download your app, invest your time, effort, and resources to make a unique app that delivers a personalized user experience. A personalized app can improve user engagement, boost conversions and empower businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

If you are wondering how to leverage personalization and deliver a more individualized customer experience to every individual using your app, you should try these mobile app personalization tools.

Let’s explore:

1.  Pendo

Pendo is one of the best tools for developers, helping them improve the performance of mobile apps and software products. The product experience platform allows your development team to see how customers are navigating the product, which features customers are using, and which features create trouble for customers. Which functions are delighting the customers, and which features they are ignoring?

By getting these valuable product insights, app development teams can easily make necessary tweaks to the product and make data-driven decisions to improve the product quality. Pendo lets you create specific features and workflows that delight users and deliver them a personalized experience.

2.  Clever Tap

Clever Tap is a customer engagement platform that is exclusively designed to retain more customers and drive more sales. This marketing platform is packed with amazing features, including behavior analytics, campaign optimization, audience segmentation, personalization, customer lifecycle optimization, and improving product experience.   

With Clever Tap, you can easily track user flows and highlight points, and discover patterns with customizable analytics to understand users. The marketing platform allows you to create different app experiences for different user groups without writing a line of code. App developers can also make data-driven alterations in the app by checking liver user feedback.

3.  AutoCommerce

If you are running an ecommerce platform, you need to offer the most relevant product recommendations to your customers to increase your chances of getting more conversions and sales. Many established ecommerce brands are harnessing the power of AI-based tools to offer a personalized and relevant experience to shoppers.

AutoCommerce is an amazing product recommendation software app that helps ecommerce brands to recommend the most relevant products to every customer based on his/her individual needs and browsing pattern. The tool allows you to show the bestselling products on the home screen and the best sellers on the product pages. With AutoCommerce, you can increase your Shopify store's revenue, increase the average order value, and improve the conversation rate.

4.  Apptimize

Apptimize is a mobile A/B testing tool for Android and iOS app, helping app development companies to launch new features and ensure a consistent user experience. It makes cross-platform optimization easier for app developers to optimize customer digital touchpoints and create a seamless experience across multiple devices.

The highly advanced technology of Apptimize makes A/B testing and feature release management on native mobile apps extremely easy and smooth. It ensures your app is bug-free and keeps app users engaged by offering them personalized content and optimize layouts to generate more conversions.

5.  Reflektion

Reflektion is a real-time, intelligent personalization platform that boosts user engagement with AI-driven personalization. One of the best features of this platform is that it understands and quickly responds to the purchase intent of the shopper in real-time. It helps ecommerce app owners display the most relevant content and products to engage customers. Reflektion is a great tool for ecommerce apps to create a satisfying experience that drives more conversions and revenue.

6.  FullStory

FullStory is a digital experience platform that empowers businesses to create a perfect digital experience. It allows app owners to see where shoppers struggle when they navigate your app. You can use this useful insight to make well-informed digital decisions. With FullStory, you can debug your app, optimize its performance by identifying and prioritizing friction points.

7.  Smartlook

Smartlook is a mobile app analytics tool that makes it easier for development teams to find useful information by seeing user recordings and heatmaps. With Smartlook, you can track every interaction people do on your website. You can track which feature people are using and how you can improve it to improve your mobile app. It allows you to identify people who dropped out of a funnel and make alterations to retain them. Smartlook also helps you understand user behavior and improve the app’s UX to boost conversions and sales.

8.  Apptentive

Apptentive is a highly effective mobile customer feedback tool that enables businesses to gather actionable feedback across the customer journey. The tool allows you to gather actionable feedback from users and take immediate action to engage users and persuade them to become your customers   

Apptentive lets you listen to user feedback in real-time across different mobile channels by tracking customers' voice. You can gain insights across mobile channels in real-time to make customer-centric product decisions.  If you want to deliver a better and more personalized experience and retain your customers, then you should try Apptentive for your mobile app.

9.  Heap

Heap is an intelligent analytics platform that helps digital agencies, ecommerce brands, and mobile app development companies to offer an exceptional app experience to convert and retain more and more users. With Heap, you can access invaluable customer data that you can use to improve the customer journey and improve conversions and revenue. With Heap, you can identify the points of friction, segment users by their behavior and offer a personalized experience.

Now It’s Your Turn

Mobile app personalization is the key to delighting your users with a memorable and satisfying customer experience. Harnessing the power of mobile app personalization tools will help developers to improve their product and offer a consistent and frictionless experience across multiple devices. 

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