The Generark HomePower 2 Portable Solar Generator - Available for Pre-order

Facing a power crisis after a natural disaster? Now you need not worry anymore as we have a great savior in times of crisis which will encompass the need for power in every situation of emergency. Whether it be a wildfire or a winter storm, from earthquakes to landslides, in every situation the new portable home power system ensures your reliable support and convenience.

Product Description:

The New Generark HomePower 2 Portable Solar Generator is a credible, long-standing, and portable way of dealing with natural disasters. A lightweight and stylish design that suits the current modern home smoothly, The HomePower 2 includes a removable Magic Wheel Cart for easy navigation and an ergonomic design that is convenient to carry. Generark gives an economical safety source that allows households to maintain their home stable, steady, and running all through electricity failure at only 1:10 of the expense of a whole-house standby generator system. The HomePower 2 has a bigger width, a high-speed charge up, and a higher, simple structure.

The product has 2 100-watt USB-C ports, 2 Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 USB-A ports, 4 20-amp AC outlets, and a 12-volt car outlet.


The new Generark HomePower 2 Portable Solar Generator comes with a comprehensive pack of benefits and user-friendly features. Let us discuss why one should prefer the New Generark HomePower 2 Portable Solar Generator over any other home power generator. The following points will explain the features of the HomePower 2 generator:

1. Long-Lasting Capacity – The new Generark HomePower 2 Portable Solar Generator offers a long-lasting power supply with a durable working capacity of up to a week. It ensures an uninterrupted power supply to your crucial devices and appliances on a one-time charge up.

2. Easy Recharge – Once your HomePower 2 generator gets discharged after long-term use, you need not worry about the recharging process. You can recharge the battery according to your convenience from your AC outlet, Car, or simply with the solar panel power generator of the Solar Power One Generator.

3. Powerful Output – The HomePower 2 has four pure-sine power sockets that support the power of 1000W and a sharp rise power of 2000W at 110V. The output power of every Solar Power 2 panel is 100W for up to 200 W and the recharge of your home power 2 power station is simple and ultra-fast.

4. Reliable Power Supply in Emergency – You can completely rely on the new Generark HomePower 2 Portable Solar Generator in an emergency as it has been designed with a battery that is of electric vehicle class.

5. Warranty – The new Generark HomePower 2 Portable Solar Generator also comes with a 5-year warranty, so you need not worry about the generator’s look after at least for the first five years.

Product Specifications:

On purchase of the HomePower 2 you get the following items all together in the box:

  • Homer Power Two (1)
  • An AC Charging Adapter (1)
  • Accessories Bag (1)
  • Car Charging Cable (1)
  • User Manual (1)

Product Application:

It provides mobile, backup generators wherever it may be needed. Generark is the energy source that you can count on when power is low to keep essential smart homes and appliances running without disruption when the emergency electric power supply lasts up to 7 days. It also enables critical medical equipment, electricity, and communications equipment to sustain the power failure during disasters and the subsequent recovery time.

The Branding:

The makers of the product have been a renowned service provider and customer-friendly brand for a long time. The brand keeps on making various appliances like generators for homes and recently announced the launch of their new product the new Generark HomePower 2 Portable Solar Generator which is supposed to be the first-ever power supplier in emergency for 7 continuous days without break and a reliable and durable home generator. The product also offers an easy outlet of power to enable household essentials like the running of home appliances and other devices in an emergency.


The product has been designed with a user-friendly notion. It comes with a complete package of benefits and is a product worth buying. The article has been written as a reference for the buyers. Do not forget to get complete information about the product including the policies. 

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